MDC Camper Problems : 6 Common Issues (Solved)

The Market Direct Campers group (MDC) is outstanding when it comes to creating off road Camper Trailers such as the MOD X off road camper trailer. Offerings such as the AUSRV Caravan or the Hybrid Caravan have allowed customers the opportunity to travel to remote places, and yet bring all the modern-day comforts that one would need in a Caravan. Despite however the remarkable functionality of the camper trailers from MDC they can however develop problems while being used. These problems will be discussed in this article.

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What Is An MDC Camper?

MDC offers a wide range of camper trailer offerings such as the Soft Floor Off-Road, the Robson XTT and the MDC Jackson FF. These normally come fully equipped with several features such as showers and solar panels. A very good example of the MDC Camper is the MOD X Off-Road Camper trailer that is 4.216m long and 2.017m high at its highest. It also has a tow ball weight of 106kg, a tare weight of approximately 851kg and an Aggregate Trailer Mass of 1900kg. It also comes with features such as a water tank, a toilet, four heavy-duty lockable and adjusting drop-down stabilizing legs, and a 12V Automatic 15A 7 stage charger.

 MDC Camper Problems

NB: MDC Camper trailers such as the MOD X Off-Road Camper trailer are usually sold without any problems or defects. Any problems which may arise on the trailer, including those highlighted below in this article are usually caused by wear and tear developing on the MDC Camper while it is in operation.

1. No Brakes Or Weak Brakes

The brakes are a very crucial component of the MDC Camper trailer as they are used to bring the trailer to a standstill during motion or holding the trailer stationary. Faulty and weak brakes are therefore undesirable. Reasons for faulty brakes can include,

  • A short or open brake control circuit. The controller may also be faulty.
  • Severe under adjustments of the brakes.
  • Corroded connections and grit or oil on linings or magnets.

Troubleshooting Weak Or No Brakes

When the breaking force starts being weak or the breaks fail entirely, the problem can be addressed by,

  • Finding and correcting any short or open electrical circuits. One should also test and re calibrating the faulty controller. If it is severely damaged, it may need to be replaced.
  • Adjusting the brakes to the correct level.
  • Cleaning and replacing the corroded connectors, linings, and magnets when they develop problems.

2. Brakes Locking

While using the MDC trailer, one may start to notice that the MDC Camper brakes are locking. This problem may be caused by,

  • Poor synchronization with the controller or a faulty controller.
  • Out-of-round brake drums.
  • Insufficient wheel load (dual Axle) or poor loading.

Troubleshooting Locking Brakes

When the brakes start to lock on the MDC Camper, the following can be done to address the issue,

  • Adjusting the controller to the correct levels and fixing or replacing the faulty controller.
  • Machining or replacing the out-of-round brake drums.
  • Correcting the MDC Camper trailer level so as to even the load.

3. Cooker Not Igniting

The cooker is very crucial for cooking and especially when one is in the wild hence if not igniting, it can be serious problem. This problem can be caused by,

  • Empty gas bottle or the gas bottle not being turned on.
  • Gas hose on the cooker not being connected.
  • Blocked Regulator or kinked hose.

Troubleshooting Cooker Failure To Ignite

When one notices that the cooker is failing to ignite, the following can be done,

  • Filling the gas bottle when empty and turning on the valve on the gas bottle to ensure it reaches the cook top.
  • Checking the bayonet to ensure it is securely connected into the receiver.
  • Checking to ensure that the regulator is not blocked with dirt, wasps, or nests. If so, these need to be removed. One also needs to ensure that the hose is not twisted or kinked and if so, the hose needs to be untwisted or replaced when defective.

4. Pump Failing To Circulate Water

The water pump is necessary for circulating water around the MDC Camper trailer however one may notice that the pump is working and producing noise, but no water is being circulated. This problem may be caused by;

  • Airlock in the water lines.
  • Empty water tank or a kinked hose.
  • A damaged or worn pump diaphragm.

Troubleshooting Water Circulation Problem

To address the water circulation issue and ensure water is being supplied by the pump to the MDC Camper trailer taps, one can try the following,

  • To solve the airlock problem, one should turn on the tap and hold their finger over the nozzle 5 for seconds and then release. This should be repeated several times. If this method fails, one should fill the water tank and then use mains pressure to pressurize the tank.
  • Refilling the water tank and checking the hoses to ensure none of them is fouled. The hoses may need to be replaced if found to be defective.
  • Repairing or replacing the damaged or worn pump.

5. No 12V Power

The lack of 12V power can be caused by,

  • The main isolator being in the off position or some damaged wiring.
  • Flat or faulty battery.
  • Main circuit breaker being tripped or loose battery terminals.

Troubleshooting 12V Power Problem

To restore power and ensure the battery delivers the necessary 12V to the equipment in the MDC Camper trailer, the following can be done,

  • Turning on the main isolator. One may also need to find and repair or replace any damaged wiring in the MDC Camper trailer.
  • Charging the battery when flat and replacing it if it becomes defective.
  • Resetting the main circuit breaker when it has tripped and tightening any loose battery terminals.

6. Inverter Not Powering

The inverter is very crucial as it converts DC voltage from the battery into AC voltage that is used to power some of the electrical equipment in the MDC Camper trailer. Its failure to turn on is therefore detrimental. Reasons for this occurring may include,

  • Poor electrical connections or main 12V switch being off.
  • Flat battery
  • Defective 200A main circuit breaker or 150A breaker to inverter.

Troubleshooting Faulty Inverter

To solve problems with the inverter on can try out the following,

  • Checking and correcting the 12V connections to ensure they are tight. One should also check the main rotary switch on the control panel to ensure it is on.
  • Charging the battery when flat.
  • If no other 12V is present, one can check the main 200A breaker with a multimeter or test light to ensure it is functioning, if not it may need to be replaced. One should also check the 150A breaker to inverter using a multi meter or test light and replace it when defective.

How To Avoid MDC Camper Trailer Problems

The best way to avoid any problems developing with the MDC Camper trailer is to regularize with the trailer’s operator manual and only using the trailer as stipulated in the manual. Regular maintenance is highly recommended to ensure the trailer lasts a long time in the best condition.

Who Makes And Owns MDC Trailers?

Market Direct Campers is 100% Australian owned and operated.

Is Ausrv The Same As MDC?

The AUSRV is quite a new company whose parent company is the Market Direct Campers (MDC) company. The company owns a production facility at Coopers Plains, Qld.


In conclusion the MDC Camper trailer is a wonderful camper trailer option that is packed with a lot of exciting and useful features. The trailer is also very durable however it can develop problems hence to ensure it performs as intended, regular maintenance is a must.