Can UPS Deliver To Mailbox

UPS is one of the best courier services but, can UPS deliver to mailbox? If you are thinking of the same question then simply checkout the article below to have all your questions answered.

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Can UPS deliver to mailbox?

Legally, UPS cannot deliver to your mailbox. This is mainly because the United States Postal Services (USPS) owns the monopoly of delivering directly to your mail box. In fact there is a law which was enacted in 1934 that prohibits anyone from using another person’s mailbox. The law states that the mailbox is USPS property therefore, the only two people that are allowed to touch a mailbox are the USPS and the owner of the mailbox.  So the next time you think of delivering a letter into your neighbor’s mailbox, just know that what you are doing is illegal and you can get fined for it.

Why is UPS delivering to my mailbox if they are not allowed to?

As previously discussed, UPS is not legally allowed to deliver to your mailbox but, surprisingly a number of people have been finding their packages being delivered there. This is worrying and a number of people have been asking whether UPS delivers to mailbox? For starters UPS has a partnership with the USPS and a service called UPS SurePost. This service allows you to receive you UPS packages via USPS. So in other words the United States Postal Services delivers the package to your mailbox on behalf of UPS since USPS is the only company that is allowed to deliver to your mailbox. So if you are seeing your UPS packages in your mailbox, there is a good chance that it came through the UPS SurePost services.

How to confirm if USPS delivered your UPS package

While UPS can deliver to your mailbox via USPS, you always need to check if the proper procedure was taken. For starters you need to check whether the package has a USPS stamp or sticker. If it does, then it was delivered by USPS but, if it doesn’t then it means UPS delivered it directly to your mailbox, which is actually illegal. If the package was delivered illegally to your mailbox and you want to file a complaint then try to write an email to them on their website or contact them directly via phone call. You should include your address and tracking number so that they can identify the person who delivered the package to your mailbox so that they can be held accountable for their mistake.

Can UPS deliver to apartment mailboxes?

Yes UPS can deliver to apartment mailboxes. You just need to check with your building manager to see how you are supposed to receive packages. UPS usually tries to deliver your package to you 3 times before they leave you a pick up notice. In this case you would have to visit your nearest UPS store so that you can collect the parcel.

Can UPS deliver to community mailboxes?

Legally, UPS cannot deliver to community mailboxes. This is mainly because community mailboxes belong to the USPS. However, UPS can make use of the UPS SmartPost so that you can have your UPS parcels delivered directly to your community mailbox.

Does UPS have mailboxes?

Yes UPS has mailboxes that vary in size. So you can always purchase an UPS mailbox which goes hand in hand with the type of parcels you usually receive. If you are someone that usually receives large parcels then getting a big UPS mailbox will be the best option for you.

Can UPS deliver to your door?

UPS usually delivers all its packages to your door unless the USPS is delivering the package on behalf of UPS. In cases where the package is delivered by the UPS the delivery person will knock your door or ring your bell just as a way of notifying you that the package has arrived. If a signature is required they will ask you to sign on their form. So if you are worried if UPS delivers to your door then you definitely have your answer.

Can you tell UPS where you would like them to deliver your package?

This is a very important question that is often asked by a number of people. This is mainly because, no one wants their parcel to be delivered in a place that they rarely look at. The good news is you can definitely tell UPS where you would like your parcel to be delivered, be it the front door or the back door. All you have to do is to visit the UPS website and enter your tracking number, after that you can then request your delivery location. It is important to know that in as much as you can request for a package to be delivered on a particular area within your house, your request might not be granted. This is because UPS drivers are busy people and they have targets which they have to meet every day. So if the package is not delivered on the exact place you wanted you should try to understand the circumstances.

How to stop UPS from putting packages in mailbox

If you do not like the idea of UPS putting packages inside your mailbox then you can always file a complaint to them. Legally they are not allowed to place packages in your mailbox so they will definitely understand your reasons.  You can file the complaint on their website or you can email them on or alternatively you can all them on 1-800-742-5877.  When you file the complaint make sure you include your address and tracking number of the parcel you received in your mailbox.


There has been a lot of confusion regarding why UPS is delivering to peoples mailboxes but, hopefully all your questions were answered. It is important to note that it is illegal for anyone or any company to deliver letters directly to your mailbox. If this has been happening to you then try to report the case, there is a good chance the people will be tracked down and fined.