How To Sneak Someone Into Your House

Sneaking someone into your house can be a very fearful and at the same time exciting experience especially when living with strict guardians or parents. Every move and action has to be well thought out and planned and the execution of the plan should be accurate as any mistake will raise the alarm and the whole deal fails. The planning of sneaking someone depends on the type of person you want to sneak into your house and the type of guardians you live with.

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Why Sneaking Someone Into Your House

Usually sneaking a person into your home implies that your parents or otherwise guardians will either not approve of that person or will not allow you to do certain things and sneaking will remain the option. In some instances the person may not feel comfortable meeting the people you stay with and then resort to sneaking. Parents usually disapprove friends whether girl or boyfriends they think have a bad influence on you.

Make a Plan

This is the most important step in sneaking someone into your house. You have to carefully plan the routes and entry points from the main gate to the room you want to sneak the person into.


For sneaking someone in the middle of the night always make sure that the person doesn’t wear bright colored clothes but should rather go for dull or dark colored clothes. These makes it hard for that person to be seen in case someone wakes up or peeps through the window. For someone wearing white at night, it is easy to see that person. Even you also have to wear dull colored clothes so that whenever an alarm is raised and you want to cover up you are not easily seen.

Routes and Entrances

This is the next and most important thing to plan for when sneaking someone into your house. Routes have to be planned carefully otherwise the whole plan fails. Identify the shortest route to the room you want to sneak the person. The trick is to avoid someone walking a distance that will expose them to different people be it neighbors or people you stay with. Always make sure the route you plan to use is not visible through many windows and doors of your house and there should be close hiding places along the route in case someone is coming. Make sure that all the access points to the rooms are easily accessible. It is a good idea where possible to leave the doors unlocked so that the person will just open.


This is also an important part of the planning for the task of sneaking someone into your house. Timing is everything in this task. You understand your family very well what they usually enjoy doing. For families that value family time especially in the evenings it may be a great decision to plan the task during that time so that everyone will be seated at the same place or plan it for midnight when everyone is asleep. At times you may need to sneak the person when no one is around and that is the easiest of all.

Security Devices

To successfully execute your plan, identify all your security, cameras, motion detectors and pets and make sure they are not in the route you plan to use. You may need to lock the pet inside its room and deactivate the security cameras and motion detectors. This should also be done in a way that raises questions.

Signals or Communication

For you to be successful in sneaking someone into your house you need a good and efficient communication system. Calls should be minimum and make use of signals. Communicate the plan with the person you want to sneak into your house whether boy or girl friend. The person has to be aware of all the routes, entrances and hiding places along the way in case someone shows up unexpectedly. The person also has to know the signals like say if the light is on you may proceed to come otherwise do not come. You may need to be in the house and monitor everyone always trying to make sure that you confine them to the same room in place they are awake or monitor them in case they are asleep so that if someone wakes up you will signal appropriately.

Execute your Plan

This is the most difficult part no matter how well you planned for it. It involves a person’s psychological and emotional strength. Execution does not need someone who panics or takes long to make a decision and act on it.

  • Make sure everything is in place as planned. Observe your home and make sure there are no obstructions. You also need to be in a place where you have a better view of everything that is happening and so that if someone wakes you are not seen. If someone sees you awake at midnight that may raise suspicion that something is happening and people will take caution thus putting all the plan at risk.
  • Signal your person to come while observing that no one is awake or in the way of your route. Keep track of your pets and make sure they do not interfere with the person. You also need to be alert incase that happens you have to be the first person to get to your person and hide him or her. The worst case scenario you want to avoid is to have the person you are sneaking into your house seen.
  • Let the person come and enter the room quietly without making any noise. The door should be opened silently and make sure the person wears dull colored clothes.
  • Once the person has entered the room, you need to make sure that you do not make any noise that may awaken the others in other rooms. This is particularly easy for outside rooms or rooms that are far from other bedrooms.
  • The last thing that you will have to be prepared for is letting that person leave the house unnoticed before anyone wakes up.


Sneaking someone into your house is not easy especially for the first time for that person. It becomes easy as the person gets used to the house, the routes and entrances and even the pets you own at your house. The major secret is planning and proper execution of the plans otherwise the task may end up being a mess.