Goldstar Caravan Problems: 5 Common Issues (Explained)

The Goldstar RV brand has a wide range of recreational vehicles (RVs) under its belt. One of its popular offering is the Goldstar caravan. There are of course several different models. Today we shall be looking at some of the common Goldstar caravan problems. That will include the possible solutions to address them.

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What Is A Goldstar Caravan?

A Goldstar caravan is one of the many RVs made by Goldstar RV. A Goldstar caravan is typically robust and reliable. It is also easy to customize a Goldstar caravan. No wonder many people prefer a Goldstar caravan. However, you also need to know some of the downsides of using a Goldstar caravan. You must know the common Goldstar caravan problems.

Goldstar Caravan Problems

Knowing the common Goldstar caravan problems is strategic. It is strategic to avoiding them. It is also strategic to addressing them when they eventually do occur. Problems with your Goldstar caravan are often inevitable. Here are some of the common Goldstar caravan problems:

1. Malfunctioning Interior Lights

It is a common Goldstar caravan problem for lights to malfunction. At times they may not turn on at all. Other times they may not be coming on brightly as they ought to be. Sometimes they may be flickering. This problem can stem from:

  • Battery could be flat, damaged, or worn out
  • Circuitry may be faulty or damaged
  • Fuses could be blown or worn out

Troubleshooting Malfunctioning Interior Lights

This is often an electrical issue so make the necessary inspections. If you are unsure, engage a skilled electrician. Otherwise some of the possible solutions to this problem are:

  • Fix, recharge or replace battery
  • Fix circuitry e.g. damaged wires or connections
  • Replace fuses where necessary

2. Damaged Exterior Panels

This is also another common Goldstar caravan problem. It is fairly easy to diagnose and address. Some of the common causes of the problem are:

  • Overexposure to the elements
  • Physical damage
  • Reckless usage practices

Troubleshooting Damaged Exterior Panels Problem

This should be a very easy Goldstar caravan problem to figure out. Do your inspections to ascertain the root cause. Some of the possible solutions to explore are:

  • Shield or hide away caravan from harsh elements e.g. rain
  • Patch dents or scratches
  • Apply protective coating

3. Malfunctioning Air Conditioner

Another common Goldstar caravan problem regards the air conditioning. You may find that the air conditioner may not be functioning as it should. This is a problem that tends to stem from the following:

  • Dirty, damaged, or worn out air filter
  • Faulty or damaged cooling unit
  • External air seeping in

Troubleshooting Malfunctioning Air Conditioner

When your Goldstar caravan has air conditioning issues, do some checks. By checking the air conditioning unit, you will have an idea of the root cause. Some of the solutions you can explore are:

  • Fix, clean or replace air filter
  • Fix or replace cooling unit
  • Ensure there are no open doors or windows when air conditioner is on

4. Leaking Shower

A number of Goldstar caravan users experience this problem sometimes. The problem is relatively easy to handle though. Some of the common causes of your Goldstar caravan shower leaking are:

  • Damaged or misaligned shower tray
  • Damaged or worn out pipes
  • Damaged shower head

Troubleshooting Leaking Shower Problem

What is important for this Goldstar caravan problem is to conduct thorough checks. This will help you identify the correct root cause. Some of the solutions you can use to address this problem are:

  • Fix or replace shower tray
  • Fix, clean, or replace pipes
  • Fix or replace shower head

5. No Hot Water

This is yet another common Goldstar caravan problem. This is when your Goldstar caravan’s hot water system does not produce hot water. It should be easy to figure out the root cause. Some of the common causes of this problem are:

  • Faulty power supply
  • Faulty or damaged regulator
  • Faulty or damaged thermostat

Troubleshooting Not Hot Water Problem

This Goldstar caravan problem needs you to diagnose correctly. This normally is fairly easy to do. Once you have ascertained the source of the problem you can try out these solutions:

  • Fix power supply
  • Fix or replace regulator
  • Fix or replace thermostat

How To Avoid Goldstar Caravan Problems

All common Goldstar caravan problems can be avoided. What is important is to employ responsible use approaches in using your Goldstar caravan. Conduct regular checks on it to quickly note areas needing attention. It is also important to regularly clean your Goldstar caravan – interior and exterior. You must also get serviceable parts serviced as per schedule. Keeping your Goldstar caravan away from the elements also helps avoid Goldstar caravan problems. Ensuring your Goldstar caravan does not get physically damaged also avoids problems. Overall, you need to be abreast with the user manual and do accordingly. All of these practices will avoid common Goldstar caravan problems.

How Long Will A Caravan Battery Run For?

This depends on some factors. However, on average, a caravan battery should last for 5 years. This can only happen if you are using and maintaining the battery properly. That is why it is highly advised to only charge the batteries using the recommended charger. No wonder it is advised you should use a charger whose output is at least 10 percent of the battery’s capacity.

What Consumes The Most Power In A Caravan?

This is generally similar to how it is like in a brick and mortar house. Thus anything that operates using a heating element is bound to consume more power. For instance, gadgets like microwaves consume lots of power. Another thing that consumes significant amounts of power is the air conditioning unit.


A Goldstar caravan is a good purchase and you are sure to get the best user experience. A Goldstar caravan is comfortable, durable, and versatile. With knowledge of the common Goldstar caravan problems and solutions, you are all set. Granted the common Goldstar caravan problems may occur. However, they are not and should not be a deal breaker if you are considering getting a Goldstar caravan; get one.