Bernina 475 QE Problems : 8 Common Issues (Explained)

Every sewing machine as its problems and the Bernina QE is no exception. In this article we are going to be discussing some of the most common Bernina 475 QE problems and how you can easily troubleshoot them at home.

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What Is A Bernina 475 QE?

A Bernina 475 QE is a sewing and quilting machine that can be used when dealing with any kind of fabric, from silk, satin, fleece, heavy weight linen or even denim. This machine is very durable and can last you a lifetime if you take good care of it.

Bernina 475 QE Problems

NB: Bernina 475 QE machines are sold without any defective parts and the problems indicated in this article are usually influenced by wear and tear or human error.

1. Difficulty In Adjusting Stitch Width

One of the common problems you might experience with the Bernina 475 QE is that the stitch width might refuse to adjust. This problem usually occurs when you select a needle and a stitch plate that cannot be used in combination. In order to troubleshoot this problem you can always insert a new needle and a new stitch plate.

2. Problems Updating Firmware

Another common Bernina 475 E problem that you might face is that the firmware might refuse to update. In some instances your USB stick might not be recognized by the machine hence, it is advisable to always use a Bernina USB stick when trying to install updates into your machine. Another reason which may cause your firmware not to update, is because the update process is blocked. If this is the case you will see an inactive hour glass on the display   of your machine. In order to troubleshoot the problem, simply remove the USB stick and switch the machine on and off. After that, follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

3. Needle Breaks

The needle of a Bernina 475 QE can break especially when you insert it the wrong way or when the fabric has been pulled or pushed. In order to troubleshoot the problem, always ensure that the needle is inserted correctly. Furthermore, feed fabric evenly into the machine and use a suitable pressure foot for every fabric that you will sew.

4. Upper Thread Breaks

The upper thread of a Bernina 475 QE can break especially when you are using the wrong needle or thread or when the thread tension is too tight. In order to resolve the problem, you can always use the correct needle to thread combination and also adjust the upper thread tension. Use of poor quality thread can also cause the upper thread to constantly break. Therefore, it is advisable to always use quality threads wen sewing or quilting.

5. Skipped Stitches

The Bernina 475 QE as a problem of producing skipped stitches when the needle is blunt or incorrectly inserted. In order to troubleshoot the problem, it’s important to always ensure that the needle is in good condition before inserting it onto your machine. Furthermore, always ensure that you are inserting the needle correctly.

6. Uneven Stitches

Another Bernina 475 QE problem that you may experience is that of skipped stitches on your fabric.  This problem is usually caused by a number of factors which you might need to check one by one. For starters, the upper thread might be too tight or too loose and this means you will have to adjust it accordingly. Secondly, the needle might be blunt or wrongly inserted, meaning you will have to either replace it or insert it correctly.  Another thing that can cause uneven stitching in a Bernina 475 QE is a wrong needle to thread combination. Therefore, always ensure that the thread and needle you are using are compatible to each other.  Lastly, the fabric might have been pulled during the sewing process and as a result you always need to feed fabric evenly into the machine to avoid uneven stitches.

7. Difficulty In Starting Machine

The Bernina 475 QE sometimes faces starting problems. This problem usually happens when the machine is exposed to unfavorable conditions or when there is a problem with the power outlet. In order to troubleshoot the problem, you need to start by checking the power outlet and then placing your machine in a warm room for at least an hour before you use it. If your machine still won’t work after trying these techniques, it’s advisable to take the machine to a reputable dealer and have it checked out.

8. Speed Too Low

If you notice that the speed of your Bernina 475 QE is low there is a chance that you didn’t adjust the settings correctly or the machine is sitting in a room that as unfavorable conditions. In order to resolve the problem you need to adjust the settings of your machine or you can place the machine in a warm environment for about an hour.

Are Bernina Machines Worth The Money?

Yes, Bernina machines are definitely worth the money. This is because they contain sophisticated features which cannot be found on other machines. Furthermore, they are very durable so you will be getting value for your money.

How Long Should A Bernina Sewing Machine Last?

A Bernina sewing machine should last you for about 25 years or even more. This is because it is one of the strongest brands available on the market. Furthermore, it is easy to maintain and care for. If your Bernina machine experiences any problems, it’s best to have those problems resolved immediately rather than waiting for them to manifest into an even bigger problem.

How Often Should A Bernina Be Serviced?

A Bernina sewing machine should be serviced at least once a year. This helps to ensure that problems are detected earlier and fixed accordingly. Bernina machines that are services, are likely to live longer than those that are never serviced.


The Bernina 475 QE might seem like a problematic machine however, it’s one of the best sewing and quilting machines available on the market. If you are thinking of purchasing this machine, don’t let this article derail you from doing so.