6 Most Common JCB JS 130 Problems And How To Fix Them

Every excavator has its problems and the JCB JS130 is no exception. In this article we are going to be looking at some if the problems that JCB JS130 excavators usually succumb to. We will also highlight some of the troubleshooting techniques you can use to try and resolve these problems.

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What Is JCB JS130?

The JCB JS130 is a 13 tonne tracked excavator that is equipped with a JCB EcoMax engine that is very efficient. The JCB JS130 has as 81kw engine and an operating weight of 13 911kg. The JCB JS130 excavator is very durable and reliable.

JSB JS130 Problems

NB: JSB JS130 excavators are sold without any malfunctioning or defective parts and the problems highlighted below are usually influenced by wear and tear experienced by the machine.

1. Engine Overheats

One of the problems which you may experience with a JCB JS130 excavator is that the engine may start overheating. This problem usually occurs when any of the following things occur;

  • Engine may be overloaded.
  • Radiator cap may be damaged.
  • Radiator fins may be plugged.
  • The exhaust valves may be clogged.

Troubleshooting Engine Overheats Problem

If the engine of your JCB JS130 is constantly overheating, here are a few ways in which you may try to resolve the problem;

  • Reduce load on your excavator.
  • If the radiator cap is damaged you will need to replace the radiator.
  • If the radiator fins are plugged you will need to remove any dirt or debris that may be trapped inside.
  • Check exhaust valves and clean them if they are plugged.

2. Engine Does Not Start

If you have a JCB JS130, you may experience incidences when the engine refuses to start. This problem usually occurs when any of the following things occur;

  • Key starter may be faulty.
  • Directional cables may be faulty.
  • Faulty wiring on the excavator.

Troubleshooting Engine Does Not Start Problem

If the engine of your JCB JS130 refuses to start you can use any of the following techniques to try and resolve the issue;

  • Use a voltmeter to check the voltage of you key starter. If the key starter is defective you can replace it with a new one.
  • Check directional joystick and ensure that there are no defective directional cables.
  • Also check the wiring on your excavator and ensure everything is in good condition.

3. Excavator Looses Power

When you have a JCB JS130 excavator there is a chance that it will lose power as soon as you start the engine. This problem may occur is any of the following things occur;

  • The injector may be defective.
  • There might be air in the hydraulic system.
  • There might be a corroded hydraulic seal.
  • You might have an old or damaged hydraulic drive.
  • The hydraulic pump may be damaged.

Troubleshooting Excavator Looses Power Problem

When you notice that your excavator is constantly losing power, here are a few ways in which you may resolve the problem;

  • Start by checking whether the injector is in good condition. Replace it if damaged.
  • Remove any air that may be trapped in the hydraulic system.
  • If there is a corroded hydraulic seal you need to clean it or replace it.
  • If your hydraulic drive is old or damaged please change it.
  • If the hydraulic pump is damaged you need to change it.

4. Excavator Does Not Move

A JCB JS130 excavator may refuse to move if any of the following factors are present;

  • The tracks may be too tight.
  • The excavator may be trapped in high speed mode.
  • There might be a problem with the fuel pump.

Troubleshooting Excavator Does Not Move Problem

If your JCB JS130 excavator is refusing to move, here are a few techniques which you can try in a bid to resolve the problem;

  • Adjust the tracks such that they are not too tight.
  • Check and ensure that the machine is not trapped in high speed mode.
  • If the fuel pump is problematic you need to replace it.

5. Oil Leakages

Another problem which you may experience with a JCB JS130 excavator is that of oil leakages. In most cases this excavator will begin losing a bit of some oil due to oil leaks around the tractor. This problem usually occurs when;

  • Loose components within the tractor.
  • There might be too much oil in the tractor.

Troubleshooting Oil Leakages Problem

If your tractor is experiencing oil leakages problems, you can try any of the following in a bid to resolve the issue;

  • Check if there are any loose components on your excavator and tighten them.
  • Check oil levels in your excavator and drain it until the recommended level.

6. Gearbox Malfunctions

The gearbox of a JCB JS130 can sometimes malfunction. This usually happens when any of the following things happen:

  • When you do not lubricate the excavator.
  • When the gear box is worn out.

Troubleshooting Gearbox Malfunctions Problem

If the gearbox of your JCB JS130 is malfunctioning, here are a few troubleshooting techniques you may use to try and resolve the problem;

  • Lubricate the gearbox.
  • Replace the gear box if it is damaged.

How To Avoid JCB JS130 Problems

The best way to avoid JCB JS130 problems is to regularly service and maintain your tractor. This helps to ensure that the excavator lasts you a lifetime and it also helps to ensure that problems get detected and resolved quicker. Avoid using your excavator after you have noticed that it’s malfunctioning, this is because you may end up worsening the problem.

What Engine Is In JCB JS130?

The JCB JS130 excavator has a JCB EcoMax engine that has an engine power of 81kw.

How Much Horsepower Does A JCB JS130 Have?

The JCB JS130 has a horsepower of 94HP.


Purchasing the JCB JS130 is a good idea and while this excavator may seem problematic, it actually is a good machine to own. The problems indicated in this article can be easily resolved using the troubleshooting guide provided above. It is also worth noting that you can avoid some of these problems by regularly servicing your machine.