Frister Rossmann Sewing Machine Problems (And Solutions)

The Frister Rossmann company is of German origin and was responsible for manufacturing sewing and embroidery sewing machines. Most Frister Rossmann sewing machines are mechanical sewing machines or semi-electric, which means they use some mechanical parts and some electrical parts as well (which are the motor that runs the sewing machine and the foot pedal to turn the motor on and off.) The Frister Rossmann sewing machine company is no longer functional or producing sewing machines, however the Frister Rossmann sewing machines have stood the test of time lasting longer than their own company. Most sewists still use these sewing machines and have not shied away from sharing the problems that most of these Frister Rossmann sewing machines have.

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Uneven Thread Stitches

Most Frister Rossmann sewing machines are very old, so they do not have the advanced features of most modern sewing machines like uneven stitch correction. When a problem such as this one occurs it is most likely due to an incorrect needle size, which can be very hard to find since there is no official Frister Rossmann store or website. Most shops will say the needles they are selling are for Frister Rossmann sewing machines only to sell you their products but in fact it would not be the case.

  • Another probable reason as to why thus issue might occur is because there might be a loose pressure setting on the Frister Rossmann sewing machine’s presser foot. This then makes the needle wobbly and loose.
  • An improperly threaded Frister Rossmann sewing machine will also exhibit this problem.

To Do

  • It is crucial to have the correct needle size for a sewing machine. Fortunately Frister Rossmann sewing machine manuals can be found online for download, for your specific sewing machine to know the correct needle size.
  • The presser foot’s pressure should be increased to ensure that the needle isn’t loose and wobbly as well. This will also tighten the upper thread’s tension; which may also be causing your Frister Rossmann sewing machine to have uneven stitch quality.
  • When this problem occurs on your Frister Rossmann sewing machine it is also advisable to re-thread the entire sewing machine, making sure that it is also threaded correctly.

Noisy Sewing Machine

This is a problem most sewing machines will have, including in thus case Frister Rossmann sewing machines. Which produce a knocking noise or sound when thread is caught up in the sewing machine’s shuttle and it starts to jam. This is due to the motor trying to move the mechanical gears that move the sewing machine to stitch but not being able to do so because of thread being caught up. And so it begins to skip gears and makes noise whilst doing so.

To Do

  • In such a case you would need to clean the shuttle (which is basically the sewing machine’s body) and use a brush to clean it such that there is no thread or piece of fabric left in there.
  • Also re-threading the entire sewing machine will help before you start sewing again.

Fabric Isn’t Moving

For the fabric on the Frister Rossmann sewing machine to move the feed dog has to be raised. The feed dog are little teeth or sharp projections that are located on the needle plate. These help move the fabric to the other side of the sewing machine whilst you are sewing. When this problem occurs on the Frister Rossmann sewing machine it can be due to three things.

  • One, the feed dog is lowered, maybe as a result of mechanical damage to the underside of the needle plate.
  • Two, because of a light pressure on the presser foot such that it isn’t pressing the fabric towards the feed dog’s teeth so as to make it move.
  • Three, because of knotted or tangled threads on the underside of the fabric.

To Do

  • Make sure that the feed dog is raised. If it happens to be a mechanical problem then the Frister Rossmann sewing machine needs to be repaired. You can visit a local professional sewing machine repair technician and they may be able to repair this particular brand.
  • When the presser foot is hovering over the fabric whilst sewing, it means the pressure is decreased. Lowering the presser foot increases the pressure.
  • To make sure that the threading isn’t knotted under the fabric it would be critical to place both the needle thread and bobbin thread under the presser foot towards your person before you begin sewing.

Skipping Stitches

Unfortunately this is a common problem on Frister Rossmann sewing machines. Which is a very serious one at that since the stitching is what the sewing machine is for. An incorrect needle size is the most likely cause of this issue and whilst it is the most likely, it isn’t the only one. If the needle happens to be slightly bent or blunt it will cause the bobbin thread to miss it, such that the interlocking of the upper thread and lower thread (stitch) will not occur.

  • This problem on the Frister Rossmann can also be the result of an incorrect, usually very tight, upper thread tension.

To Do

  • It is important to have the correct needle size in relation to the type of fabric you will be using.
  • If you notice a slight bend, or if your needle is not piercing through the fabric, then it most likely needs to be changed.
  • Thread tension should be adjusted to not be as tight or loose. Once you set the thread tension it is important to stop fidgeting with the thread tension setting.


Frister Rossmann sewing machines are relics of the past, but their strength and ingenuity are why people still use them to this very day. You won’t be able to find an official company website or an official physical store, but you will be sure to find resellers, collectors and repairmen alike who have preserved the amazing (although sometimes problematic) Frister Rossmann sewing machine’s legacy alive.