4 Most Common Bobcat T590 Problems

The Bobcat T590 is what’s known as a compact track loader and the description is in the title really. With the Bobcat T590 users are given a substantial amount of lifting height which helps the loading and offloading of bricks and other materials from a great height. The Bobcat T590 performs unlike most track loaders in a very good way, however that doesn’t mean the Bobcat T590 does not have a couple of problems that annoy users. With that being said, here are some of the issues with the Bobcat T590.

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1. The Compact Track Loader Lacks Versatility

Particularly when it comes to the attachments which you may want to install on the Bobcat T590. The problem being that there are very little attachments you can put onto the Bobcat T590, which commonly include a front loader and a scooper. With what this track loader brings or says to bring to the table you may want to use it for more than just lifting bricks or moving debris.

What You Can Do

  • However displeasing this news may be for some people, it is a reality; there’s not many attachments you can put onto the Bobcat T590 and perhaps it may be for good reason.
  • If this is not ideal for you (as in you want a more versatile track loader) then the Bobcat T590 is not for you.

2. The Bobcat T590 May Not Run As Long As You Like

And this applies to both the long term and short term. Because of the compact size of the Bobcat T590 only a few components can be added to it and the components that make it to the track loader have to be reduced in size in order to fit the Bobcat T590. This can be a small fuel tank, a small hydraulic pump, etcetera. So the compact size of the Bobcat T590 can serve as both a feature (useful) and a problem. But depending on what you will be using the track loader for specifically, this may not be such a big issue for you at all.

What You Can Do

  • If you’re going to be using the Bobcat T590 on some massive project then it is best for you to carry some extra fluids with you. This is your hydraulic fluid, your diesel fuel, you oil, etcetera to ensure that when these things inevitably run out you have some reserves.
  • The Bobcat T590 is powered by a turbocharged diesel fuel engine so you can be sure that your fuel will not remain in your fuel tank for long.

3. The Bobcat T590’s Sensors Can Give False Readings

The Bobcat T590 is a modern track loader and so it is only right that it comes with some of the technologies of the modern era like sensors. The problem with the sensors on the Bobcat T590 is that they tend to give false readings to their operators. The most common of which is that the Bobcat T590’s engine oil pressure is low (given by the oil pressure sensor) which would then cause the engine to stop or jolt to a hault but as you may have guessed it does not do this. It keeps running and this is just one of the instances of these false readings.

What You Can Do

  • If you see this problem occurring on your Bobcat T590 then you need to inspect the health of your track loader’s oil pressure sensor because you may have a faulty sensor due to dirt or damage. If it is the latter, make sure to use a cloth or brush with some sort of detergent to clean the sensor. However if it has incurred some damage then you will have to take your Bobcat T590 to a certified Bobcat technician.
  • You also have to make sure that the wire connections of your Bobcat T590 are secure and in place because a false reading may also be caused by a faulty or loose wire connection.
  • Another problem that may be causing the false reading on your Bobcat T590 is a faulty oil pump that may not be pumping the adequate amount of oil into the engine and so the sensor picks up on this. Either way your oil pressure sensor may need replacing in order to function correctly again.

4. The Track Loader’s Fluids May Leak

For a track loader like the Bobcat T590 fluids are not something new. By fluids; what is meant is the hydraulic fluid that helps move and control the front loader of the Bobcat T590, it also refers to the coolant that helps cool down the hardworking engine of the track loader, it again refers to the transmission fluid present in the transmission of the Bobcat T590 to aid in transmission. Fluids like these help the Bobcat T590 work in a lot of ways but because these fluids often need a medium (tubes, etcetera) to be transported from one place to another, they often start leaking out and this can become a problem for the Bobcat T590. The problem being that these media of [fluid] transportation are sometimes exposed to the elements. So they can be cut, broken or separated causing the leaking.

What You Can Do

  • Leaks can be stopped by simply patching up the affected area. But you have to be certain to have patched up the leak or you may suffer more serious consequences later on.
  • Machines like the Bobcat T590 always need to be serviced in order to keep them working optimally, so to avoid any other problems, service your track loader immediately after you use it.


There you have it, the most common or better yet some of the most frustrating problems with the Bobcat T590. Albeit so, the Bobcat T590 is one of the best compact track loaders the market has to offer because it does what it is meant to do. So if your Bobcat T590 isn’t doing as much as you want it to, you’re most probably overusing it.