Hotpoint RLA36 Fridge Problems : 5 Common Issues (Explained)

The Hotpoint RLA36 fridge is a wonderful refrigeration option from the Hotpoint brand that is owned by Haier and Whirlpool. It offers state of the art refrigeration and cooling solutions that enable a lot of homes to keep groceries and other food stuffs fresh and cool for longer periods of time. The Hotpoint RLA36 fridge offers good reliability and functionality and hence is the primary cooling refrigeration solution for plenty of homes. Despite the great performance of the Hotpoint RLA36 fridge however it is not a hundred percent immune to problems, just like any other home appliance. Occasionally something in the refrigerator can break and hence need replacing or repairing. This happens particularly if the fridge is not properly taken care of, resulting in damage to essential components of the fridge. This article will therefore go into detail about some of the things can develop problems in the Hotpoint RLA36 fridge and how to address them in a cost-effective manner.

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What Is The Hotpoint RLA36 Fridge?

The Hotpoint RLA36 fridge is primarily a home refrigerator that runs on electricity and has a 149-litre capacity. It offers good capacity to keep groceries cold and chilly during a hot summer afternoon. The fridge is preferred by most people because of its good reliability and dependability. Despite all the upsides of the Hotpoint RLA36 fridge problems can arise. Some of the problems one might come across is that the fridge may fail to get cold and also problems with the power supply can develop. These together with other problems that can affect the fridge will be discussed below.

1. Condenser Coils Getting Dirty

The condenser coils of the Hotpoint RLA36 fridge are located outside so as to dissipate heat as the refrigerant passes through them. Due to the location of the condenser coils however, dirt and debris can build up on the coils and hence hindering the effective dissipation of heat. This then causes problems with the working of the fridge. The Hotpoint RLA36 fridge will then struggle to effectively cool its contents and will have to work harder to achieve this task. The solution to this problem is usually to clean the coils. To verify that the coils are working as intended it might be advisable to set the fridge temperature to 34 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit (1 to 5 degrees Celsius) or any other moderately acceptable temperatures. The next step is allowing the fridge to adjust for about 24hrs and if not, this may indicate some problem with fridge condenser coils and they may need to be fixed or replaced.

2. Condenser Fan Not Working

One of the biggest problems that can plague the Hotpoint RLA36 fridge is the condenser fan not working properly. The condenser fan is a critical component as it draws air through the condenser coils and also over the compressor to cool them. If the condenser fan of the fridge stops functioning the fridge will struggle to function properly. One way to verify that the condenser fan of the Hotpoint RLA36 fridge is not working is to turn the blades and check whether they spin freely, if not then they may be obstructed and the fridge needs to be looked in to and the problem addressed.

3. Electrical Problems

Electrical faults can develop with Hotpoint RLA36 fridge. These problems can include faulty wiring, damage to the fuses and the breaker circuit or damage to electrical components in the fridge itself. It is always wise to ensure electrical wiring is kept clean and in order. If possible one solution may be to create a dedicated circuit for the Hotpoint RLA36 fridge alone. It is also a must to use the proper fuses and grounded connections. Using a ground fault receptacle for the Hotpoint RLA36 fridge is not ideal and if this cannot be avoided, ensure it is connected to a regular receptacle. One other component that can be damaged is the start relay which works together with the start winding in order to start the compressor. If the start relay of the Hotpoint RLA36 fridge develops a problem, the compressor may fail to work and the fridge may not get cold. To solve this problem, use a multi meter to check for continuity between the run and start terminal sockets. If this test fails the start relay may have developed problems and hence may need replacing.

4. Problems With The Temperature Control Thermostat

The thermostat of the Hotpoint RLA36 fridge can develop problems hence fails to carry out its normal operations. These include directing voltage to the compressor and condenser fan. If the thermostat stops working and is problematic the fridge may cease to function. To check whether there are any problems with the thermostat, it’s advisable to rotate the unit from the lowest possible setting to the highest and a click should be heard. If not, it may be wise to carry out further tests or alternatively seek professional assistance to address the problem. It may also be wise to check whether or not the refrigeration working fluid is leaking or not. If it is leaking, it is recommended to seek assistance before using the fridge.

5. Problems With Spacing And Ventilation

The Hotpoint RLA36 fridge is a moderately small unit and that also means it offers limited spacing. This does however accommodate the needs of most people perfectly fine. Beyond these limits, particularly if the fridge is staffed in a tight position without proper air circulation, it can affect the proper function of the fridge and even damage it. The fridge must also be kept away from heat or fire sources as excess environmental temperatures can negatively affect the function of the fridge. It is also advisable to ensure that the drain hole is not obstructed as this can negatively affect the ability of the Hotpoint RLA36 fridge to defrost. The Hotpoint RLA36 fridge can also develop a terrible odor if left alone and not in use for extended and long periods of time, it is therefore advisable to leave the fridge unplugged from the mains and the door opened a bit to allow the odor to escape.


In conclusion the Hotpoint RLA36 fridge is a wonderful refrigeration solution that offers great performance and reliability. Proper care for the fridge is essential in ensuring no problems develop with the fridge. To ensure the Hotpoint RLA36 fridge performs as intended it is advisable to ensure it has adequate spacing, free air circulation and regular maintenance is carried out on all electrical wiring, compressor and any other components of the fridge.