5 Most Common New Holland TS100 Problems (Easy Fixes)

Today we look at another New Holland tractor model. This is the New Holland TS100. It has its fair share of upsides and downsides. That is why we are looking at some of the problems that the New Holland TS100 tends to have.

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What Is The New Holland TS100?

The New Holland TS100 is a tractor suited for several different uses. You can use it for farming e.g. tillage. The New Holland TS100 is also great for utility activities in farming and construction. You can also use it for small to medium-sized haulage. It comes as 2WD or 4WD. The engine delivers 100 HP and other qualities most New Holland tractors possess.

New Holland TS100 Problems

It is rare for the New Holland TS100 to encounter manufacturer problems. That is not to say that does not occur at all. However, most of the New Holland TS100 problems emanate from usage dynamics. Here are some of the major problems:

1. Erratic Engine Performance

When using the New Holland TS100 you may encounter hiccups in engine performance. The problem usually presents itself as low engine performance. Erratic performance of the engine can be caused by:

  • Dirty or damaged air filter.
  • Dirty or damaged muffler.
  • Contaminated or wrong fuel.
  • Fuel flow may be compromised.

Troubleshooting Erratic Engine Performance Problem

Make some checks on the filters and other associated components. As you make those checks you will most likely notice where the issue is. To address erratic engine performance you can:

  • Fix or clean the air filter.
  • Fix or clean the muffler.
  • See to it that the fuel is correct and clean.
  • If there are obstructions in fuel flow, fix them.

2. Steering Problems

It is not surprising to encounter problems with your New Holland TS100’s steering. Sometimes it may be too loose thus turning too easily. In other cases it may be too hard to turn. It may also be possible for the steering to be stuck. Possible causes of New Holland TS100 steering problems are:

  • Oil level too low.
  • Steering cylinder malfunctioning.
  • Steering pump damaged.
  • Steering column out of place.
  • Leakages in the hydraulics.

Troubleshooting Steering Problems

You will have to inspect every component on the power steering of your New Holland TS100. Thorough inspections will unearth what exactly needs to be addressed. Here is what you can do to rectify steering problems:

  • Ensure the oil level is where it should be.
  • Fix or replace damaged components e.g. steering cylinder and steering pump.
  • Fix any leakages or replace the leaking components in the hydraulics.
  • Adjust the steering column to fit perfectly if need be.

3. Motor Malfunctioning

The New Holland TS100 at times experiences motor malfunctions. Some users often grapple with the motor breaking down or operating below par. Others notice that the motor is hard to start or takes time to start. This may be a result of the following:

  • Fuel pump could be damaged.
  • Fuel filter may be clogged.
  • Fuel may be dirty or the wrong one.
  • Piston rings may be damaged or worn out.
  • Fuel injectors may be damaged.

Troubleshooting Motor Malfunctioning Problem

New Holland TS100 motor malfunctioning may be caused by several things. It also can lead several other complications. That is why you should closely check what could be causing the problem. In addressing the motor problems do the following:

  • Clean, fix or replace the fuel pump.
  • Clean or replace the fuel filter.
  • Ascertain you are using the right fuel.
  • Replace dirty fuel.
  • Replace piston rings and or fuel injectors.

4. Engine Overheats

Most operators of the New Holland TS100 report experiencing engine overheating at times. For some it may be occasional whereas for some it can be regular. When your New Holland TS100’s engine overheats the possible causes may be:

  • Insufficient or leaking coolant.
  • Insufficient or leaking cooling water.
  • Tightly fitted bearings.
  • Fan belts could be damaged or out of place.
  • Tractor may be succumbing to overloading.

Troubleshooting Engine Overheating Problem

When your New Holland TS100’s engine overheats, do not despair. There are several ways you can explore to rectify the problem. The common ones are:

  • Plugging leakages regarding the coolant or cooling water.
  • Top up coolant or cooling water where need be.
  • Adjust how the bearings are fitted; they should not be too tight.
  • Adjust the placement of the fan belts and or replace damaged ones.
  • Subject the tractor to the right load.

5. Engine Will Not Or Is Hard To Start

When using the New Holland TS100, you may have difficulties starting the engine. The engine may not even start at all. The possible causes are:

  • The starter could be faulty.
  • Injection nozzle may be dirty.
  • Injection pump could be malfunctioning.
  • Fuel pump may be damaged or faulty.

Troubleshooting Engine Hard Or Not Starting Problem

Diagnose where the issue is coming from. Then consider the following possible solutions:

  • Fix faults in the starter or replace it.
  • Fix and or clean the injection nozzle and or injection pump.
  • Fix or replace the fuel pump.

How To Avoid New Holland TS100 Problems

Purchasing a brand new, New Holland TS100 is a start. If second hand you need to look into its history and inspect for any issues. Then couple that with thorough inspections before and after every use. Make sure your New Holland TS100 is regularly serviced. Practise hygiene and operate it responsibly.

What Is The Horsepower Of The New Holland TS100?

The engine horsepower is 100 HP. The PTO horsepower is 80 HP.

Who Should Purchase The New Holland TS100?

Literally anyone can purchase the New Holland TS100. This is because it is well suited for any possible use in farming, construction, and basic utility activities. Thus anyone in those areas looking for a tractor can confidently pick the New Holland TS100.


A second hand New Holland TS100 often comes with pre-existing issues. If buying one be rigorous in checking. It is highly recommended to purchase a brand new one. This is an important consideration if you want to operate your New Holland TS100 hassle-free.