Common Dewalt 18v To 20v Adapter Problems (Solutions Included)

The Dewalt 18v to 20v adapter is used to place new 20v batteries (from Dewalt) to 18v powertools (also from Dewalt) so as to give them power (an electrical charge.) The Dewalt 18v to 20v adapter is essential in that it is often very expensive to replace or buy new tools (which now use 20v batteries and higher because they are the new standard.) So it helps you use your still relevant (working) tools with a bigger and longer lasting 20v battery. Most 18v Dewalt power tools cannot house a 20v battery in place, so the Dewalt 18v to 20v adapter helps hold the 20v battery in place, not only that. It also makes sure that the battery is usable. But such a great medium (between two places) can cause more problems than it generally solves.

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1. It Is An Expensive Attachment.

To the point where it costs half the price of a new Dewalt power tool. Which when considered carefully may affect your buying decision, first and foremost. In which case some people may view it as a problem and opt to buy newer Dewalt power tools that readily come with a 20v battery. It is an even bigger or expensive problem if you have to also purchase a 20v battery because you do not have one now. Due to the simple fact that you have 18v power tools.

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In such cases the better or more reasonable option would be to wait out the lifespan of your 18v powertools, to a point where they’re irreparable and then buy newer 20v powertools that have a 20v battery readily.

2. It Gets In The Way

The Dewalt 18v to 20v adapter makes powertools (like the hand drill) a lot bulkier and uglier. It may be lighter than the 20v battery it attachs to, but it is objectively the same size as one. Meaning from someone else’s point of view, you have two batteries stacked one on top of another. And with some powertools that require a large work area and distance like the Dewalt 18v tables tablesaw, the Dewalt 18v to 20v adapter gets in the way. A problem if you’re sawing a long piece of wood but can only go pass a certain point because the adapter adds size to the battery, making it hit against the wood thus making the tablesaw unmoveable.

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In such a case using a 18v battery with a Dewalt 18v tablesaw would be good enough. It is relatively cheaper to replace an 18v battery than it would be to buy a new adapter.

3. Battery Is Hard To Remove

When the 20v battery is placed into the Dewalt 18v to 20v adapter this problem sees the battery being hard to remove from the adapter. Which can be an even bigger problem if the 20v battery needs to be used urgently on another 20v powertool.

To Do

Although the Dewalt 18v to 20v was made for 20v batteries. The batteries can get stuck in their placement. It’s important to press the release button (large button in front of all 20v batteries) when attempting to release the battery from the adapter.

  • It is also important to keep the Dewalt 18v to 20v adapter clean, especially on parts that interlock and slide into or with the battery. Debris and dirt can easily cling onto these areas. Causing the battery to tighten to the adapter.

4. Some 20V Batteries Don’t Fit

Although the Dewalt 18v to 20v adapter is a 20v adapter (it says so in the name) some 20v batteries do not fit. Most commonly from 6Ah 20v batteries and higher.

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The Dewalt 18v to 20v adapter is only for 5Ah 20v batteries, so this critical distinction is important to take not of when purchasing a battery or the adapter itself.

  • There is an extra ridge(s) on the higher ampere hour batteries (as compared to lower ampere batteries) that hinder the insertion of them into the adapter such that they stop half way.

5. Faulty Clips

These are the clips (or holders) on the Dewalt 18v to 20v adapter that help hold the adapter into place when inserted into a 18v powertool. The problem is that they do not (on occasion) seem to work well. Especially for some different 18v powertools that may have a different design for the battery placement area.

To Do

It is good to keep the Dewalt 18v to 20v adapter clean after every use so as to rid it of any clogging that may  come about because of debris. Delicate parts on the adapter (like the clips, ridges and electronics) are the most subjected to dirt and debris exposure which is a big contributor of faults on the adapter.

6. Can’t Charge Battery With Adapter On

And as previously stated, sometimes the adapter is the hardest thing to remove. Unfortunately the Dewalt 18v to 20v adapter’s other problem is that you cannot charge a battery through it. The adapter is only an output device, which means it only let’s power out, not in.

To Do

This is a given. If you want to charge the battery, remove it from the adapter and place it on the battery’s charger.

  • If you’re having trouble with removing the battery from the adapter it is crucial to be as gentle as possible and whilst firmly pressing the release button, push the battery out.
  • A broken ridge (or holder) in the adapter or battery may be causing it to get stuck as well. It is critical then to be careful with the battery and adapter (they are made of plastic after all.)
  • Always clean the adapter and battery after every project.

Unfortunately Dewalt does not offer much information on the Dewalt 18v to 20v adapter which is a problem on its own as it lessens the credibility of the company. Although their product is evidently helps some users, it is a burden to others and they do not cater to those it is a burden to. The cost and importance (in terms of usability and significance) of something should be the first things you think about before making any major purchases.