4 Most Common Janome 6650 Problems

Some of Janome’s most premium and highly functional sewing machines are from the Memory Craft line and the Janome 6650 is apart of that line. It is equipped with everything you need to complete your sewing projects at an even faster rate than usual. It has a large throat plate to cater for sewing projects both big and small, with a needle precision and accuracy that comes second to none on the mid tier sewing machine market. However the Janome 6650 encounters some problems that can be very annoying at the time and here they are.

Table of Contents

1. The Janome 6650 Eats Fabric

What does that mean? Well when you initially feed your clothing or fabric into the sewing machine, the edge where your stitches are first placed will be torn or damaged by the sewing machine. This is because it was built in such a way that the presser foot of the sewing machine is too close to the needle plate (from which the feed dog protrudes.) The feed dog is slightly more elevated than the needle plate so this problem is quite common on the Janome 6650.

To Do

  • When starting to sew, the best thing to do would be to start very slowly, gently pushing the fabric whilst guiding it to prevent it from diverting out of path or puckering.
  • You may also adjust the presser foot’s pressure on the fabric to help solve this problem. The pressure should be weak, so that it doesn’t add to the damage.

2. The Janome 6650’s Needle Threader Is Not Good

A sewing machine’s needle threader is a very delicate part. It contains tiny metal pieces and a hook that grabs thread and feeds or pushes it through the eye of a needle. The problem here is that you have to be extremely gentle with a tiny part of the sewing machine (which costs a lot of money.) Do not get me wrong, the Janome 6650 is a heavy duty sewing machine but some of its supposed parts or features don’t work as good as they should. When you press down on the needle threader’s lever, it can move the threader out of alignment on the Janome 6650 making it impossible to then thread the needle with the mechanism.

To Do

  • The build quality of the Janome 6650’s needle threader is the one that’s lacking in this particular mechanism’s department. However you may find that it is because of a lose screw or broken part in the sewing machine that broke during manufacturing or shipping. With that being said, you can take the Janome 6650 in for servicing to help solve this problem.
  • Be as gentle and light on this part of the sewing as possible to avoid any damage to it. Otherwise you might end up having to manually thread the needle.

3. The Janome 6650’s Bobbin Thread Knots/ Tangles Up

This issue occurs under the needle plate of the Janome 6650 whereby thread continually knots and bundles up around the feed dog. This can be due to two major factors (although there’s definitely more.) One, is that the gears that propel the bobbin driver are no longer as sharp as they used to be. Meaning they’re missing a couple of rotations such that the bobbin moves too slow and starts to tangle up. Two, the bobbin area may be clogged with all manner of dirt and debris that the bobbin driver starts moving or rotating in a restricted way, which is not fast enough for the thread not to wrap up around the inside of the bobbin case.

To Do

  • Check to see (on every other day) that the area under the needle plate is as clean as can be. Effectively clean under the needle plate of your Janome 6650 with a fine brush or dry cloth and then after oil the area (with recommended sewing machine oil.)
  • If you have applied all of the steps of the above solution and the sewing machine’s bobbin thread is still tangling up yhen you might have to take it in for some expert servicing.
  • Make sure to use bobbins that come with or are recommended for the Janome 6650. Smaller or bigger bobbins can cause the above problem as well. Even some low quality bobbins may develop some cracks or faults that can make the bobbin start to spin around in the bobbin casing in an unbecoming form. Therefore you would need to replace the bobbin if it develops any cracks or damage to avoid this problem from happening.

4. The Janome 6650 Is Not A Quilting Machine

Why is that a problem? Well the Janome 6650 is said by Janome to be a quilting sewing machine. ‘Quilting’ is listed as one of the sewing machine’s features but it neither comes with the essential accessories for quilting nor most quilting functionality a sewing machine is supposed to have. Users have reported that piecing quilts together on the Janome 6650 is tough and impractical which should not be the case. Another problem is that users may buy the Janome 6650 sewing machine primarily for quilting but will realize when using it for themselves that it is not.

To Do

  • To help with quilting on the Janome 6650, you should set the sewing machine to a smaller stitch (rather than the standard, which is the default stitch that is set on the sewing machine.)
  • If you’re looking for a quilting machine it would be best to look elsewhere because the Janome 6650 is not it.


It may not be a quilting machine (as advertised by Janome) but what the Janome 6650 can do, it can do exceptionally well. It doesn’t derail too far from the pleasant aesthetic that most Janome sewing machines from the Memory Craft line offers to users. And in the particular case of the Janome 6650, even beginners. Even though it is a computerized sewing machine. Although it is not that bad, the Janome 6650 certainly isn’t that good either. And that’s about all you need to know before investing in the Janome 6650.