Samsung RF220NCTASR Problems : 6 Common Issues (Explained)

Samsung is well known for producing all round great products, the Samsung RF220NCTASR also conforms to this norm in more ways than one. The fridge offers great reliability and functionality at an affordable price. The Samsung RF220NCTASR is a top-of-the-line cooling and refrigeration solution, allowing its users to keep their groceries and beverages cold and chilly. It caters for a wide range of user preferences thanks to its large holding capacity, strategic shelving and tri door assembly. The fridge was carefully crafted to be intuitive and easy to use, hence the reason for its wide spread popularity. Despite all these strong points however the fridge is not perfect and it can develop some problems that will be discussed below.

Table of Contents

1. Failure To Cool

One of the biggest problems that can plague the Samsung RF220NCTASR is the inability to cool. This problem can affect the top fridge section alone while the freezer remains fully functional. This can be frustrating and difficult to address however several components may need to be checked on the Samsung RF220NCTASR if one is to try and address the problem. The first component to check is the evaporator fan to ensure that it is working properly and as intended. One way to verify that it is working is to check the 12 VDC supply at the fan motor to ensure it is working and if not then it might need to be looked at by a trained professional. The second component one may also need to check is the control board of the fridge and ensure that this is also working as intended. Repairs and replacements may be recommended depending on the problem.

2. Fridge Temperature Sensor Malfunction

The temperature sensor of the Samsung RF220NCTASR is a very critical component of the unit as it monitors the internal temperature of the fridge to ensure it corresponds to the pre-set conditions with on problems. This allows the contents of the fridge to remain cold and chilly as per user preferences. If the temperature sensor fails to function it may have dire consequences for the entire fridge cooling system. To verify that it is working as required, it may be advisable to use a thermometer to check whether the fridge is cooling to the required temperature. If not, the temperature sensor may need to be removed and replaced so as to ensure the fridge continues to work fine as intended without problems. The other component one may also want to look into is the air damper and ensure it is also working as intended without problems.

3. Door Seal Problems

Door seals are a very crucial component of the Samsung RF220NCTASR, they isolate the internal environment and contents of the fridge to the outside world thus ensuring effective cooling for the contents of the fridge. If the door seals of the Samsung RF220NCTASR develop problems they may allow warm air to flow into the fridge and cool air to leak out, hence compromising the cooling process. It important therefore to regularly inspect these. Clean them once in a while and also replace them if they no longer hold when the fridge is closed.

4. Dirty Condenser Coils

One very common problem that plagues the Samsung RF220NCTASR refrigerator are dirty condenser coils. The condenser coils are a very important component of the Samsung RF220NCTASR as they allow the refrigerator to expel heat that has been extracted from the fridge. The condenser coils of the Samsung RF220NCTASR are located behind the fridge and hence when one notices a change in the performance of the fridge, it may be wise to expose the condenser coils and flush out any build-up of dirt. While cleaning the condenser coils it may also be wise to inspect the condenser fan for problems. The condenser fan blows air over the condenser coils hence allowing the coils to cool faster. If the fan is not working, the condenser coils will struggle to cool the fridge contents. When the fan blades stop spinning it may be wise to check the motor fan and verify that it is working as intended with no problems. Ensure that the fan blades are not obstructed and they spin freely. It may also be a good idea to test for continuity on the fan motor and if not present, it may have become problematic and the best course of action might be to replace it.

5. Faulty Compressor

The compressor in the Samsung RF220NCTASR is responsible for compressing the working refrigerant of the refrigerator. This then allows the Samsung RF220NCTASR to expel as much heat from the refrigerator as possible. If the compressor becomes problematic the refrigerator will fail to cool its contents. It wise therefore to check that is working. If the compressor seems to be running but the freezer is failing to cool. The compressor might be defective and needs to be replaced. The compressor can also fail without making noise hence expertise and care is needed to check that it is fully functional without problems. The start relay can also become problematic and hinder the working of the compressor. To inspect whether it’s working as intended it is advisable to check for continuity between the two power contacts using a multi meter.

6. Unfavorable Surrounding Conditions

The Samsung RF220NCTASR can’t be installed near sources of heat such as a heater, flammable materials and aerosols as these may cause problems such as explosions or fires. The Samsung RF220NCTASR also can’t be installed in a humid, oily or dusty environment. It is also highly recommended not to expose the fridge to rain and sunlight in order to maintain the effectiveness of the fridge and prevent problems. There is also need to properly ground the fridge to minimize risk of electrical faults. It may also be wise to plug the Samsung RF220NCTASR into its own electrical socket and not allow the fridge to share an electrical socket with any other appliance. Also ensure all electrical connections are problem free, and if an extension is to be used it must be a 3-wire extension that has a 3-blade grounding plug and a 3-slot receptacle that will then accept the plug on the appliance. The marked rating of the extension cord should also be AC 115-120V and 10A or more to ensure the fridge works as intended.


In conclusion the Samsung RF220NCTASR is a wonderful refrigerator that offers good functionality and reliability. Problems however can develop with the condenser coils, condenser fan motor, door seals and compressor. It is wise therefore to inspect these components and ensure they are in good working order. Regularly cleaning the Samsung RF220NCTASR will help prevent the development of problems with the fridge. Electrical problems can also result if one fails to take care of the fridge by for example neglecting grounding, this therefore should not be done to prevent problems with the Samsung RF220NCTASR.