Bobcat 773 Problems : 4 Common Issues (Explained)

The Bobcat 773 is what’s known as a skid steer loader. A loader is a tractor (or vehicle used on farms for pulling farm equipment and preparing fields) with a scoop (in the case of the Bobcat 773, a scoop on the front end of the vehicle.) The Bobcat 773 was designed with farmers in mind but due to its industrial appeal, the Bobcat 773 skid steer loader is also used by construction contractors and even miners, etcetera. However as a consequence, the Bobcat 773 has quite a number of problems and here they are.

Table of Contents

1. The Bobcat 773’s Engine Can Lose Power Doing Work

Because of how the Bobcat 773 looks and is generally built, some people may assume it was made to tackle the heavy stuff but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The Bobcat 773 (from its inception in 1994) was assembled with farmers in mind because farmers, unlike construction workers and miners carry way more lighter stuff. Construction workers and miners, etcetera will often use the Bobcat 773 to vary concrete, borders, heavy metals, and the like. But farmers may only carry large hedges of hay, move some land around or carry some other light materials. So there wasn’t a need to make the Bobcat 773 have a larger or more powerful engine (with the exception of the turbo version of the Bobcat 773.) With that being said, the Bobcat 773’s engine was not designed for heavy tasks like construction or mining, so when a large load is put on it, the skid steer loader gives in and loses power. This problem can either occur rapidly on the Bobcat 773 or gradually over time depending on how often it is used.

What You Can Do

  • First you need to know that there are certain loads the Bobcat 773 will not be able to carry because of its size and power. Therefore one way to avoid this problem on the Bobcat 773 (although time consuming) is to carry loads of up to 0.85 tons per load to avoid any damage. Why? Because that is the recommended load capacity of the Bobcat 773.
  • Always make sure that you have a full tank of diesel before starting whatever it is you want to do with the Bobcat 773.

2. The Bobcat 773’s Steering Can Come Loose

One thing you need to know about the Bobcat 773 is that it is a pretty old skid steer loader, it was built from the year 1994 to 2001 so any Bobcat 773 you may have or you may want to purchase is not new (even if it looks new.) Some of the parts (like bolts, screws, etcetera) on the skid steer loader may be as old as it is so they are not up to par (especially if the Bobcat 773 had little to no servicing in its entire lifetime.) The problem here is that some of the parts of the Bobcat 773 have become worn and or damaged, this can then lead to other serious issues, injuries and/or death because of the loose steering. Which can happen whilst you’re on the job.

What You Can Do

  • No matter how new your Bobcat 773 looks like, make sure to find a professional who can help you decide is it is a right fit for the jobs you want to have it do. Machines like this should always be inspected before they are used.

3. The Bobcat 773 Is Prone To Cracking

Yes, the Bobcat 773 had a problem whereby it can break apart under a certain amount of pressure. This again being because of the Bobcat 773’s age. When metal (which the Bobcat 773 is made of) is exposed to heat it expands and when it is exposed to cold it contracts. When this happens over a long period of time, the metal (first on an atomic level) begins to break apart and this is what leads to larger and more visible cracks.

What You Can Do

  • Unfortunately if this is the reality of your Bobcat 773 then it has become a safety hazard and you need to stop operating it immediately.
  • You may be able to find a custom shop whereby the cracks may be welded.
  • These “cracks” can appear anywhere, from the body of the Bobcat 773 itself, to the front loader mechanism. It is important to carefully inspect the Bobcat 773 before purchasing it because some dealers are likely to hide the cracks with a coat of paint on the body (and front loader) of the skid steer loader so you need to be alert and sharp.

4. The Bobcat 773’s Circuitry Is Bound To Give In

When this problem occurs, it becomes impossible to operate the Bobcat 773 because most of the tools that you use on this skid steer loader require electrical input. For instance in order to use the front loader you need to control it with a joystick-like input device that allows you to move the loader mechanism up and down in order to carry or haul stuff. Even some of the most important part of the Bobcat 773 (like emergency or parking brake) require working circuit otherwise the skid steer loader becomes a hazard.

What You Can Do

  • The Bobcat 773 may be very old, but this problem is entirely fixable. Find your nearest Bobcat service shop or something of the like to get this problem fixed.
  • It is worth noting again that the Bobcat 773 is old so most of these problems will happens at some point or another.

More You Can Do

  • Make sure there are no funny/ uncommon sounds coming from the Bobcat 773.
  • Always change the filters (air filters) in the hydraulic system of the Bobcat 773.
  • When fuel has spent a long time in the machine, be sure to first drain it out and then replace it with new fuel to avoid starting problems with the Bobcat 773.


The last Bobcat 773 to be made was in 2001 and that says a lot. It’s 2023 (22 years later) now but people are still using it as much as when it come out. Although it has problem, it is fair to say that the Bobcat 773 is a good skid steer loader because it has stood the test of time.