Polaris Sportsman Digital Display Issues (Solutions Included)

Having a Polaris Sportsman digital display is a dream come true for many All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) fanatics. However, this device tends to experience problems overtime. This article highlights some of the digital display problems and how you can easily troubleshoot them.

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What Is A Sportsman Digital Display?

The Sportsman digital display, formally known as the Polaris Interactive Digital Display (PIDD) is a device that can be attached to your Polaris Sportsman ATV. The device allows you to connect to your mobile phone whilst riding. It also gives you access to your GPS and it can also notify you when your Polaris Sportsman as a problem.

Polaris Sportsman Digital Display Issues

Screen Frozen/ Locked

One of the most problematic issues faced by the Polaris Sportsman digital display is that the screen usually freezes or locks. In order to troubleshoot this problem you will have to reset the digital display by pressing and holding the key 5 for 20 seconds.

Screen Appears White

Another issue experienced by the Polaris Sportsman digital display is that the screen can become white. This usually happens when the interactive digital display is turned on. It is usually a sign that the device was left in diagnostics mode during manufacturing testing. In order to troubleshoot the problem, you should push and hold key 5 until the device reboots. When it has rebooted, you should update the interactive digital display with the most current software.

Screen Turns Black While Updating

The screen of a Polaris Sportsman digital display can turn black whilst you are trying to install an update. This is a sign that the device is failing to update or the file on your flash is corrupted. In order to troubleshoot this problem, please follow the steps below;

  • Remove the flash drive from the device and re-format it as FAT 32.
  • Turn off the Polaris Interactive Digital Display for 10 seconds and then switch it back on.
  • Visit the RIDER X website and re-download the latest update of the software.
  • Put the flash drive into the USB port on the digital display and then wait for the device to go into boot loader mode.
  • Once it is in boot loader mode, use the digital display key buttons to select the update file on the flash drive and then install it.

GPS Antenna Not Working

Another Polaris Sportsman Digital Display issue you might face is, the GPS antenna might not communicate effectively with the display. In most cases, there will not be any GPS data on the screen. This is usually caused by a defective antenna or an antenna that is not powered correctly, so you need to double check your antenna so see if it is working.

No Satellite Reception On Device

The Polaris Sportsman Digital Display may face problems of receiving a satellite connection. This usually happens when there are bad weather conditions or when there are interfering electrical devices within the antenna. If you fail to troubleshoot the problem by removing interfering devices, there is a chance that the antenna is defective and needs to be replaced.

Poor Satellite Reception

The Polaris Interactive Digital Display has a problem of getting poor satellite reception. This makes it harder for your GPS to function. This problem usually happens when there is poor visibility in the sky or bad weather. It can also happen when there is electrical interference or when the antenna has a problem. In order to resolve this issue, you can try using the device when there is perfect weather or you can try checking whether there are any devices interfering with the satellite connection.

How To Avoid Polaris Sportsman Digital Display Issues

The best way to avoid Polaris Sportsman Digital Display issues it to regularly care for your device. Avoid cleaning it with water directly or exposing it to harsh temperatures as there is a chance that it will become defective. If you notice that your interactive digital display has malfunctioned, it’s best to take it to a reputable Polaris dealer and have it fixed. Avoid doing DIY repairs when you know nothing about electronics.

Polaris Sportsman 450 Display Not Working?

If you discover that the display of your Polaris Sportsman 450 is not working, please refer to the above problems and try to troubleshoot using the guide above. It is worth noting that if you are unable to fix the device by yourself, please contact a reputable dealer to help you out.

Is Polaris Chinese Made?

No, Polaris is not Chinese made, however, they do get some of their parts from China which is why some people assume that the ATVs are manufactured there.

What Is The Recall On Polaris 570 Sportsman?

The Polaris 570 was recalled because it was discovered that the ATVs were not properly assembled. There was a wiring harness that was not properly assembled by the manufacturer and as a result this affected functionality of the front brakes. All the Polaris 570 Sportsman ATVs were called back so that the problem could be fixed.

Where Are The Fuses On A Polaris Sportsman?

The fuses on a Polaris Sportsman are located in a fuse box that is under the dash but slightly above the throttle and brake pads. So, if you think that the fuses have been damaged, simply check that area and replace the fuse with a new one.

What Country Is Polaris Made?

Polaris vehicles are made in the United States of America. They are considered one of the best utility vehicles available on the market.

Why Does Polaris Have So Many Recalls?

Polaris as so many recalls because, they would have discovered a problem with their vehicles. So in order to prevent people from getting hurt, they usually recall back the vehicles so that they can be fixed.


The Polaris Digital Display is a good device to have on your ATV. It will definitely make your life easier. It is important to remember that proper maintenance and care of the device will enable it to last longer.