Can I Put A No Parking Sign Outside My House

No Parking Sign Outside My House

If you are tired of neighbors parking in front of your house then you are probably wondering if you can put a no parking sign outside your house to help keep them away. Below we discuss if his is a viable option for you.

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Can I put a no parking sign in front of my house?

If you are on your private property then yes you can put a no parking sign outside your house. However, this does not automatically mean that people will stop parking outside your house. In the U.S the street is considered public property. Therefore, you do not have the right to claim the parking spot in front of your house and this is the reason why many people may not consider the message on your sign. If for some reason you place the no parking sign outside the parameters of your house, the police have the right to remove it and you can actually be charged for that since you would have violated the laws. So if you are planning on putting a no parking sign then make sure it is within the parameters of your private property or else you risk getting into trouble.

What to do if neighbor keeps parking in front of your house

Talk to them

If your neighbor has a tendency of parking in front of your house then the first thing you need to do is to talk to them. Explain to them how this inconveniences you and give then alternative solutions. Remember you need to be as polite as possible since they also have a right to claim the parking space in front of your house since it is public property. If your neighbor is someone who reasons then they will totally understand but, if you are dealing with a hard headed neighbor then you might need to consider other alternatives.

Write them a note

If you are not good at confronting people then it might be best for you to write a note to your neighbor.  You can stick it on their windshield so that they automatically see once they get to the car.  Once you take this route make sure that your message is clear so that they do not misunderstand you. It is important to know that there are some risks associated with taking this route. For starters, the note might get blown away by the wind and your neighbor will never get a chance to see it.

Apply for residents only parking

Sometimes the person parking in front of your house could be someone who knows nothing about the community or a passerby. If you apply for residents parking only then it would mean that such people cannot park in your neighborhood and this would in turn limit people from parking in front of houses that are not theirs. If you have been having a hard time with unfamiliar faces parking in front of your house then you definitely need to apply for the resident’s only parking.

Call this police

NB: use this as your last resort as it tends to affect your relationship with your neighbor.

If you had previously talked to your neighbor about the issue and they never changed their actions, then calling the police will be the best option. In such cases you can file a legal claim for nuisance since your neighbor will be basically preventing you from using your own property. In such cases the complaint can go either way since the road is considered public property.

Ignore the situation

Ignoring the situation is also a great way of dealing with the problem. Sometimes picking fights with your neighbors is not just worth it. Remember the street is public property and you cannot claim it so why should you bother yourself?

Can you put traffic cones in front of your driveway?

The answer to this is depended on the state in which you reside however, in most states the police are usually against people who block their driveways using traffic cones. This is because the road is public property, meaning you cannot claim the road in front of your driveway even if it means that someone parking on that spot ultimately inconveniences your movement.  If you stay on a building that has uses shared parking spots you should not place traffic cones to reserve your space. Although this might seem like a great way, this actually doesn’t work, so always make sure you find other alternative ways of reserving your spot instead of putting traffic cones.

How to tell neighbor to move their car

If your neighbor has a tendency of parking in front of your house and blocking your view then you need to confront them. However, you need to do this in a polite way. Explain to your neighbor how much they are inconveniencing you, remember that the street is public property and they are within their rights to park there. Furthermore, you should explain your points in a clear and concise manner so that your neighbor does not misquote you.

How do you ask someone to park properly?

If you notice that someone isn’t parked properly you can confront them and explain how they should park. You need to be polite when you are doing this or else you risk being shouted at, not everyone likes being corrected. If you do not know the owner of the car you can just leave a little note on the windshield.

How do you keep someone out of your parking spot?

If you have a designated parking spot be it in your neighborhood or at the office then you can always confront the person parking in your spot. You have every right to do so and one of the best ways to do it is to write a little note and stick it on the windshield. If the person is understanding they will automatically understand the situation.


Parking spaces can ignite a lot of tension amongst neighbors however, it’s always best to talk about these issues and find a common ground. Remember that the street is regarded as public property, therefore, everyone has the right to park there even if it inconveniences you.