Troy Bilt TB110 Not Starting : Causes And Solutions

Troy Bilt TB110 is a 3.41hp, 140cc engine with recoil starter type push lawn mower. The push lawn mower is easy to maneuver around, provided with high rear wheels for uneven or rough terrain. It is provided with side discharge chute that enables mulching. The push lawn mower requires proper operation as per procedure to avoid operation related problems. Starting problems are some of the issues common with Troy Bilt TB110 as discussed in this article.

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Fuel Tank Empty

Troy Bilt TB110 push lawn mower engine requires gasoline. The fuel has always to be available in the tank to avoid starting problems. Often times the fuel tank is overlooked when troubleshooting Troy Bilt TB110 starting failure. It is recommended to always ensure that the tank has adequate gasoline and this should be the first check item when Troy Bilt TB110 push lawn mower fails to start.

Wrong Fuel Type

Fuel is required for engine operation. It is important to ensure that you use the correct fuel type for Troy Bilt TB110 lawn mower to avoid fuel related starting failures. Refer always to supplier recommendation when refilling your lawn mower. Additionally, it is important to ensure that old fuel should be drained and refill using fresh fuel. Normally gasoline remains effective within an average of a month before it starts breaking down and thus may cause clogging of the fuel system. Use of old oil is not recommended in the lawn mower. Also make sure that your fuel is not contaminated as this causes Troy Bilt TB110 lawn mower not to start normally. Contamination may arise from refilling containers. Always make sure your containers for refilling are clean and free of any other contamination fluids. Fuel tanks after contamination should be drained and flushed before reuse.

Faulty Gas Cap

The pumping of fuel to the engine from the tank makes use of the pressure difference which forces fuel from tank to engine. This is made possible by the venting action of the gas cap on the mower fuel tank. With time the vent clogs and causes the tank to be like a vacuum which does not allow any fuel to move out. This causes the Troy Bilt TB110 push lawn mower not to start. To solve this problem, first remove and clean the cap and see if it allows proper venting. If the engine won’t start, it is recommended to replace the cap.

Faulty Fuel Pump

The fuel pump like any other mechanical component suffer from wear and tear over time. The pump may be affected by fuel contamination or other mechanical causes resulting in Troy Bilt TB110 push lawn mower not starting. The pump will fail to supply fuel to the carburetor. Faulty fuel pump can be identified by removing pump outlet and run the pump into an empty container. If fuel comes out, the pump is ok otherwise it is bad or there is a blockage. Always refer to the supplier manual for any pump repairs or troubleshooting. You also need to inspect your fuel pump for leaks and physical damage that may cause inefficiencies in the pump operation.

Fuel Line Blockages

The blockages in the fuel lines cause fuel flow to be restricted to the carburetor resulting in Troy Bilt TB110 push lawn mower not starting. Blockages may be caused by contamination of fuel or kinks along the fuel lines. It is always recommended to inspect the lines for kinks or sharp bents and straighten the fuel lines to allow free fuel flow. Blockages may also occur at the fuel filter. The filter serves to remove debris from the fuel and with time it gets clogged and thus blocks fuel flow causing Troy Bilt TB110 push lawn mower not to start. Filters require periodic inspection and cleaning as per supplier service recommendation. Blocked filters require cleaning and faulty fuel filters should be replaced.

Bad Recoil

Some Troy Bilt TB110 lawn mowers come with recoil starter rope for starting the mower. The recoil wears with time and at times may not retract after pulling. The rope may also get stuck on the recoil and other parts like the pulley, clips and springs that make up the recoil starter may also fail. Faulty recoil starter rope will cause the Troy Bilt TB110 lawn mower not to start. Bad recoil starter rope may need to be repaired where possible or replaced.

Bad Starter Solenoid

The starter solenoid switches on the starter motor to run the engine. This electromagnetic switch suffers from wear and tear as time goes on and it is an important check item when Troy Bilt TB110 push lawn mower is not starting. Consultation with competent personnel or authorized dealers is recommended to solve this problem.

Incorrect Equipment Operation

Lawn mower suppliers including Troy Bilt TB110 provide operation manuals that helps to guide operator on the correct mower operation procedure to avoid mower malfunctions including mower not starting. It is important to read and understand first the operation steps, understand the device safety switches which also commonly contribute to mower not starting.

Clogged Carburetor

The purpose of the carburetor on Troy Bilt push lawn mower is to regulate the mixture of fuel and air needed for combustion inside the engine cylinder. The carburetor may be blocked due to dirt and debris from contaminated and old fuel which stops the engine from getting the required fuel and air mixture it requires to start and run properly. Carburetors need to be periodically inspected and cleaned of all dirt. The carburetor has components which all should be cleaned and ensure no dirt is left. If the carburetor does not work after cleaning, replacement is recommended. It is advisable to always consult knowledgeable person to do your carburetor servicing or cleaning if you are not competent enough to carry that on you own.

The above mentioned Troy Bilt TB110 mower starting error guides should be applied appropriately and supplier manual should always be referred to for detailed mower troubleshooting.