Thor Majestic 19G Problems : 6 Common Issues (Solved)

The rising cost of living, the high purchase prices of modern homes and as well as the excitement of living on the road is pushing more and more people to sell their homes and invest in RVs. That’s where offerings such as the Thor Majestic 19G come into play. The RVs allow one to carry all the modern-day luxuries that otherwise would only be present in a well-built home. The RVs come fully packed with all the necessary appliances and features, allowing the owner to completely go off-grid in comfort and style. Problems however can develop on these RVs, and these will be discussed down below.

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What Is The Thor Majestic 19G?

The Thor Majestic 19G is a versatile RV that is powered by a Triton V8 5.4-liter gasoline engine. The Thor Motor Coach Four Winds C-Class seats on a Ford E Series chassis and the engine delivers 255Hp at 4,500 RPM and 350 ft-Ibs of torque at 2,500 RPM to the motorhome. A 5 speed Automatic transmission is also used in the Majestic 19G RV for greater efficiency. Special features include an inbuilt plastic toilet, 2 oven burners, a mid-size propane/electric refrigerator and accommodation for four sleeping places.

Thor Majestic 19G Problems

NB: The Thor Majestic 19G RV is usually sold in good working condition and without any issues. Any problems that may arise on the RV, including those highlighted down in this article are usually caused by wear and tear developing on the RV while it is being used.

1. Generator Engine Fails To Crank

One of the biggest problems that one may encounter while using the Thor Majestic 19G RV is that the generator engine is refusing to crank or is cranking slowly. This problem may be caused by,

  • A low battery charge and voltage.
  • A bad battery connection or a load being connected while starting.
  • A blown fuse.

Troubleshooting Generator Engine Failure To Crank

When one encounters a problem where the engine is refusing to crank, the following can be done to try and solve the problem,

  • Starting the chassis engine before starting the generator, to allow the battery time to charge.
  • Cleaning and then tightening all the battery and cable connections. Also ensure to disconnect any loads before starting the Thor Majestic 19G RV generator engine.
  • Replacing the blown fuse on the control panel.

2. Engine Failure To Run

Another huge problem that may develop on the Thor Majestic 19G RV is that the generator engine is cranking but then it is refusing to start or run. This problem may be caused by,

  • The fuel being low and below the 1/4 level in the tank.
  • Low oil level.
  • A plunged fuel filter, bad fuel being used or a fouled spark plug.

Troubleshooting Generator Engine Failure To Run

To address the problem where the generator engine is cranking but failing to start or run, the following can be done,

  • Filling the fuel tank.
  • Adding oil to the correct level when necessary.
  • Replacing the plunged fuel filter with a newer one. Also ensure to use good fuel that is of the recommended grade in the RV. Also ensure to replace the fouled spark plug. Locating and using the repair or service manual is highly recommended for serving and maintenance purposes.

3. Engine Stopping With Switch Release

One may notice that the Thor Majestic 19G RV generator engine is starting, but then it is stopping suddenly when the start switch is released, this problem may occur because of,

  • Low fluid level.
  • Possible engine overheating.
  • Other functional problem.

Troubleshooting Engine Sudden Stopping

The Thor Majestic 19G generator engine may be stopping when the start switch is released. This problem can possibly be addressed by the following,

  • Inspecting and bringing all the fluid levels to the appropriate levels.
  • Regularly checking for blocked air flow. Also ensure to check that the generator cover is properly closed. Ensure to remove any object that may be blocking the air flow.
  • Locating a repair service manual and visiting a trusted professional to get assistance on how to solve the problem.

4. No 12V Power

The 12V power from the battery is used to power amenities in the RV. The 12V power however may not be available to the amenities in the RV. This problem is usually caused by,

  • A low Coach battery.
  • A blown fuse in the battery compartment.
  • The breaker being tripped or being excessively hot.

Troubleshooting The 12V Problem

To address the problem with the 12V power, one can try the following,

  • Running the chassis engine to recharge the battery to the needed voltage and charge.
  • Replacing the blown fuse.
  • Resetting the 40amp breaker that is found near the converter panel. This is located either under the dinette seat or under the rear bed.

5. Water Pump Not Pumping

The water pump is necessary for circulating water around the Thor Majestic 19G RV. Problems with the water pump can therefore be stressful. Reasons for the water pump not pumping include,

  • A low or dead coach battery.
  • The freshwater tank being empty.
  • The water pump not being on, or the water pump being jammed.

Troubleshooting The Water Pump Problem

If the water pump is not pumping water, below are some of the troubleshooting techniques that one can try to solve the problem,

  • Running the chassis engine to recharge the battery that runs the pump.
  • Filling the freshwater tank before pumping.
  • Turning on the water pump at the monitor panel. One should also seek assistance from a trained professional or the service manual on how to fix a jammed water pump.

6. Holding Tank Not Dumping Water

The holding tanks are responsible for holding the gray water in the RV however one may notice that the tanks don’t dump when the valve handle is pulled. This problem may be occurring because,

  • The tank contents are frozen.
  • The dump valve is blocked.
  • There is debris that is stuck on the tank sensors, causing the monitor panel to say that tank is full even after its contents have been dumped.

Troubleshooting The Holding Tank Release Problem

When the holding tank is refusing to dump its contents when the valve handle is pulled, the following can be done,

  • Moving to warmer climate above 40then trying to dump.
  • Seeking assistance from a trusted dealer or the repair service manual on how to fix a blocked dump valve.
  • Pouring 2 gallons of warm soapy water down shower in the gray tank or black tank used for the toilet. When one is driving, this should clean the sensor and give a proper reading of the water level.

How To Thor Majestic 19G Problems?

The best way to avoid any problems developing with the Thor Majestic 19G is to use the RV’s operator manual for maintenance and service purposes. It is highly recommended to only use the RV as stated in the manual. This will prevent problems from developing and compounding on the RV. It will also help ensure that problems are identified and delt with early on, before compounding and leading to total RV shutdown.

How Many Miles Per Gallon Does a Thor Majestic 19G Get?

The advertised fuel economy is 12MPG for the 5.4L V8 engine.

How Much Can a Thor Majestic 19G Tow?

The Thor Majestic 19G can tow 3,500Ibs.


In conclusion, the Thor Majestic 19G is a very strong contender in the RV market. It offers plenty of power and functionality, hence the RV of choice for most people. It comes with standout features such as a toilet, an electric/propane mid-size refrigerator and 1 double bed. Maintenance and regular service are however very important to ensure the RV stays for a long time in good condition.