Bernina Walking Foot Problems

Bernina has definitely created a name for itself in the sewing machine business however, just like any other sewing machine out there, it has problems of its own. The walking foot of the Bernina sewing machine tends to be faulty especially when handled the wrong way. Below we discuss the Bernina walking foot problems and how you can easily troubleshoot them at home.

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What Is Bernina Walking Foot

The Bernina walking foot is a component that is found on Bernina sewing machines. It works hand in hand with the feed dog and its purpose is to move the top fabric during sewing whilst the feed dog moves the bottom fabric. The walking foot does not have a motor and its movement is entirely dependent on the feed dog movement. The walking foot is normally used for quilting and helps to keep the fabric and batting layers together.

Bernina Walking Foot Problems

NB: The Bernina walking foot is sold without any defective parts and the problem discussed below are as a result of wear and tear or mishandling of the walking foot.

Walking Foot Jams Up

The Bernina walking foot usually faces problems of jamming up during sewing. This problem can be very frustrating for owners and it is usually caused by improper lubrication of the rollers on the walking foot. When the Bernina walking foot jams, it usually produces uneven stitches. In order to solve this problem you have to regularly lubricate the rollers of your walking foot so that they do not jam up.

Needle Doesn’t Stay In Place

Another common problems reported about the Bernina walking foot is that needle fails to stay intact with the walking foot attachment. In most cases, the user has to constantly fix the needle and it can be a bit frustrating. This problem is usually caused by loose screws within the sewing machine and as such you need to tighten any loose screws especially after connecting the walking foot. Another main cause why the needle might be failing to stay attached to the walking foot is because you installed the needle the wrong way. Therefore, you need to check your manual and ensure that the needle is installed the right way.

Uneven Stitching

The Bernina walking foot usually produces uneven stitches to some users. This problem can be a bit frustrating and it is usually caused when the needle is not properly attached or when the pressure foot is not correctly adjusted. In order to solve this problem, make sure that the needle is correctly installed, you can make reference to your manual or you can adjust the pressure foot. You should also try lubricating the rollers of your walking foot, there is a chance that uneven stitches are as a result of your walking foot jamming up during the sewing process.

Other Bernina Sewing Machine Problems

Thread Breaks

Bernina sewing machines usually face problems with threads that break very often. This problem usually occurs when there is an incorrect needle to thread ratio. This basically means when you are sewing, you should make sure that the thread you are using can easily pass through the needle or else it will break. Another reason why the thread might break on a Bernina sewing machine is because the needle might have dings and scratches that can cause the thread to break. Therefore, you should replace damaged or worn out needles regularly.

Needle Breaks

The needle of the Bernina sewing machine usually breaks when it is wrongly inserted. In order to solve this, always make reference to the manual when connecting your needle. The needle can also break if the fabric is pulled. Therefore, always make sure that you feed the fabric evenly onto the sewing machine so that the needle does not break. A knotted thread can also cause the needle of the Bernina sewing machine to break and it’s advisable that you always use quality threads.

Faulty Bobbin Winder

The bobbin winder of the Bernina sewing machine also faces problems. In most cases it completely stops working. This problem is mainly caused by improper threading of the sewing machine. When threading make sure that a lot of thread is not wrapped around the pin of the bobbin winder.

Why Is My Walking Foot Not Working?

Your walking foot might not be working because it is not properly attached to the sewing machine. Therefore, always make reference to the manual so that you can install it the correct way. Another possible reason why your walking foot is not working is because it is not well lubricated. Walking foots are susceptible to corrosion since they are used on a daily basis therefore, they need to be oiled regularly. If you try troubleshooting your walking foot a home and it still doesn’t work then you need to seek assistance from a qualified repairer.

Does The Bernina Walking Foot Need To Be Oiled?

Yes, the Bernina walking foot needs to be oiled on a regular basis. This is because it is susceptible to corrosion and when the rollers are not oiled, it can start jamming up. Therefore, always make sure you lubricate your Bernina walking foot.

Why Does My Walking Foot Keep Jumping?

Your walking foot can keep jumping if it not properly attached to the sewing machine. Therefore, you need to always refer to your manual so as to ensure that the walking foot is properly connected. You should also properly connect the needle as it can cause uneven stitching when installed the wrong way.

How Often Should A Bernina Sewing Machine Be Serviced?

A Bernina sewing machine should be serviced at least once a year. This helps to ensure that problems are diagnosed and treated earlier. Furthermore, it helps to reduce the rate of wear and tear of the sewing machine.


While the Bernina walking foot might seem like a faulty component, it is definitely worth having on your sewing machine. Remember to always service your sewing machines so that they can have a longer lifespan.