Common Problems With John Deere 4052r And Their Solutions

John Deere is a one of the most recognized market brand providing range of tractors. Like every other brand, John Deere has got many tractors which have evolved including the 4052r which this article is focusing on the problems associated with this tractor. Problems of this tractor can be categorized as electrical, engine and transmission problems.

Table of Contents

Electrical System

The electrical system is responsible for engine start up and for all other tractors electrics like lights, indicators and brakes. Discussed below are some of the causes of John Deere 4052r problems.

1. Battery Not Charging

Battery charging failure is mainly a result of both loose or broken cable connections and terminals. This stops current movement from one terminal through the circuit to the next terminal.  To solve this problem, trace and replace all damaged or broken connections. For batteries with defective terminals, the best solution is to replace the whole battery set. Additionally loose or worn out belt causes battery not to charge and hence tensioning or replacement will solve the problem.

2. Slow starting

John Deere 4052r tractors also faces the problem of starter motor turning very slow. When battery gets drained, the power to spin the pistons and run is lost and hence starter motor starts slowly. Recharging the battery will solve the problem. If the battery unit is faulty replacement is recommended. Also checking the battery and cabling for loose connections and addressing them will also address the problem of slow starting. Dirt terminals also need to be regularly cleaned.

3. Starter will not work

As discussed above, starter problems are caused by low battery voltage. If the voltage becomes very low, the voltage may be insufficient to turn the starter motor which will not run at all. This requires recharging the battery to full voltage capacity, else the battery needs to be changed with a new battery. In some instances John Deere 4052r tractors may suffer from defective starter motors. These will not be able to supply mechanical energy to spin the pistons and allow engine to start running.

Engine Problems

Engine problems usually affect engine starting and running performance. Some of John Deere 4052r tractor engine problems are engine stalling frequently, having challenges in starting up, engine not starting up at all, engine running at abnormally high temperatures and abnormal engine noise. Use of supplier manual procedure is highly recommended to trouble shoot all these problems effectively without damaging the system.

4. Engine Stalling Frequently

This occurs when the engine suddenly stops after starting. As discussed earlier, some of the causes are discussed below.

  • When the fuel injection system is damaged, the engine stalls frequently and is common in John Deere 4052r tractors. To solve the problem with defective fuel injection system it is recommended to contact an authorized John Deere dealer to assist in repairs or any technical guidelines for the repairs or replacement of the faulty injection system
  • The second common cause of engine stalling is clogged air and fuel filters. These units are important for air and fuel cleaning respectively to ensure that combustion is very efficient. Once these units are clogged, there is poor fuel and air mixing and combustion is compromised resulting in frequent stalling of the engine. Cleaning and or replacement or defective filters can easily solve the problem of stalling.

5. Overheating of Engine

Internal combustion engines work properly within design temperature ranges. Once these ranges are exceeded, engine efficiency is affected and thus power supply is compromised. Running an engine at temperatures above the design temperatures is disastrous to other components and entire engine system. Some of the causes of engine overheating are discussed below.

  • Defective cooling system is one of the major reasons for engine overheating. This is caused by either low coolant levels which requires constant checking and topping up if levels drops too low. When topping up, always make sure to use the recommended supplier oil type and grade for John Deere 4052r tractors.
  • Defective cooling system is also caused by faulty, damaged radiator core. These are among the top causes for engine operating under high temperatures. Replacement is recommended for all defective radiator cores and cleaning for those that are dirt.
  • If the fan belt is loose or defective, this also causes the engine to overheat. All defective fan belts should be replaced with assistance of a competent personnel. For tensioning guide for loose belts, refer to John Deere 4052r tractor manual. This will help the engine to operate within design temperatures and deliver top performance.
  • Additionally, low crankcase oil levels have been known to cause engine overheating in tractors. It is recommended to always ensure oil level is maintained within defined oil level ranges. For top up instructions, always refer to John Deere 4052r manual recommended oil grades to address these engine starting problem.

6. Excessive Engine Knocking

  • This is caused by operating the engine at low temperatures. Low coolant temperatures makes the coolant ineffective which requires engine warming up to the required temperatures. This allows the coolant to vaporize at correct temperatures and avoid excessive knocking of pistons.
  • The other cause of abnormal engine knocking in John Deere 4052r tractors are worn out pistons and excessive crank shaft end play. All defective, broken or worn out pistons should be replaced with correct size pistons to address the problem. Defective connecting rods are also known to be some of the causes of abnormal John Deere 4052r engine knocking. The solution to this is realignment or replacement as per instruction from supplier.

Transmission Problems

Transmission serves to control the power generated by the engine. John Deere 4052r tractors are likely affected by transmission problems with various causes and recommended action steps.

7. Transmission noises

Transmission noises are a result of worn out gears or improper gears mesh. Worn out bearings and broken shaft splines are other causes of transmission noises. To solve these problems, replace all faulty mechanical elements within the transmission system or contact authorized John Deere 4052r specialist.

8. Gears Hard Shifting

This problem with the tractor is common with shift linkages that are worn out or corroded Lubrication or replacement is known to solve the problem with hard shifting. If the clutch is not properly adjusted, the gears will be hard to shift from one gear to another. Repair and replacement of the gears will solve the problem.