Most Common Volvo ECR 88 Problems (Solutions Included)

Every excavator has its problems and the Volvo ECR 88 is no exception. In this article we discuss some of the most common Volvo ECR 88 problems and how you can easily resolve them.

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What Is Volvo ECR 88?

The Volvo ECR 88 is an excavator that comes with a Volvo D3.4 engine that has a gross power of 59hp. This excavator has a hydraulic system and a fuel filter that has a transparent sediment chamber. The engine of a Volvo ECR 88 is considered to be a low emitting engine. This excavator is also very durable so you will be getting value for your money.

Volvo ECR 88 Problems

NB: Volvo ECR 88 excavators are sold without any defective parts and the problems indicated below are usually influenced by wear and tear or human error.

1. Engine Overheats

One of the problems which you may encounter with a Volvo ECR 88 is that the engine may start overheating. This problem is usually caused by any of the following;

  • The thermostat may be damaged.
  • There might be no oil in your crankcase.
  • Air conditioners may be dirty.

Troubleshooting Engine Overheats Problem

If you notice that the engine of your Volvo ECR 88 is overheating, you can try any of the following methods in order to resolve the problem;

  • Replace the thermostat if it is damaged.
  • Check oil levels in your crankcase and replenish if it is low.
  • Clean air conditioners if they are dirty.

2. Hydraulic Leaks

When you own a Volvo ECR 88, there is a chance that you may experience hydraulic leaks. This usually happens when the following occur;

  • Seals and gasket may be worn out or damaged.

Troubleshooting Hydraulic Leaks Problem

If you notice that there are hydraulic leakages that are happening on your Volvo ECR 88 you can do the following in order to resolve the issue;

  • Replace worn out or damaged seals and gaskets with new ones.

3. Track Problems

You may also experience track problems with your Volvo ECR 88. In most cases the tracks will either come off or they will not function. These problems are usually caused by;

  • Worn out tracks.
  • The track tension may be wrongly adjusted.

Troubleshooting Track Problems

If you are experiencing any track problems with your Volvo ECR 88 you can try using any of the following techniques in order to resolve the issue;

  • Replace worn out tracks with new ones.
  • Adjust track tension.

4. Machine Indicates Error Codes

Another problem which you may encounter with a Volvo ECR 88 excavator is that it usually displays error codes and if you do not have the manual it can be hard to resolve these errors. Some of the errors you may come across include;

  • Error 114-temperature too high or too low.
  • Error 116- error detected in internal voltage.

Troubleshooting Machine Indicates Error Problem

If your Volvo ECR 88 is indicating errors it is very important that you try to find the manual in order for you to easily resolve the problems. However, if you see the 2 errors noted above you can resolve them by;

If temperature is too high or low you will need to regulate it.

If you see an error like 116 or another that you do not know you should take your excavator to a licensed Volvo excavator dealer and have it fixed.

Causes Of Volvo ECR 88 Problems

Poor Maintenance

One of the causes of Volvo ECR 88 problems is poor maintenance of the excavator. If you are someone who does not maintain or service their excavator regularly it will definitely succumb to some of the problems indicated in this article. It is very important that before and after every use, you check your excavator to ensure that it is still in good condition.

Excessive Use

Another common cause of Volvo ECR 88 excavator problems is excessive use of the machine. If you are continuously using your excavator without giving it enough time to rest, it will definitely start experiencing most of the problems indicated in this article. Therefore, you should try to limit your usage of this machine if you want it to last you a lifetime.

Wear And Tear

The problems indicated in this article can also be influenced by wear and tear of the machine. When you notice that your excavator is now old and always experiencing problems you shout start saving in order to buy a new one. This is because repair the excavator regularly can prove to be more expensive and less sustainable in the long run.

How To Prevent Volvo ECR 88 Problems

In order to prevent Volvo ECR 88 problems it is very important that you regularly service your machine. This way, all problems can be identified and resolved before they emanate into something even bigger. You should also make it a habit of inspecting your excavator before and after every use. This way you can be able to identify problems and resolve them earlier.

Does Volvo Make A Good Excavator?

Yes, Volvo makes good excavators. They are very durable and reliable, so you can definitely count on them. If you come across Volvo excavators do not be scared to purchase them. They have been trusted for years and they will definitely get the job done for you.

How Much Does A Volvo 88 Weigh?

A Volvo 88 weighs approximately 18 959 pounds. This means that it is able to lift a number of heavy materials.

Which Volvo Excavator Is The Best?

All Volvo Excavators are good and choosing the best can be a difficult process. This is because all their excavators have different functions. So in order to find one that goes hand in hand with your needs you can just do a bit of research before placing an order.


The problems indicated in this article may seem overwhelming but it is important to note that they do not happen on a regular basis. So if you are thinking of purchasing a Volvo ECR 88 excavator do not let this article derail you from doing so.