Is It Illegal To Put Flyers On Cars?

The answer to this question largely depends on the laws that are set up in the area or state. In plenty of states however it is not particularly illegal to put flyers on other people’s cars except if the car is parked on private property. And so you always need to do some extensive research on the state’s or area’s laws you would like to put the flyers on cars in, this is to see whether or not you can legally place flyers on cars that are parked in public area, or even some privately owned establishments. With that being said, let’s find out more about this.

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What To Do If You Want To Put Flyers On Cars

To find out whether or not it is illegal to put flyers on other people’s cars be sure to check in or enquire about the matter at your selected area’s city hall. Just also make sure to carry an exact copy of the flyer you will be using. That being said, if you simply put flyers on people’s cars even in a public area, you could get into big trouble with the law. However you may also ask the owner of the establishment where you’d like to put the flyers on cars. If they agree then you are good to go. Also know the laws in place at your municipality or city, as some people may not like the idea a stranger touching their car to put a flyer they don’t need whilst they’re going about their business.

It may not be particularly alright to put flyers on people’s cars but it is not illegal to simply hand out the flyers. And so that’s another thing you can do if you want to distribute the flyers, by just simply handing them out. If people don’t want them they can simply not take them, as opposed to when they have to take them because they were placed on their car. It would take a lot more time distributing the flyers out this way but it wouldn’t be against the law, and nobody would hold it against you.

Best Places To Put Flyers On Cars

Shopping Malls

One of the most obvious places to put flyers on cars is a shopping mall. And with a shopping mall you may not even have to be granted permission (if it just so happens that your business or product is available at that exact same mall.) However if it is not allowed by the mall to do so, you can be sure that the mall’s security guards will not make light of it. Just be sure to be polite and understanding so as to not insight any bad reactions from the shopping mall’s security guards.

  • The recommended size of your flyer is 8.5″×11″. The flyer should be easy-to-read and attractive, and who knows you might be granted permission or not get into any trouble because your flyer is designed well.

Universities, Schools, Etc.

If it just so happens that your flyer are promoting something related to the above then you can rest assured knowing you can put flyers on the cars that will be parked there. But if the security guards of these educational establishments don’t let you in, especially in grade schools where you may be perceived as a threat to the children. You may ask to leave the flyers at the security guards where they may help hand out the flyers for you.

Street/City Parking Lots

This is where you would first need to check in with the city hall or municipality to know whether or not you can put on flyers on cars. The flyers should be promoting a business (whether it is new or it has some sort of sale or special), promoting a cause (like an orphanage, charity or non-profit), or promoting awareness/ information (like the effects of climate change and its causes.) When your flyers follow or are similar to the aforementioned recommendations then you can be sure that it would be easier to get permission from the city to put them on cars. It would help to be inventive with the flyers, for example if your flyer is promoting something to do with recycling, you can make your flyer out of recycled material to get the message clearly across.

Salons And Barber Shops

Most of the places listed in this article require some sort of verbal conformation from the owners or employees you would like to place the flyers on cars at. Including this salons and barber shops, but because some businesses would want to retain their customers’ happiness, they may not want you putting any flyers on their cars. That is why you always need to ask for permission first before you take the step of putting flyers on cars parked there. Salons and barber shops are great for advertising with flyers on particular days of the month when there a lot of people coming in and out to do their hair. Remember to be polite as well as it can increase your chances of being granted permission.


It is important to note that of you are promoting a business or product with your flyers, you are more likely to get denied permission or get into trouble for putting on people’s cars. However this is not the same as when you are promoting something like a charity or a non-profit organization where people are easily more likely to want to get involved because of the nobility and humility associated with charities and non-profits. Charity and non-profit flyers are also very likely to not get you into any trouble with the law if it just so happens that someone has reported you (or your business) for putting a flyer on their car.

  • If you are granted permission, be sure to place the flyers under the car’s windshield wipers or pierce a hole on the flyer and insert it on the car’s radio antenna; this is to avoid it from getting blown away by the wind.