Garmin TT15X Problems : Top 5 Issues And Solutions

Garmin is notable for making high-tech gadgets for everyday use. One of its interesting products is the Garmin TT15X. This a dog collar but not your ordinary dog collar. It comes with some cutting edge features that you are sure to appreciate. In this article we shall be looking at some of the common Garmin TT15X problems.

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What Is The Garmin TT15X?

The Garmin TT15X is a dog tracking and training collar. The Garmin TT15X has a top-mounted GPS and GLONASS receiver. This enables the Garmin TT15X to track your dog up to 9 miles away. The other great thing about the Garmin TT15X is that it is water resistant. The Garmin TT15X dog collar has a battery that can run up to 80 hours. The Garmin TT15X also has a sleep mode that can be activated remotely. There are so many great features but the Garmin TT15X can have some problems sometimes.

Garmin TT15X Problems

The Garmin TT15X dog collar is a sophisticated piece of equipment. It is not surprising for some problems to occur sometimes. That is why you need to have an appreciation of the common Garmin TT15X problems. Some of those Garmin TT15X problems are as follows:

1. Collar Not Charging

This is a common Garmin TT15X problem. Your Garmin TT15X dog collar may not charge sometimes. This is a problem that may stem from the following:

  • Charging clip could be faulty or damaged
  • Power outlet or socket could be faulty or damaged
  • Charging cable could be damaged or faulty
  • Charging contacts could be dirty
  • Battery may be faulty or worn out

Troubleshooting Not Charging Problem

You have to conduct some checks to establish the root cause. It should be relatively easy to spot the root cause. Then you can later explore the following remedies to address the problem:

  • Fix charging clip
  • Fix or use different power outlet or socket
  • Fix or replace charging cable
  • Ensure charging contacts are clean
  • Fix or replace battery

2. Collar Not Turning On

Another common Garmin TT15X problem is failure to turn on. When your Garmin TT15X dog collar does not turn on there is no need to panic. This is a problem that often stems from the following:

  • Battery may be flat or worn out
  • Power switch could be damaged
  • There may be disruptions in power flow
  • Software crash

Troubleshooting Collar Not Turning On Problem

This Garmin TT15X problem needs you to do correct diagnosis. This will help effectively address the problem and not escalate things further. Possible remedies you can explore here are:

  • Recharge or replace battery
  • Fix or replace power switch or button
  • Ensure there are is no damaged circuitry
  • Master reset the dog collar

3. Not Tracking

Another common Garmin TT15X problem is not tracking. It may occur that your Garmin TT15X dog collar may not be tracking. This is problem that can be quite inconvenient. Some of the probable causes of the problem are:

  • Software on the handheld device may be outdated
  • Software on the dog collar could be outdated
  • Handheld device and collar may not be properly paired
  • There could be interferences

Troubleshooting Not Tracking Problem

When your Garmin TT15X dog collar is not tracking there are some checks to conduct. You have to be sure you have established the correct root cause. Some of the solutions to this problem are as follows:

  • Update software on the handheld device
  • Update software on the dog collar
  • Re-pair the handheld device and the dog collar
  • Ensure there are no interferences
  • Master reset the dog collar

4. Range Limitations

When using your Garmin TT15X dog collar there may be some issues regarding range. For instance, the range may be much shorter than is supposed to be. There are possible causes behind this Garmin TT15X problem some of which are:

  • Physical obstructions in between
  • Incorrectly holding your handheld device
  • Interference from other wireless signals
  • Weather issues e.g. humidity or extreme temperatures

Troubleshooting Range Limitations

You have to figure out what is causing range issues with your Garmin TT15X dog collar. There are many possible causes so you need to be sure. Some of the solutions to this problem are:

  • Be at the highest elevation possible
  • Hold handheld device above your head (away from your body) with antenna pointing up
  • Ensure there are no interfering wireless signals
  • You may have to wait out extreme weather conditions

5. Collar Not Shocking

This is yet another common Garmin TT15X problem. This is when you want to get the Garmin TT15X dog collar to shock but it does not. The probable causes of this problem are:

  • Physical obstructions
  • Wireless signal interference
  • Dog collar could be damaged
  • Battery may be too low

Troubleshooting Collar Not Shocking

You have to first of all establish where the problem could be coming from. Be comprehensive. Then you can consider the following remedies:

  • Ensure there are no physical obstructions e.g. roofs, buildings, trees, and so on
  • Ensure there are no wireless signals interfering
  • Ensure dog collar is not damaged
  • Recharge battery

How To Avoid Garmin TT15X Problems

Garmin TT15X problems can largely be avoided by proper usage. That is why it is important to go through the user manual. You must also keep your Garmin TT15X dog collar clean. It helps to regularly inspect it. Keeping software up to date is also important. Keep the Garmin TT15X’s battery charged and replace it if damaged or worn out. These practices will help avoid Garmin TT15X problems.

What Is The Difference Between The Garmin TT15X And The Garmin TT15?

The Garmin TT15’s battery lasts up to between 20 and 40 hours. The Garmin TT15X’s battery last up to 80 hours – roughly twice that of the Garmin TT15.

How Do I Know If My Dog’s Collar Is Comfortable?

You can apply what is called the 2-finger dog collar rule. This means it should be easy for you to slide two fingers between the dog’s skin and the collar. This would mean the dog collar is not too tight and not too loose.


The common Garmin TT15X problems are all easy to avoid and address. If you are intimately acquainted with the user manual you will get the most out of your Garmin TT15X dog collar. Thus the Garmin TT15X problems should not be a deal breaker; the Garmin TT15X is good.