Polaris Ranger Ignition Switch Problems (Solutions Included)

Polaris has definitely made a name for itself when it comes to manufacturing quality vehicles however, even the best vehicles are known to experience problems overtime. Below we look at some of the most common Polaris Ranger problems and how you can resolve them.

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What Is A Polaris Ranger?

The Polaris ranger is a utility vehicle that is built for extreme performance. It can be used for recreational activities and is designed to travel in extreme weather conditions. The  Polaris ranger can be found in different models which are all very durable.

Polaris Ranger Ignition Switch Problems

The Polaris Ranger is known to face ignition switch problems just like any other utility terrain vehicle on the market. Therefore, it is very important that you learn how to identify signs of a bad ignition switch and resolve it in time.

Signs Of Polaris Ranger Ignition Switch Problems

Engine Suddenly Stops

If the engine of your Polaris ranger stops running all of a sudden there is a chance that the ignition switch may be damaged. The ignition switch is responsible for powering the engine therefore, if it has a problem your engine will stop.

Ignition Key Gets Stuck

When the ignition key of your Polaris ranger gets stuck whilst turning there is a chance that the ignition switch is worn out. In some instances your engine may continue running even if you take out the key. When this happens you should know that the ignition switch is worn out and needs to be replaced.

Engine Does Not Start

When the engine of a Polaris ranger does not start there is a good chance that the ignition switch may be problematic. Therefore you may need to replace it.


If your ignition switch is overheating there is a chance that it is damaged or faulty. Therefore, you need to take your vehicle to a reputable dealer to have it fixed.

Dashboard Light Twinkles

When an ignition switch of a Polaris ranger is problematic the dashboard usually lights up when the car is in motion.

Dashboard And Other Accessories Do Not Light Up

The dashboard and other accessories on your Polaris ranger can refuse to light up and this is usually a sign that the ignition switch is now faulty.

How To Test The Ignition Switch

If your Polaris ranger is experiencing any of the above problems there is a good chance that the ignition switch may be faulty. However, in order to be completely sure about this you need to test the ignition switch. Below are some of the methods you can adopt.

Use Multimeter

The first tool that you should use in order to test the condition of your ignition switch is the multimeter. This device will help see if the ignition switch is receiving enough voltage. If you test the ignition switch and it has a reading of less than 12V it means that it has a problem and needs to either be fixed or replaced.

Use Test Light

If you do not have a multimeter you can use a test light in order to check the condition of your ignition switch. If your ignition switch does not indicate any voltage it means that it is faulty and needs to be replaced.

How To Solve Polaris Ranger Ignition Switch Problems

The best way to resolve Polaris ranger ignition switch problems is to try and fix the ignition switch or to have it completely replaced. A faulty ignition switch can be a real pain therefore, it is advisable to address the problem early before it causes more problems to your vehicle.

How To Avoid Polaris Ignition Switch Problems

If you want to avoid Polaris ignition switch problems you should regularly service and maintain your utility vehicle. This means that you should always check the engine and ensure that it is running well. You should also take your vehicle for servicing regularly so that professionals can check whether there is a problem with the ignition switch. When you suspect that something is wrong with your Polaris ranger you should discontinue using it until the problem has been resolved.

Causes Of Polaris Ranger Ignition Switch Problems

Poor Maintenance

One of the main causes of Polaris ranger ignition switch problems is poor maintenance of the vehicle. If you are someone who does not regularly check the performance of their vehicle or try to fix problems early you may experience ignition switch problems.

Wear And Tear

Another common cause of Polaris ignition switch problems is wear and tear of the vehicle. As the vehicle moves, it automatically experiences wear and tear. Therefore, an an owner it is your responsibility to constantly check the condition of your ignition switch and replace it when the need arises.

Excessive Use

Ignition switch problems can develop if you are using the utility vehicle excessively. In as much as this vehicle is designed to withstand extreme road conditions it also needs time to rest. If you overuse it, there is a greater chance it will develop ignition switch problems.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Ignition?

If an ignition switch is bad you will encounter the following problems;

  • Engine will not start.
  • The engine may stall.
  • Engine may suddenly stop whilst running.
  • Key will be hard to turn.

What Causes Ignition Switch To Fail?

An ignition switch usually fails when it is worn out or damaged. Therefore, you will need to replace it.

Can You Repair An Ignition Switch?

Yes you can repair an ignition switch however, you will need to have the necessary skills in order to complete the task. You can also consider taking the vehicle to a reputable Polaris dealer to have it fixed.


Polaris ignition switch problems are very easy to resolve as noted in the above article. Therefore when you do experience these problems you can easily refer to the article above. It is worth noting again that the Polaris ranger is a good utility vehicle and once you purchase it you will definitely be getting value for your money.