Bobcat CT2025 Problems : 5 Common Issues (Explained)

Every compact tractor has its problems and the Bobcat CT2025 is no exception. In this article we are going to be discussing some of the most common Bobcat CT2025 problems and how you can easily troubleshoot them at home.

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What Is Bobcat CT2025?

The Bobcat CT2025 is a compact tractor that has a 25hp engine that has a hydrostatic or manual transmission option. This tractor has a roll-over protective structure and a standard rear PTO. It is also very durable and has a lift capacity of 1 631 lb.

Bobcat CT2025 Problems

NB: Bobcat CT2025 tractors are sold without any malfunctioning parts and the problems indicated below are usually influenced by wear and tear experienced by the machine.

1. Excessive Wear and Tear Of Tires

One of the most common problems that you may experience with a Bobcat CT2025 is that the tires succumb to excessive wear and tear. This can be very expensive for you, since you will have to constantly replace the tires. Some of the common factors that cause excessive wear and tear of tires in a Bobcat CT2025 are;

  • Improper alignment of the rear wheels.
  • Substandard rubber in tires.
  • Incorrect air pressure settings.
  • Regular use of the tractor in harsh environmental conditions.

Troubleshooting Excessive Wear And Tear Of Tires Problem

If you are constantly replacing the tires of your Bobcat CT2025 here is how you can ensure that your tires last for a longer period of time.

  • You should always ensure that the rear wheels are aligned correctly.
  • Tires you purchase should not have substandard rubber inside.
  • Use the correct air pressure setting when filling tires.
  • Avoid using tractor on rough terrains for an extended period of time.

2. Oil Leaks

The Bobcat CT2025 has a tendency of experiencing oil leaks. This problem reduces the overall performance of the tractor. Oil leakages in the Bobcat CT2025 are mainly caused by any of the following;

  • Loose bolts.
  • Worn out or damaged seals.
  • Bad gaskets.

Troubleshooting Oil Leak Problems

When you notice that your Bobcat CT2025 is experiencing oil leakages you should try and do a manual check on your tractor in order to identify the problem. Below is a list of methods you can use to troubleshoot the problem;

  • If there are loose bolts, tighten them.
  • If the seals are worn out or damaged you will have to replace them.
  • If you have a bad gasket, try to replace it with a new one.

3. Starting Problems

Another common problem which you are likely to face when using the Bobcat CT2025 is that sometimes the tractor refuses to start. This problem is usually caused by a number of factors, some of which include;

  • Engine might have overheated.
  • Fuel might be contaminated.
  • Terminals or connections might be worn out or damaged.

Troubleshooting Starting Problems

If you notice that your Bobcat is constantly experiencing starting problems, there are a few techniques you can try to use in order to troubleshoot the problem.

  • Check whether your engine is not overheating and try to address that problem.
  • Check whether fuel is contaminated, this means, draining the fuel in your tank and replacing it with clean, fresh fuel.
  • Check if terminals or connections to your engine are damaged or worn out. If they are, you will have to replace them with new ones.

4. Filter Problems

The Bobcat CT2025 also experiences problems with its air filter and fuel filter. In most cases, users have to constantly replace these parts since they would have been damaged. Some of the reasons which cause the filters to get damaged include;

  • Debris or dirt might have accumulated or blocked the filters.
  • You might have placed dirty fuel into the Bobcat.

Troubleshooting Filter Problems

If your fuel filter or air filter is always being replaced, here are a few things you can do in order to prevent that.

  • Always clean your air filter and fuel filter on a regular basis in order to get rid of debris or dirt.
  • Always ensure that you are placing clean fuel into your Bobcat CT2025.

5. Difficulty In Attaining Spare Parts

The spare parts of a Bobcat CT2025 can be very hard to come by and this can be very frustrating to many users. The only way you can solve this problem is to identify a Bobcat dealer in your area and then pre-order parts from them.

How To Avoid Bobcat CT2025 Problems

The best way to avoid Bobcat CT2025 problems is to regularly service your tractor. This helps to ensure that problems are identified and resolved earlier. You should also maintain your tractor, this means regularly checking tire pressure, oil levels and even engine coolant levels. When you notice a slight problem with your machine, it’s best to have that problem fixed rather than waiting for it to emanate into an even bigger problem.

Are Bobcat Compact Tractors Reliable?

Yes, Bobcat compact tractors are very reliable. They can be used to lift large loads and they are also very durable. If you are thinking of purchasing a Bobcat compact tractor, you should definitely go for it. This brand has been trusted by many for years.

How Many Horsepower Is Bobcat CT2025?

The Bobcat CT2025 as a horsepower of 25hp. This means it has a very powerful engine and can be used on almost any terrain. Most of the Bobcat tractors have powerful and durable engines so regardless of the model you buy, you are guaranteed of a perfect engine.

Is Bobcat Better Than Kubota?

It depends on the models which you are comparing however, both companies have managed to create quality machines that are loved by many. So if you are struggling on making a decision, it is advisable that you do a bit of research on the model you want to buy before settling.


The Bobcat CT2025 does experience problems just like any other tractor available on the market however, it’s important to note that most of these problems can be avoided or dealt with. So if you are thinking of buying yourself a CT2025, don’t let this article derail you from doing so.