Bernina 790 Plus Problems (And Solutions)

The Bernina 790 Plus is one of the most durable sewing machines on the market but, just like any other sewing machine out there, it has its own problems. Below we discuss some of the common Bernina 790 Plus problems and how you can easily troubleshoot them at home.

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What Is Bernina 790 Plus?

The Bernina 790 Plus is a premium high end sewing machine which you can use to sew, quilt and embroider delicate silk or satin fabrics as well as heavy-weight linen like fleece and denim. This sewing machine is highly durable and ranks amongst the best brands of sewing machines.

Bernina 790 Plus Problems

NB: Bernina 790 Plus sewing machines are sold without any malfunctioning parts and the problems listed below are usually as a result of wear and tear experienced by the sewing machine.

1. Bobbin Winder Problems

The Bernina 790 Plus usually faces bobbin winder problems and in most cases you have to constantly adjust the thread on the bobbin winder which can be a fit frustrating. In order to solve this problem the best thing is to make sure that your thread is not wrapped around the pin of the winder. This is because if it is wrapped around the pin, the bobbin winder will not work. Therefore, the best way to solve this is to remove the thread and then secure it properly on the bobbin.

2. Hook Problems

This is also another common problem with the Bernina 790 Plus sewing machine. In order to determine whether your sewing machine has hook problems you will notice stitching problems like skipped stitches, uneven stitch formation or even faulty stitching. The best way to solve this problem is to clean the bobbin area and remove any lint or thread lingers. You can also adjust the tension on your bobbin case and then clean any debris from the sensor on the bobbin door. If the problem still persists there is a chance that the hook timing has been damaged and you will need a professional repairer to take a look at it.

3. Needle Bar Jammed

Another common Bernina 790 Plus problem is that the needle bar usually gets jammed because of different reasons. For starters, the needle bar usually gets jammed when there is a thread tangle on the fabric you are sewing. If this is the case, you have to rethread your machine and test the tension before continuing to sew. Another reason why the needle bar may get jammed is because your hand wheel might be faulty, therefore, you need to check it and have it fixed. Lastly, you need to oil the needle bar area regularly in order to prevent this from happening.

4. Thread Breaks

The Bernina 790 Plus usually faces problems of upper and lower thread breaks. This problem is usually caused when there is an incorrect needle to thread combination. Therefore, you need to check whether you are using the right thread for your needle. Another reason why the thread might break is because the needle might be damaged. In most cases it will have scratches and dings which usually cause the thread to break. You should also check the quality of your thread, this is because poor quality threads usually tend to break especially when they are exposed to too much tension. Therefore, always make sure you use quality threads.

5. Needle Breaks

The needle of the Bernina 790 Plus sewing machine usually tends to break especially when the needle is wrongly inserted. In order to solve the problem make sure you insert the needle using the correct method, you can refer to the manual if you like. The needle can also break if the fabric is pulled. In order to solve this you need to feed the fabric evenly onto the sewing machine. Lastly, the needle of your Bernina 790 Plus may break as a result of a knotted thread and in order to solve this make sure you use quality thread.

6. Stitch Width Not Adjustable

If the stitch width of your Bernina 790 Plus will not adjust as per your specifications then there is a good chance that the selected needle and stitch plate cannot be used in combination. Therefore, you will have to replace the needle or the stich plate.

Where Is Bernina 790 Plus Made?

The Bernina 790 Plus is made in Steckborn, Switzerland. All the Bernina sewing machines are manufactured and tested there before being exported to other countries.

Should I Leave My Bernina Plugged In?

Unfortunately, you cannot leave your Bernina plugged in. This is because if there is a circuit break your sewing machine can get damaged. Therefore, always make sure you disconnect your Bernina if you are not using it.

How Do I Fix The Tension On My Bernina Sewing Machine?

If you are looking to fix the tension on your Bernina sewing machine simply follow the steps below;

  1. Clean your sewing machine and remove any lint that may be on the needle plate and under it.
  2. Replace the needle and put one that is fitting for the job you want to do.
  3. Once you have replaced the needle check the bobbin and make sure it is spinning in the right direction.
  4. Use the same type of thread for the bobbin and the top thread, this is because using uneven threads can cause tension issues.
  5. Rethread the entire sewing machine making reference to the manual.
  6. Take a piece of material and sew test stiches. If the bobbin thread appears on the top of the thread you have to lower the tension. If the top thread tangles or sags under the fabric you need to increase the tension.
  7. Adjust the tensions one number at a time and continue with your test stitching until you are satisfied with the results.


The Bernina 790 Plus is still a good sewing machine even though it is prone to wear and tear. It is worth noting that the Bernina 790 Plus is one of the most sophisticated sewing machines on the market and if you are thinking of purchasing one, you should definitely go for it.