Polaris Predator 500 Problems : 4 Common Issues (Explained)

The Polaris Predator 500 is one of the best ATVs (or All Terrain Vehicles) of the early 2000s with quite the number of awards to back up that statement. The Polaris Predator 500 is a quad bike ATV and being a quad bike alone you can already tell that it has got some serious problems. Quad bikes are designed in such a way that makes their overall center of gravity very flimsy. One wrong action on the part of the rider can cause an equal but opposite reaction that is very catastrophic. Here are some more of the problems the Polaris Predator 500 has.

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1. Difficulty In Finding Replacement Parts

The Polaris Predator 500 first came to the scene of ATVs about 20 years ago (that’s a life time) and the last line of Polaris Predator 500s to be manufactured by Polaris Inc.(which is the company responsible for making the Polaris Predator 500) was 16 years ago. The problem here are the parts of the ATV. When a company like Polaris Inc. stops making a particular model of ATVs, they may also stop making and supplying its parts most of the time after a couple of years. They do this to shift their focus and resources onto a new ATV they are offering (in the case of Polaris Inc., the Polaris Predator 600.) That means you would need to find a private company that can make you certain replacement parts when your Polaris Predator 500 bits the dust and needs some repairs.

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Although it will often cost more, you may need to find a private company to help you fix damaged parts on the Polaris Predator 500. However you can and may be able to find some parts of the ATV online at an affordable/ reasonable price.

Because the Polaris Predator 500 is now quite old, you may need to take it easier on it than you normally would. Finding replacements for broken parts is one thing but trying to find an old engine is another.

2. The Polaris Predator 500’s Seats Are Not For Those Who Like To Sit

That’s right, although the Polaris Predator 500 has some seats, they are not as comfortable as they should be if you will be using the ATV for the long haul. Riders have reported the seats to be rough and rigid which can make it significantly harder to maneuver the Polaris Predator 500 on certain types of trails and terrains.

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Fortunately if you’re an extreme ATV rider this is not going to be such a huge problem for you. That’s because such a rider will only feel comfortable operating or riding the ATV whilst standing. However, if you want to use the Polaris Predator 500 for recreational purposes, you may have a problem. You can try and look for a more comfortable ATV on the market or try to find a custom shop to help make you a more comfortable seat.

3. The Polaris Predator 500 Is Unbalanced

Despite having a couple of awards to its name. The Polaris Predator 500 is quite unbalanced. That means when you shift to a higher gear, the ATV is prone to make a wheelie (which is when the Polaris Predator 500 will only stand or move on its rear wheels whilst the front wheels are suspended in midair.) A wheelie is not a problem when it is done intentionally, but when it is unintended it may be very problematic for you (the rider) or anyone who rides the ATV.

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It has been widely documented that the Polaris Predator 500 can only do an unintended wheelie if you shift it into second or third gear (when you shift the gears they rotate rapidly and cause the rear wheels to rotate rapidly as well. This gives the rear wheels more traction and force to lift the front of the Polaris Predator 500 up resulting in a wheelie.) You would need a custom repair job to have this fixed and it is bound to set you back a couple of dollars but your ATV may come back better than before and so it can be worth your while.

Do not ride the Polaris Predator 500 if you do not have some experience with riding ATV (because they can be tricky and dangerous to ride.)

4. The Polaris Predator 500 May Not Start After Use

If you’re buying an ATV like the Polaris Predator 500 you’re probably buying it to do some extreme outdoor riding (that’s what most ATVs are build for.) So the ATV is bound to get dirty often in areas that are essential for the Polaris Predator 500 to function which are exposed because of the way the ATV is designed. Terrains like muddy trails and wetlands can be problematic for parts of the ATV that are exposed like the battery or the electrical components of the Polaris Predator 500. If these parts are exposed to dirt, water, mud, or any other sort of debris. It can make it impossible for electrical current (from the battery) to flow and so the ATV may not start.

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Make sure to clean the Polaris Predator 500 everytime after it is used to avoid encountering this problem. A quick gash of water can suffice. Although it may be difficult to find a service center, it would be best to service the Polaris Predator 500 after every 2 months to avoid many of the problems that may ensue.


The Polaris Predator 500 is a relic of the not so distant past. Although it has its fair share of problematic instances, the various awards (however old those awards may be) that the ATV has won can vouch for its performance, safety and appearance. ATVs like the Polaris Predator 500 are not for everyone and that’s fine but when learned correctly (by the aid of a certified instructor) they’re a great way to move and trail through the great outdoors.