Toro Timemaster Problems : 5 Common Issues (Explained)

The Toro Timemaster lawn mower is intended for mainly residential homeowners who want to use it for cutting lawn to produce an elegant look. Both its rotary-blade and the ability of the owner to stand behind and direct it as desired makes this lawn mower a favourite for many. When used to cut grass for the purposes of maintaining it this mower does it satisfactorily. However, the Toro Timemaster lawn mower can’t successfully cut tree bushes and is not designed for agricultural reasons. Some other problems it encounters during operation include the following discussed below.

Table of Contents

1. Start Problem

One of the problems that the Toro Timemaster lawn mower develops is that of electric starting. Although the lawn mower generally has a simple electric system it might not surprise you that after a few polls you may have problems starting it. One of the causes for this type of problem has to do with the cables. This is because when you turn on the key switch although the engine spins over there will be no production of a spark to the spark plug.

This problem of the Toro Timemaster can easily be solved by addressing the cable. Find out if it is totally bent or ruptured then replace it. You can attempt to straighten it. Extreme care must be exercised though. The straightened cable needs to be put in the slot or crook and adjusted on the inside of the handle. When this has been done the Toro Timemaster lawn mower should start normally.

2. Carburettor Problem

When the carburettor of the Toro Timemaster is clogged it will have a problem. The problem might cause the lawn mower to stall. However, it is important to understand how the problem surfaces in order to better deal with it. The problem of a clogged carburettor emanates from old or bad gasoline. This happens when the Toro Timemaster after use is left with gasoline in it and is stored for a long time. After the lengthy period of time the fuel in the fuel tank of the lawn mower will start to change its form. This takes place when some of its components evaporate leaving behind a much thicker and sticker substance which will clog the carburettor in turn. This is what causes the engine to stall.

To solve this problem, first of all whenever you intend to store your lawn mower over a long period of time without use, make sure you completely empty fuel from the lawn mower. However, should you have not emptied your Toro Timemaster and your carburettor is clogged then you will need to clean the carburettor with an effective carburettor cleaner. Usually this should solve the problem. However, if it does not then you will have to attend to the carburettor itself by dismantling it so that you meticulously rebuild it again.

3. Transmission Problems

The Toro Timemaster lawn mower can also have transmission problems. This happens when there are leaks or breaks. In order to solve this problem you will have to inspect the belt and make sure that it is good enough and not glazed. This would cause it to slip thus making it impossible for traction. The belt should also be tight enough.

On the carburettor you will need to bend the cab so that you are able to remove the belt. Removing the pulley first might help. After disconnecting the spring and plastic sleeves off, clean the clogged grass. Go ahead and remove the cable and carefully replace it with a new one. At this stage you will also need to then reinstall the belts. Should there be any other part that needs attention reinstall it again appropriately.

4. Blades Won’t Engage

Some lawn mowers who use the Toro Timemaster experience the problem of the mower’s blades that won’t engage. This leads to no grass cut and no mulching. Some have reported that when this problem happens then the lawn mower also stalls. The blades of this lawn mower won’t engage if this is done too quickly. According to the instructions of the Toro Timemaster, engagement of blades should be gradually done so that there is a smooth transition which will enable the blades to not only engage correctly but also cut effectively.

Sometimes the failure of the blades to engage will lead to a big clump. This will make the blade unable to engage. You will need to scrape off and wash out all the grass clippings underneath the deck. If you spray silicone spray where you intend to scrap off the grass clippings it will be faster and more effective. It can also happen that the blades of the Toro Timemaster lawn mower fail to engage because of stuck and clogged grass underneath the mower due to wet grass that has been mowed. Apart from removing the clogged grass try and mower your grass when it is dry. This should solve the problem and help the blades of the mower to engage smoothly.

5. Fuel Cap Problems

Another problem associated with the Toro Timemaster lawn mower is that of the clogged fuel cap vent. So, the fuel cap of this type of lawn mower has a vent which enables air to flow through it into the fuel tank. This is so because when the fuel level lowers, air that flows in the tank makes up for the space created. However, if the vent of the fuel cap is clogged, it means no air will have access to the fuel tank and this will create a vacuum or vapor lock. The vapor lock will cause the engine to stall.

To solve this problem you will need to clean the clogged vent so that air flows through it normally. One of the ways through which you can check if the fuel cap vent is clogged is to slightly open the fuel cap and then start the Toro Timemaster lawn mower. If this action of loosening the cap allows the continuous running of the engine then it means the fuel cap vent is most likely clogged and thus needs attention.

Final Words

The Toro Timemaster problems do not necessarily discredit the mower from being an efficient one. Strict adherence to interval service schedules will do away with most common challenges that this type of lawn mower experiences. During the peak of the season when grass grows fast and tall, a regular cut of the lawn even twice a week would not only ensure that it stays in good shape but also that the Toro Timemaster lawn mower cuts the grass comfortably thus producing commendable results.