Alliance RV Problems : Top 5 Issues And Solutions

There are many RV models to choose from on the market. One model you can consider is the Alliance RV. It is a highly acclaimed model judging by most online reviews. That is not to say it does not have some problems. Such problems are the focus of our discussion today.

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What Is The Alliance RV?

The Alliance RV is a luxurious recreational vehicle. The Alliance RV’s roof is made from seamless and solar-reflective ultra-bright white PVC material. This ensures RV is always cool even under direct sun exposure. The Alliance RV is also praised for its towability. These are some of the many upsides of the Alliance RV. Problems may arise regardless.

Alliance RV Problems

Alliance, the manufacturers of the Alliance RV went to great lengths to make it as smooth as possible. There are still problems with the Alliance RV you need to know. Knowing them helps you prevent or address them effectively. Here are some of the common Alliance RV problems:

1. Plumbing Complications

This is a common Alliance RV problem you can come across. You may notice that there are leakages. At times you can notice that water is not flowing smoothly. The water may be settling at certain points. Some of the probable causes are:

  • Damaged or clogged pipes.
  • Faulty water supply or pump.
  • Storage tank may be leaking or clogged.

Troubleshooting Plumbing Complications

It is important to make thorough checks on this problem. It can be discomfiting to have plumbing issues with your Alliance RV. Some of the solutions to the problem:

  • Fix, clean, or replace pipes.
  • Fix or replace water supply mechanism or pump.
  • Fix, clean, or replace storage tank.
  • Setup moisture sensors.

2. Slides, Windows, Or Doors Malfunctions

It is quite common for Alliance RV owners to experience problems with these components. At times slides, windows, and or doors can get jammed. Sometimes they may no longer shut properly or firmly. At times they can be out of alignment. Probable causes of this are:

  • Faulty or damaged latches.
  • RV is not level.
  • Faulty gears.

Troubleshooting Slides, Windows, Or Door Malfunctions Problem

These problems stem from some of the vigorous movements your Alliance RV encounters. This is because at times you move on rough terrains. That also applies to where you park it. If it is not level it can lead to these issues. Solutions to explore are:

  • Ensure the RV is levelled when stationary.
  • Fix or realign latches where necessary.
  • Fix, lubricate, or replace gears of the respective mechanisms.

3. Air Conditioner Not Working

Your Alliance RV’s air conditioner may not work properly. Sometimes it will not switch on at all. In some cases it may be on but not cooling. Air conditioner malfunctioning may be caused by:

  • Faulty thermostat.
  • Fan may be faulty, damaged, or worn out.
  • Compressor may be dirty.
  • Capacitor may be damaged or worn out.
  • Power supply may be off or inadequate.

Troubleshooting Air Conditioner Not Working Problem

You have to conduct some checks to ascertain the source of the problem. It is a relatively easy problem to diagnose. At times the weather may just be too hot so consider that as well. Here is how you can address the problem:

  • Ensure power supply is in order.
  • Replace thermostat.
  • Clean the coils and fins.
  • Fix or replace the fan.
  • Fix or replace the capacitor.
  • Clean or replace compressor.

4. Roof Leaks

If you are not careful this can become a menacing problem. A number of Alliance RV owners often encounter this problem:

  • Over-exposure to harsh weather elements e.g. hot sun, hailstorms, and so on.
  • Build-up of water or debris.
  • Damage from falling objects e.g. branches.

Troubleshooting Roof Leaks Problem

Getting rid of or avoiding this problem is largely about proper care. Some of the solutions to consider are:

  • Applying roof sealant.
  • Place resilient cover on roof when parked or not in use.
  • Regularly clean the roof.
  • Keep RV in a place free from any falling objects.
  • Replace the whole roof over time.

5. Tyres Getting Blow Or Flat

This is actually a common Alliance RV problem. You may find the tyres flat. At times the tyres can get blown when on the move. Some of the probable causes are:

  • Incorrectly inflated tyres.
  • Tyres not compatible with the weight they have to sustain.
  • Tyres may be damaged or worn out.

Troubleshooting Tyres Getting Blown Or Flat

This is a problem you should not trivialize. It is a problem that can create more problems for your Alliance RV. For instance, fenders can get damaged and your Alliance RV may become permanently misaligned. Some solutions to use are:

  • Ensure tyres are compatible with weight of the RV; replace if necessary.
  • Ensure the tyres are inflated properly and consistently.
  • Fix or replace damaged tyres.

How To Avoid Alliance RV Problems

It would help if you can get a brand new Alliance RV. The likelihood of problems will be lesser than getting a pre-loved one. This is because it may have pre-existing issues. How you use your Alliance RV matters. It is important to follow the user manual diligently. Cutting corners or doing what is not prescribed creates problems. Do regular inspections on your Alliance RV. Regularly clean it and consistently service all parts that need to be.

Is Alliance A Good Brand?

The answer to that lies in looking at Alliance RV reviews and ratings. The general impression is that the majority of Alliance RV owners speak highly of them. The other general consensus is that Alliance factored almost all considerations in making the Alliance RV. The Alliance RV’s air conditioning and heating mechanisms are also highly praised. Thus Alliance is definitely a good brand.

What Is The Warranty On The Alliance RV?

All Alliance RVs are backed by a 3 year limited structural and 1 year limited base warranty.


Overall the Alliance RV is a good model. Alliance was unveiled in 2019. Thus the brand is largely still budding but so far so good. One of the unique selling points of the Alliance RV is that the design incorporates customer feedback. Equipped with knowledge of the common problems and remedies you should be good to go.