Massey Ferguson 2640 Problems : Top 5 Issues And Solutions

The Massey Ferguson 2640 is one of Massey Ferguson’s offerings. It is a powerful tractor known to smoothly pull heavy equipment. You must have an appreciation of the common Massey Ferguson 2640 problems. That is our focus in this article.

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What Is The Massey Ferguson 2640?

The Massey Ferguson 2640 is a 5.8 liter, 6 cylinder diesel engine tractor. Engine power is 60 kW. The fuel tank capacity is 56.3 gallons or 213 liters. The Massey Ferguson 2640 engine horsepower is 120 HP. The PTO horsepower is 90.95 HP. The Massey Ferguson 2640 is clearly a powerful tractor. A look at its common problems is needed regardless.

Massey Ferguson 2640 Problems

The Massey Ferguson 2640 can comfortably handle trailers of 9 tonnes or more. If you particularly work with heavy-duty implements, the Massey Ferguson 2640 is for you. However, the tractor does have its fair share of problems. Here are the common Massey Ferguson 2640 problems:

1. Low Power Output

When operating your Massey Ferguson 2640 you may experience low power output. It may be low compression, either way it is an issue needing attention. Probable causes of this problem are:

  • Inadequate fuel supply.
  • Faulty fuel injection nozzle.
  • Fuel injection timing may be wrong.

Troubleshooting Low Power Output Problem

A Massey Ferguson 2640 is designed for heavy-duty operations. As such you expect substantial power output. When that does not happen, the issue often lies with the fuel system. After doing some inspections consider the following solutions:

  • Top up fuel; ensure it is the correct type.
  • Fix or replace fuel injection nozzle.
  • Correctly adjust fuel injection timing.

2. Engine Runs Inconsistently

It may also occur that the engine of your Massey Ferguson 2640 may run inconsistently. As in, one moment it can be running smoothly then the next it starts acting up. The possible causes of this problem:

  • Faulty fuel injection nozzle.
  • Compromised electrical connections.
  • Engine may be overheating.

Troubleshooting Engine Runs Inconsistently Problem

When the engine runs inconsistently check fuel system, the electricals, and the engine in general. That will give you an idea of where to focus on. Probable remedies to explore are:

  • Fix or replace fuel injection nozzle.
  • Ensure electrical connections are working well; replace wiring where applicable.
  • Ensure engine is not overheating.

3. Engine Overheating

Engine overheating is a common problem you may encounter whilst operating your Massey Ferguson 2640. No wonder it is a problem we have to detail here. Some of the likely causes of engine overheating are:

  • Radiator may be damaged or dirty.
  • Coolant may be leaking.
  • Connecting hoses could be leaking.
  • Engine oil may be low.
  • Engine could be overloaded.
  • Fan belt may be compromised.

Troubleshooting Engine Overheating Problem

The overheating of a Massey Ferguson 2640 engine often comes from cooling system issues. However, other factors could be at play as well. Thorough inspections to figure out the source of the problem are necessary for this reason. The solutions you can explore to fix the problem are:

  • Clean or replace radiator.
  • Ensure coolant is adequate and not leaking.
  • Fix or replace leaking connecting hoses.
  • Ensure appropriate engine oil level at all times.
  • Fix or replace fan belt.
  • Reduce load or speed in operation.

4. Starting Difficulties

It is common to encounter some starting problems. When your Massey Ferguson 2640 is not starting or taking time to start, find out the culprit(s). The common causes of the problem are:

  • Tractor may have been idle for too long.
  • Fuel tank vent could be clogged.
  • Fuel filter may be clogged.
  • Air leaks.
  • Exhaust pipe could be blocked.
  • Starter speed may be too low.
  • Faulty fuel injection nozzle.

Troubleshooting Starting Difficulties Problem

In some cases it may just be that the Massey Ferguson 2640 would have been sitting unused for too long. Then of course other aspects may be to blame. Ascertain the true cause and explore the following remedies:

  • Periodically start and your run tractor for a few minutes when not in use for too long.
  • Clean or replace fuel tank vent, fuel filter, and or exhaust pipe.
  • Plug air leaks.
  • Ensure starter speed is sufficient.
  • Fix or replace fuel injection nozzle.

5. Steering Not Working

The Massey Ferguson 2640 steering may not work sometimes. Sometimes it may misbehave. Turning the steering may be too easy or too tight. Such scenarios may be caused by:

  • Air contamination in hydraulic system.
  • Hydraulic oil level may be too low.
  • Steering cylinder may be malfunctioning.
  • Steering pump could be faulty or damaged.

Troubleshooting Steering Not Working Problem

When this problem occurs, check the steering and the systems that govern its operation. When you have narrowed down the probable issues you can try out the following:

  • Get rid of air in the hydraulic system.
  • Ensure there is enough hydraulic oil.
  • Fix or replace steering cylinder.
  • Fix or replace steering pump.

How To Avoid Massey Ferguson 2640 Problems

The Massey Ferguson 2640’s user manual provides guidance on responsible use. Only stick to what the Massey Ferguson 2640 is designed to do and where. Get it serviced as per schedule. Basic maintenance like oil changes and cleaning are important. Before using your Massey Ferguson 2640 inspect it and do so after use. If your usage and handling regime is based on these routines you will avoid Massey Ferguson 2640 problems.

What Is The Transmission Of The Massey Ferguson 2640 Like?

The Massey Ferguson 2640 has a partial power transmission. It has 12 reverse gears and 16 forward gears. The Massey Ferguson 2640 comes as 2WD or 4WD.

What Is The Maximum Speed Of The Massey Ferguson 2640?

Maximum forward speed is 18.2 mph or 29.4 km/h. Maximum reverse speed is 9.4 mph or 15.1 km/h.


The Massey Ferguson 2640 is made for operations where power is needed. The Massey Ferguson 2640 does perform well in heavy-duty operations. However, that is no license to abuse the Massey Ferguson 2640. Overloading it can present complications. Always stand guided by ethos of responsible use if you are to enjoy smooth operation for the long haul.