Singer Sewing Machine Bobbin Winding Problems (And Solutions)

The Singer sewing machine is one of the easiest sewing machines to use but, it faces bobbin winding problems which can be frustrating to some users. Below we look at some of the possible causes for bobbing winding problems in the Singer sewing machine and how you can troubleshoot them at home.

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What Is A Bobbin Winder?

A bobbin winder is a small component or device that is found on the left side of the sewing machine. This device helps to wind thread around the bobbin and also to create the right tension needed by stitches. The bobbin winder of a Singer sewing machine is attached to a spool which rotates as you sew.

Causes Of Bobbin Winding Problems

NB: Singer sewing machines are sold without any bobbing winding problems and the causes listed below are as a result of mishandling or wear and tear of the machine.

1. Bobbin Winder Arm In Wrong Position

One of the reasons why you might be experiencing bobbin winding problems is simply because the bobbin winder arm is not placed in the correct position. If this is the case you have to place the bobbin winder arm in the correct position, you can use your manual to guide you. Another reason why the bobbin winder might be in the wrong position is because the arm is not tightened securely onto the spindle. In this case you have to tighten the arm.

2. Spool Cap Not Secured

Another common reason why one might face bobbin winding problems is because the spool cap is not secured to the spindle and as a result the thread will be slipping off the spool. In order to solve this problem make sure you secure the spool cap to the spindle and ensure that the thread is passing through the hole in the center.

3. Thread Under Tension Spring

Bobbing winding problems are also caused when the thread is trapped under the tension spring of the bobbin winder arm. In order to troubleshoot this problem make sure that you unthread or detangle any threads that might be on the tension spring.

4. Bobbin Shaft Loosely Connected To The Bobbin Winder Arm

If the bobbin shaft is loosely connected to the bobbin winder arm then you will definitely face bobbin winding problems. In order to troubleshoot this problem make sure that you secure the bobbin shaft and the bobbin winder, you can make reference to your manual if you need assistance.

5. Lack Of Thread In The Spool

Bobbin winding problems can occur when there is no thread in the spool of thread or on the needle. If this is the case you need to place thread in the spool and the needle.

Other Singer Sewing Machine Problems

Sewing Machine Makes Noise

The Singer sewing machine tends to make a lot of noise when there is lint trapped inside or when the needle is blunt or bent. In order to solve this problem, make sure that you remove all the lint and replace the needle with a new one. If the problem persists, that means your sewing machine might have a more serious problem and you need to take it to a qualified repairer.

Needle Breaks

Another common problem faced by Singer sewing machines is that the needle tends to break. This usually happens when the fabric is pulled or pushed against the feed dogs. In order to solve this problem, it is essential that you do not pull or push fabric but just ensure that is glides safely under the feed dogs. Another reason why a needle might break on the Singer sewing machine is because you might be using a thick piece of fabric that can put strain on the needle. Therefore, if you are going to be sewing thick fabrics make sure you use the correct needle. Lastly, bent, dull or worn out needles can break on a sewing machine so always make sure to change needles on a regular basis.

Thread Breaks

The thread can break on a Singer sewing machine and this usually happens when the tension is not balanced. In this case you have to adjust the tension of your sewing machine and check whether the upper and lower thread have the same weight. Use of poor quality threads can also cause the Singer sewing machine to break these types of thread. Therefore, always ensure that you are using quality threads in order to avoid such unfortunate scenarios.

Machine Will Not Sew

Another common problem experienced by users is that the Singer sewing machine will not sew. This problem usually occurs when the thread has jammed or when the machine is not threaded correctly. In order to solve this problem is important to rethread the entire machine. The Singer sewing machine can also refuse to sew especially when you are using thick materials like denim and fleece. Therefore, you need to avoid using the Singer sewing machine when sewing thick materials.

Why Is My Sewing Machine Not Picking Up The Bobbin Thread?

Your sewing machine might not be picking up the bobbin thread because the spindle is not connected properly. In order to solve this, make sure that the spindle is connected properly, you can always refer to the manual. Another possible reason why the sewing machine is not picking up the bobbin is because the pressure foot is down therefore, make sure you place it up.

Why Does My Bobbin Keep Looping?

The bobbin can keep lopping if the bobbin case is placed the wrong way. Therefore, you should always ensure that you place the bobbin case the right way in order to avoid looping.

Why Does My Bobbin Keep Jamming?

Your bobbin keeps jamming because you are not oiling your machine on a regular basis. Therefore always ensure that you oil your machine at regular intervals. Another possible reason why your bobbin keeps jamming is because you did not thread the machine well and if this is the case make sure you rethread your machine.


Bobbin winding problems on the Singer sewing machine can be caused by a number of factors as noted in the above article. It is worth noting that, regularly servicing your sewing machine can help to prevent some of these problems.