Hyundai DHY6000SE Generator Problems : Top 5 Issues (Explained)

There are innumerable backup generators to pick from. One model to consider is the Hyundai DHY6000SE generator. There are a number of desirable features the Hyundai DHY6000SE wields. It is a worthwhile purchase but some problems may occur along the way. That is why we have to discuss some of the common Hyundai DHY6000SE generator problems.

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What Is The Hyundai DHY6000SE Generator?

The Hyundai DHY6000SE generator is a backup generator. The Hyundai DHY6000SE generator has a maximum output of 5.2 kW or 6.5 kVA. The Hyundai DHY6000SE’s fuel tank capacity is 13 liters. No wonder you can enjoy a substantially long running time. The Hyundai DHY6000SE generator also comes with useful safety features. For instance it alerts you when oil is low. The Hyundai DHY6000SE generator also has an automatic shutdown feature. Great features and all but there are some problems you should know.

Hyundai DHY6000SE Generator Problems

Here and there you are bound to bump into some Hyundai DHY6000SE generator problems. Knowing such problems better prepares you. You can then avoid them or decisively address them when they occur. Here are some of the common Hyundai DHY6000SE generator problems:

1. Engine Not Starting

It is a common scenario for your Hyundai DHY6000SE generator to not start. When that happens there is no need to panic. Some of the probable causes of the problem are:

  • Low, contaminated, or wrong fuel
  • Fuel injection pump could be faulty or damaged
  • Starter could be faulty or damaged
  • Battery may be faulty, flat, damaged, or worn out
  • Engine oil level may be low

Troubleshooting Engine Not Starting Problem

You have to conduct some checks. The problem often stems from the fuel or fuel system. Check those first and move to other areas if need be. Some of the solutions to consider here are:

  • Top up or replace fuel
  • Fix or replace fuel injection pump
  • Fix or replace starter
  • Fix, recharge, or replace battery
  • Top up or replace engine oil

2. No Production Of Power

Another common Hyundai DHY6000SE generator problem is no power production. This is also a problem that should not make you despair. Some of the possible causes of the issue are:

  • Breaker switch may be OFF
  • Alternator brushes could be worn out
  • Plugs may be incorrectly or loosely inserted in the sockets
  • AVR could be faulty or damaged

Troubleshooting No Production Of Power Problem

Start off by conducting thorough checks to establish the problem. The root cause should be easy to identify. Once that is done you can explore the following solutions:

  • Ensure breaker switch is ON
  • Replace alternator brushes
  • Ensure plugs are firmly and correctly inserted
  • Fix or replace the AVR

3. Stalling

This is yet another common Hyundai DHY6000SE generator problem. There may be times your Hyundai DHY6000SE generator will stall. This is a problem that often stems from:

  • Spark plugs could be faulty, damaged, or worn out
  • Oil filters may be dirty or worn out
  • Air filters may be dirty or worn out
  • Fuel may be low or contaminated
  • Fuel lines may be clogged

Troubleshooting Stalling Problem

This is often a fairly easy to address Hyundai DHY6000SE generator problem. Makes sure you correctly diagnose it to address it properly. Some of the possible remedies to use here are:

  • Replace spark plugs
  • Clean or replace oil filters
  • Clean or replace air filters
  • Top up or replace fuel
  • Flush or replace fuel lines

4. Overheating

Another common Hyundai DHY6000SE generator problem is overheating. You may find yourself dealing with the issue. It is a fairly common problem but not that hard to diagnose and fix. Some of possible causes are:

  • Low coolant level
  • Dirt build-up
  • Faulty, damaged, or worn out cooling fan
  • Faulty, damaged or improperly tensioned fan belt
  • Clogged air filter

Troubleshooting Overheating Problem

There are many possible causes of this overheating problem. Start checking the obvious e.g. whether or not the Hyundai DHY6000SE generator is overloaded. Excessive fuel can also be an issue. Once you have narrowed down the probable causes you can:

  • Top up or replace coolant
  • Thoroughly clean the generator
  • Fix or replace cooling fan
  • Fix, adjust, or replace fan belt
  • Flush or replace air filter

5. Too Noisy

You may notice that your Hyundai DHY6000SE generator is becoming too noisy. That is usually discernible since the Hyundai DHY6000SE generator is typically not that loud. The problem of noise is usually caused by:

  • Air filter could be dirty
  • Spark plugs could be worn out
  • There may be loose or damaged components
  • Generator could be overloaded
  • Voltage regulators may be faulty

Troubleshooting Too Noisy Problem

You have to do some checks to establish the root cause. This is usually not hard to figure out. The remedies you can use are:

  • Clean or replace air filter
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Replace or tighten damaged and or loose components
  • Reduce load
  • Fix voltage regulators

How To Avoid Hyundai DHY6000SE Generator Problems

Avoiding Hyundai DHY6000SE generator problems depends a lot on routine maintenance. This entails things like oil changes or replacement of worn out components e.g. spark plugs. All this must be coupled with regular inspections of your Hyundai DHY6000SE generator. This must be done before and after every use. Periodically clean your Hyundai DHY6000SE generator. You must also ensure it is stored or operated in a clean, cool, and dry environment. You must get your Hyundai DHY6000SE generator serviced after the prescribed number of hours of operation. Be sure to stick to what the user manual says in operating, handling, and caring for it. These practices will help avoid Hyundai DHY6000SE generator problems.

Are Hyundai Diesel Generators Good?

Yes. They are considered reliable and portable for both domestic and commercial purposes.

What Is The Most Common Cause Of Generator Failure?

It is battery failure.


The Hyundai DHY6000SE generator is good. You just need to ensure that routine maintenance is done. That is a major part of avoiding the common Hyundai DHY6000SE generator problems. Using the right fuel, oils, and the likes is also paramount. Not overloading your generators matters immensely too.