5 Most Common Problems With Prolite Trailers And How To Fix Them

Prolite is the brand behind the ultra-light trailers available on the market. Prolite trailers are also acclaimed for their robust build material. Good as that may be they do have some issues. Today let us look at Prolite trailers’ common problems.

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What Is A Prolite Trailer?

A Prolite trailers are essentially RV trailers or what you can term travel trailers. Prolite trailers are mainly designed for use on mini vans and light SUVs. Let us look at some of the common problems with Prolite trailers.

Prolite Trailer Problems

Prolite trailers are ultra-light. They are built from waterproof material. Their roofs are specifically layered with fibreglass. This makes them resilient even in harsh weather. There are some problems with Prolite trailers you may experience of course and they are:

1. Difficulties Braking

When coming to a stop you may experience difficulties braking your Prolite trailer. This is a fairly common problem. Some of the probable causes are:

  • Brake lines may be damaged or worn out.
  • Disruptions in brake fluid flow.
  • Brake shoes could be faulty, damaged, or worn out.

Troubleshooting Difficulties Braking Problem

Your Prolite trailer may reluctantly decelerate when you are coming to a stop. It can then escalate to the trailer not braking at all. Upon inspection, some of the solutions you can explore are:

  • Fixing or replacing brake lines.
  • Getting rid of disruptions in brake fluid flow.
  • Replacing brake shoes.
  • Ensuring the trailer is not overloaded or disproportionately loaded.

2. Trailer Unsteady When In Motion

Your Prolite trailer may be shaky when in motion. Under normal circumstances your Prolite trailer must be steady in motion. If not, it is a serious hazard to you and others. Possible causes of this are:

  • Front receiver could be poorly aligned.
  • The tongue could be poorly aligned.
  • Either the receiver or tongue may be disfigured or bent abnormally.

Troubleshooting Trailer Unsteady When In Motion Problem

Problem usually lies with the receiver or tongue. Wear and tear usually contributes. Often time overloading the trailer can lead to damages that result in unsteady motion. Remedies you can explore are:

  • Realigning the receiver or tongue for a perfect fit.
  • Straightening or replacing disfigured components.
  • Ensure the trailer is not overloaded.

3. Trailer Battery Not Charging Whilst Driving

Whilst driving i.e. towing the Prolite trailer, the battery may not be charging. The normal thing is for your trailer’s battery to charge. Otherwise this will inconvenience you later. This problem can be caused by:

  • Conductor cable may be faulty or imperfectly in place.
  • Towing system’s fuses may be blown.
  • Connectors may be faulty or not properly in place.
  • Trailer’s battery may be faulty, old, or connections may be loose.

Troubleshooting Trailer Battery Not Charging Whilst Driving Problem

Run some checks to ascertain the source(s) of the problem. It is usually easy to detect since it tends to boil down to connections and related components. Possible solutions to this problem are:

  • Ensure conductor is connected properly and is working.
  • Replace the towing system fuses.
  • Ensure connectors are working, connected and the connection points are clean.
  • Fix battery, battery connections, or replace battery.

4. Trailer Lights Malfunctioning

This can pertain to either of or both the interior lights and the exterior lights of your Prolite trailer. The problem may be that the lights fail to fully light up. At times they may not light up at all. Sometimes they may only light when the vehicle is running. Possible causes of the problem are:

  • Power may not be available as stipulated.
  • Breakers may be faulty or not as should be.
  • Converter fuse and or battery fuse may be blown.
  • Light dimmer could be malfunctioning.

Troubleshooting Trailer Lights Malfunctioning Problem

Check all probable sources of the problem to be sure. Once you are certain then you can consider trying out the following to address the problem:

  • Ensure the power is 12 Volt or 120 Volt as should be.
  • Check and ensure there is no issue with the breakers.
  • Replace blown fuses.
  • Fix light dimmer or replace batteries of the remote control.

5. Trailer Will Not Move

It may happen that your Prolite trailer may not move. For some reason the tyres will seem locked. This is not cause for despair as you can diagnose the source of the problem. Probable causes are:

  • Main ground and brake magnet ground wires may be out of place.
  • Those ground wires may be broken or worn out.
  • Power wiring may be broken or worn out.
  • Brake controller may be faulty.

Troubleshooting Trailer Will Not Move Problem

  • Ensure main ground wire is connected to bare metal surface.
  • Replace damaged or worn out ground wires.
  • Fix any damaged power wiring.
  • Fix or replace brake controller.

How To Avoid Prolite Trailer Problems

The most important thing for your Prolite trailer is regular maintenance. This should be anchored on regular inspections before and after every time you use it. Make routine checks on things like oil levels and if everything is firmly and properly aligned. You must always clean your Prolite trailer; it is essential to keeping problems away. Your trailer is a compound piece of equipment comprising a trailer, brakes, and hitch. Those core components and associated parts must be your key focus in maintenance, checks, and cleaning. Having a care regime around these aspects will avoid Prolite trailer problems.

What Is The Weight Of The Prolite Plus Trailer?

The Prolite Plus trailer weighs 1590 pounds. Its towing capacity is at least 2000 pounds.

Are Prolite Trailers Good?

Yes. By being ultra-light they can be towed by any vehicle, one you may already have; no need to get a tow vehicle. You also consume less fuel.


Prolite trailers are a great convenience due to their lightweight build. Just about any vehicle can smoothly tow a Prolite trailer. You need to take good care of your trailer. Use it responsibly too. Always ensure to avoid overloading your Prolite trailer. Combine that with knowledge of the common problems we discussed and you will enjoy your Prolite trailer experience.