How Do I Complain About A Section 8 Neighbor?

For people living together life will not always be a smooth sailing. There are ups and downs along the way of life which at times will results in the urge to complain or confront your neighbor. Disgruntlement is normal but self-control is very important. People need to have the know-how of complaining about their neighbors. There should be a proper way of complaining about your neighbor including a section 8 neighbor. Section 8 of the Housing Act allows payment of rental housing to private landlords to assist low-income households in the US. Only those with low income based on gross annual income and in need of descent housing are eligible for application.

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When To Complain About A Section 8 Neighbor

A complaint is usually raised to express a concern, a dissatisfaction about something which one perceives to be unfair. It is important to know the conditions that gives one the right to lodge a complaint against section 8 neighbor. Below are examples of circumstances where one can lodge a complaint against a section 8 neighbor and this is applicable to anyone as well.

  • Illegal activity. When a section 8 neighbor is involved in illegal activities like drug trafficking you may have the ground to complain against that person. There is no limitation to the scope of the illegal activities but mostly there has to be an interference that illegal activities bring to your normal way of life probably customers may be coming late making noise thus triggering a discomfort. You may also make a complaint as part of whistle blowing to notify the law enforcement agencies.
  • Violation of your rights. Human rights violation is something that happens in societies. Human rights violation may include excessive noise at night or the neighbor gets violent and throws objects when drunk. In these circumstances you may raise a complaint against the neighbor to express your concern.
  • Violation of lease terms. This applies to landlords to a section 8 neighbor. When lease terms are violated for instance improper or poor maintenance of your property or intentional damage to your property you may need to raise a complaint to your section 8 neighbor.

There are many circumstances that trigger discontent among humans necessitating the need for raising complaints against that person.

How To Lodge A Complaint

There are many ways of complaining. This depends on the gravity of the issue at hand. Some cases may need a verbal complaint directly to the person while others may require complaint to be lodged through local regulatory agents or police.

  • For issues that are not very sensitive but reasonable enough to cause discomfort to you verbal communication is most appropriate. You simply need to invite the person you want to complain against be it a section 8 neighbor or anyone and tell the person your discontent. It is important to make sure that you speak humbly to the person and give facts to back your complaint. This is so that the person s convinced that you are raising reasonable complaint. Usually people will respond positively if they feel the complaint is reasonable. You may need to invite a third person to assist you in explaining your complain. In some cases it may be appropriate to direct your complaint to the landlord of the property the section 8 neighbor resides.
  • When you reach an agreement with the person, an apology should be usually given and assurance that they will not repeat the same thing again. This way you have successfully managed to resolve a difference through a verbal complain.
  • If the person does not agree and you feel your rights have been violated, you may proceed to complain through various regulatory agencies. For a noise complaint you need to raise a complaint through public health departments. You have to fill in a complaint form detailing the nature of complaint, the person you are complaining about and address. Some extra details may also be required to be completed and submitted to relevant offices.
  • The issue will be handled by the courts and applicable judgment awarded.
  • In cases involving illegal activities, you may need to raise a complaint via the police. Undertaking in any illegal activity is a crime and therefore complaints should be directed to the police. The matter will be handled by the police as appropriate. It is important to give accurate details and be truthful when lodging complaints.
  • For violations involving environment like burning and cutting down of trees you may need to file your complaint with relevant environmental authorities and the process is easy. You may need to consult a legal person to assist in the process.

Where your security is not threatened it is advisable to first talk to the person. Any other means should be employed when talking to the person did not yield positive results.

Responding To A Complaint

When a complaint is raised against you, it is important to be clam and cooperative. Usually for verbal agreements issue an apology and assure the person that you will not repeat the same mistake. This is the easiest way of dealing with the complainant. In cases where you feel the complaint is inappropriate you may need to humbly explain yourself and help the other person see the other side. When a complaint has been raised through regulatory offices always comply and prepare your defense. You may need the services of a legal expert for defense.

How Best Can We Avoid Complaints

It is everyone’s responsibility to avoid complaints or minimize them. This can only be achieved by dealing with the sources of various complaints mainly violation of other person’s rights. Everyone should strive to be a law-abiding citizen. This includes respecting other citizen’s rights which are a source of anger and discomfort. All regulatory measures should be followed to create sustainable environment where people live as families.

What Happens To A Person A Complaint Is Raised

Depending on the matter at hand, when a complaint is raised against someone investigations are conducted. The findings from the investigations will determine the fine the person is liable to pay. Generally the person will pay for the damages incurred leading to the complaint. In cases involving illegal activities the repercussions can be severe to include even prison sentence.


Complaining about a section 8 neighbor is very important as it is the first step to get wrong things addressed. It is important to talk first to the next person when their activities affect us in any way before complaining to authorities. This helps to resolve problems as they arise. Everyone need to understand that the goal of raising a complaint is not punitive but to help address a problem and therefore let’s all try to be reasonable whenever verbal complaints are raised.