Dometic RMD 8555 Problems : Top 5 Issues (Solved)

The Dometic RMD 8555 is a refrigerator known for its reliability and efficiency. Due to this the Dometic RMD 8555 is a popular choice. However like any home appliance, it can encounter certain problems that may affect its performance. In this article we will look at common problems that you may encounter with your Dometic RMD 8555 and the troubleshooting tips to help you solve them. Let’s find out more.

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What Is The Dometic RMD 8555?

The Dometic RMD 8555 is an absorption refrigerator designed to operate using heat and a combination of ammonia, hydrogen gas and water. This unique cooling system allows the refrigerator to function without a compressor and so making it ideal for off-grid and mobile applications. With its spacious interior and advanced features the Dometic RMD 8555 offers a convenient and efficient cooling solution for your needs.

Dometic RMD 8555 Problems

1. Refrigerator Not Cooling

One of the most common problems you may encounter with your Dometic RMD 8555 is  when the absorption refrigerator is not cooling properly. If you notice that the temperature inside the refrigerator is warmer than usual or your food is spoiling then it may be because of;

  • A faulty or disconnected power supply
  • A faulty ventilation system
  • A damaged door seal

Troubleshooting The Refrigerator Not Cooling Problem

  • Make sure that the refrigerator is properly connected to a power source and verify that the power cord is securely plugged in and that the power supply is functioning correctly.
  • Check the ventilation system at the back of the refrigerator for any obstructions or debris and clean the vents if necessary.
  • Inspect the door seal for any signs of damage or wear and if needed, replace the seal to ensure a proper seal when the door is closed.

2. Temperature Control Problems

Another common issue that Dometic RMD 8555 owners may face is temperature control problems. If you find that your refrigerator is not maintaining the desired temperature or is displaying inaccurate readings then the issue is with;

  • The thermostat settings
  • The condenser coils
  • The temperature sensor

Troubleshooting The Temperature Control Problems

  • Check to make sure that the thermostat is set to the desired temperature and adjust it if necessary and monitor the absorption refrigerator’s performance.
  • Turn off the refrigerator and gently clean the coils using a soft brush or vacuum cleaner.
  • Check for any damage or loose connections and replace the temperature sensor according to the manufacturer’s specified instructions.

3. Leaking Refrigerator Problem

If you notice water accumulating inside or around your Dometic RMD 8555 refrigerator, it is likely experiencing a leak. Leaks can be caused by various factors including;

  • A faulty drain tube
  • A clogged defrost drain
  • A damaged water supply line

Troubleshooting The Leaking Refrigerator Problem

  • The drain tube is responsible for carrying condensate and melted ice away from the refrigerator so you should clear any obstructions and replace the drain tube.
  • Use a pipe cleaner or a small brush to clear any debris from the drain and flush it with warm water to ensure it is fully clear.
  • Inspect the water supply line for any cracks or leaks and replace the line if need be.

4. Noises And Vibrations Problem

Unusual noises and vibrations from your Dometic RMD 8555 refrigerator can be disruptive and problematic. While some level of noise is normal, too much noise or unusual sounds may indicate an underlying issue like;

  • Uneven leveling
  • A faulty fan and motor
  • An overloaded refrigerator

Troubleshooting The Noise And Vibrations Problem

  • Make sure that your Dometic RMD 8555 absorption refrigerator is properly leveled by using a bubble level to verify that it is balanced and then adjusting the leveling legs if necessary to eliminate vibrations and noise.
  • Check for any loose or damaged components and then clean the fan blades and lubricate the motor according to Dometic’s instructions.
  • Overloading or unevenly distributing items inside the refrigerator can cause vibrations or rattling sounds so you have to rearrange the items to distribute the weight evenly.

5. Door Problems

Problems with the refrigerator door can range from difficulty in opening and closing to improper sealing. These issues can be a sign of;

  • A faulty door hinges
  • A clogged door gasket
  • A faulty or damaged door latch

Troubleshooting The Door Problems

  • Check and be sure to adjust the hinges to ensure that the door is level and aligns with the refrigerator body and then tighten any loose screws.
  • Clean the gasket using a mild soap solution and a soft cloth.
  • A faulty or damaged door latch can prevent the door from closing securely so you have to check it for any signs of wear or misalignment and then replace the latch if necessary.

How To Avoid Dometic RMD 8555 Problems

  • Regular cleaning and defrosting helps to prevent the buildup of ice, frost and debris thus ensuring optimal performance.
  • Regularly checking and adjusting the temperature settings according to your needs can also help a lot.
  • Always inspect and clean the ventilation system to ensure proper airflow and heat dissipation.
  • Overloading the refrigerator can hinder its cooling capacity and strain the cooling system therefore be mindful of the weight and quantity of items you store inside.

How Often Should I Defrost My Dometic RMD 8555?

The frequency of defrosting depends on various factors, including usage and environment. It is recommended to defrost the refrigerator when the ice buildup reaches approximately 0.5 inches. But regular visual inspection of the cooling fins and monitoring the cooling performance can help determine the ideal defrosting frequency for your specific needs.

Can I Use My Dometic RMD 8555 On Propane While Driving?

The use of propane while driving is generally not recommended due to safety concerns. Propane should be turned off during transit to prevent the risk of gas leaks and potential fire hazards. It is advisable to use an alternative power source or utilize a 12-volt DC power supply while the vehicle is in motion.


The Dometic RMD 8555 is a reliable and efficient absorption refrigerator that offers convenience and versatility. By understanding common problems and following the troubleshooting steps in this article, you can effectively address the problems and maintain the optimal performance of your Dometic RMD 8555 absorption refrigerator. This way you can be sure that no matter how hot it gets on the outside, your Dometic RMD 8555 refrigerator will keep your items preserved and fresh without question.