5 Most Common Sunward Excavator Problems (Solutions Included)

When it comes to excavators, you have an interesting brand called Sunward. They have steadily made a strong market presence. Today we are looking at the Sunward Excavator. It is now popular with a substantial number of people but some problems do occur. Let us look at Sunward Excavator problems to be wary of.

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What Is A Sunward Excavator?

The Sunward Excavator is a favourite amongst many utility companies and individual owners. The Sunward Excavator is generally adorned with a compact design. The hydraulics is also quite good; this makes its operation smooth. Some of the common Sunward Excavator problems are as follows:

Sunward Excavator Problems

Sunward Excavator problems vary from minor to major ones. Typically as an owner you can address most, if not all of the minor ones. The major problems may require qualified people to work on them. Regardless, you need to understand the nature of Sunward Excavator problems you may face and what to do as follows:

1. Operating Speed Is Slow

The boom and bucket may tend to move too slowly. The causes will vary due to how often you use the Sunward Excavator. Largely the problem stems from deteriorating components if the Sunward Excavator is frequently used. Otherwise the possible causes may be due to other elements. Here are the common causes:

  • Faulty or worn out engine components.
  • Faulty or worn out hydraulic components.
  • Leakages of fuel and or oils.
  • Faulty electric circuitry.
  • Pressure discrepancies.
  • Poor fuel quality.

Troubleshooting Operating Speed Being Slow Problem

You have to diligently conduct checks to figure out what is causing the problem. This is because there are many possible and interconnected causes. Once you have an idea you can explore the following solutions:

  • Fix or consider replacing worn out components.
  • Plug leakages or replace components that are leaking.
  • Fix electric circuitry faults or replace what can be replaced e.g. wires or fuses.
  • Correct pressure anomalies e.g. regarding pilot pressure, fuel pressure, and so on.

2. Abnormal Or Excessive Fuel Consumption

This is a problem that many Sunward Excavator operators often cite. A number of operators complain that fuel quickly depletes thus increasing operating costs. Some of the possible causes are:

  • Using poor quality fuel.
  • Not regularly getting the excavator serviced.
  • Poor quality or faulty fuel filter.
  • Pistons may be worn out.
  • Oil leakages into the cylinder.

Troubleshooting Abnormal Or Excessive Fuel Consumption

Thoroughly exhaust all the possible causes to be sure what is causing the problem. Then as for the solutions you can consider the following:

  • Use high quality diesel only.
  • Ensure the excavator is regularly serviced as per schedule.
  • Fix or ensure the fuel filter is good quality; if not, replace.
  • Replace pistons.
  • Replace worn out components to avoid the creation of gaps where oil leaks through.

3. Gearbox Malfunction Or Failure

The Sunward Excavator’s transmission system is central to its operation. Over time you may encounter some gearbox complications. Transmission may become erratic or the gear box may just give in altogether. The possible causes of this are:

  • Wear and tear due to age or excessive use.
  • Irregular servicing may be the culprit.
  • There may be friction on moving parts thus leading to damage.
  • Accumulation of dirt is another cause.
  • Low oil levels.

Troubleshooting Gearbox Malfunction Or Failure

You must inspect the gearbox to see where the issue(s) could be coming from. Your solution options are:

  • Replacing worn out components.
  • Lubricate moving parts as needed.
  • Regularly clean the gearbox.
  • Keep oil levels at optimum levels.
  • Stick to the prescribed servicing schedule.

4. Excavator Suddenly Stops And Is Hard To Manoeuvre

This may happen that the Sunward Excavator can suddenly stop and refuse to start again. This could have been preceded by difficulties in manoeuvring it. Here are some of the possible culprits behind that problem:

  • Oil in the motor may be dirty.
  • There may be oil leakages.
  • The excavator tracks may be too loose.
  • The hydraulic pump may be faulty.

Troubleshooting Excavator Stopping And Getting Hard To Manoeuvre

When this problem occurs make some checks. Pay attention to and do the following:

  • Ensure the oil in the motor is not contaminated; replace where necessary.
  • If there are leakages, plug them.
  • If the excavator tracks are too loose make adjustments.
  • Fix or even replace the hydraulic pump.

5. Overheating

It is possible that at times your Sunward Excavator may experience overheating. The good thing is that overheating can be easily prevented or rectified. Here are some possible causes of the problem:

  • Faulty cooling system.
  • Hoses may be damaged or leaking.
  • There may be contamination in e.g. oils.
  • Connecting incompatible attachments.

Troubleshooting Overheating Problems

Once you have ascertained the cause behind the overheating, you can do the following:

  • Fix the cooling system e.g. ensuring the coolant is adequate.
  • Fix damages or make replacements of hoses.
  • Ensure oils are not contaminated.
  • Do not connect attachments that exert duress on your excavator.

How To Avoid Sunward Excavator Problems

It is recommended that you conduct daily inspections on your Sunward Excavator. This must be done before and after every use. That is the key to avoid Sunward Excavator problems. Physically check for anomalies or anything that is loose and correct if needs be. Check for leakages. Ensure things like oil, coolant, or hydraulic fluid are at optimum levels. Things like the air filter must be inspected and cleaned often. Overall, cleaning the Sunward Excavator after every use is central to avoiding problems.

What Is The Main Problem With Excavators?

It is issues regarding track tension. Due to prolonged use excavator tracks get loose. Thus they need adjustments at some points.

Are Sunward Excavators Good?

Yes, they are. They do the job and their most liked attribute is that they are fairly-priced.


Hygiene is important in maintaining a Sunward Excavator. After every use thoroughly clean it. This will avoid contamination of important elements e.g. oils. Regular inspection should also accompany that. Service your Sunward Excavator according to schedule too. Do not use the Sunward Excavator in adverse environments not suited for its use.