Kubota ZG227 Problems : Top 7 Issues (Solved)

Mowing acres of land can easily become tiresome and monotonous when using a hand-held lawn mower. Thanks to the Kubota ZG227 however, one needs only to sit on an ergonomically designed chair on the engine powered lawn mower and direct the lawn mower to where they want to cut the grass. The lawn mower is very powerful thanks to the Kubota engine and hence can cut even long or wet grass. Despite however its remarkable performance, the Kubota ZG227 is not perfect and does have a few problems that will be discussed below.

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What Is The Kubota ZG227?

The Kubota ZG227 is a zero-turn mower that provides a comfortable sit for the operator to sit on while operating the machine. The mower is powered by a Kubota KGZ770-E2-M2 engine that delivers up to 27 horse power from the gasoline air cooled V-Twin 0.8 L engine. Thanks to the ergonomic seat and control designs, one can easily cut large areas of grasslands without issues. The mower is also more powerful than previous versions and can cut long and wet grass thanks to the efficient shaft drive system used instead of a belt drive system.

Kubota ZG227 Problems

NB: The Kubota ZG227 zero turn mowing machine is usually sold without any problems or defects. Any problems that may arise, including those stated in this article are usually caused by wear and tear developing on the mowing machine while it is in use.

1. Engine Does Not Start

The engine is one of the most crucial component of the Kubota ZG227. It powers the drive system as well as the mowing system of the machine. Engine failure is therefore highly detrimental. Reasons for engine failure may include;

  • The carburetor fuel drain valve may be in the “STOP” (CLOSE) position.
  • The fuel hose, filter or air cleaner may be clogged or damaged.
  • The choke may be incorrectly adjusted and over choking.

Troubleshooting Engine Problem

When one encounters problems with the engine, the following can be done to try and restore its proper function;

  • Opening the carburetor fuel valve to the “RUN” (OPEN) position.
  • Inspecting and then cleaning or replacing the fuel lines and any other clogged components. It may be wise to visit a Kubota dealer for replacement components.
  • Re adjusting the choke if possible, or visiting a Kubota dealer for a replacement.

2. Exhaust Fumes Colored Black

The exhaust fumes of the engine should not have a strange color and if this does happen, it may be due to the following;

  • Low grade of fuel used with the Kubota ZG227.
  • Clogged fuel and air filter.
  • Overloading the mowing machine.

Troubleshooting Exhaust Fumes Problems

When the engine exhaust fumes become odd colored the following can be done to solve the problem;

  • Using the appropriate grade of fuel that suits the engine specifications.
  • Replacing the clogged fuel filter and air filter with a newer one.
  • The Kubota ZG227 is a powerful machine, however it has limits to the load in can carry hence ensure the machine is not overloaded.

3. Battery Problems

The battery is a crucial component of the Kubota ZG227 and without it the mowing machine cannot function properly. Reasons for the battery not functioning properly may include;

  • Insufficient charge in the battery.
  • Corroded battery terminals.
  • Battery electrolyte leakage due to cracks or pin holes in the electrolytic cells.

Troubleshooting Battery Problems

There are several methods that can be used to try and solve problems with the battery and these include;

  • Cleaning and tightening battery terminals to ensure it charges.
  • Cleaning the terminals to remove the corrosion and applying grease or treating the terminals with anti-corrosives.
  • Replacing the old and damaged battery when it no longer functions properly.

4. Uneven Grass Cuts

The mower machine may fail to cut the grass evenly and this may be caused by;

  • Mower deck not being level.
  • Dull or worn blades.
  • Low tire inflation.

Troubleshooting Uneven Grass Cuts

If one notices that the mower is not evenly cutting the grass, the following can be done to try and address the problem;

  • Leveling the mower deck so as to ensure the blades evenly cut the grass.
  • Sharpening dull blades or replacing them if excessively worn out.
  • Adding tire pressure to the correct level so as to ensure the mowing machine is level.

6. Plugged Discharge Chute

The discharge chute may become plugged and this may be caused by the following problems;

  • Grass may be too wet or too long.
  • The mowing machine may be cutting too low hence picking up unnecessary items.
  • Engine RPMs may be too low or the ground speed to fast.

Troubleshooting Plugged Discharge Chute

  • Waiting for the grass to dry before cutting and raising the cutting height or cutting the grass twice.
  • Raising the cutting height to ensure proper cutting.
  • Mowing at full throttle to increase engine RPMs and lowering ground speed.

7. Mower Loading Down On Machine

The mower can weigh down on the entire machine if it is not operating normally as it should and this problem may be caused by the following;

  • Engine RPMs may be too low.
  • Debris may be wrapping around mower spindles.
  • The front of the deck may be too low.

Troubleshooting Mower Overloading

To ensure the mower does not weigh done on the entire machine, the following can be done;

  • Mowing the grass at full throttle and checking and resetting the engine RPMs.
  • Cleaning the mower to remove any debris around the mower spindle.
  • Adjusting the mower deck to ensure it is not too low.

How To Avoid Kubota ZG227 Problems?

The best way to avoid any problems developing with the Kubota ZG227 is to use the operator’s manual of the Mowing machine for maintenance purposes. Also ensure the Mowing machine is only used as stated in the manual. It is also advisable not to use the Kubota ZG227 in environments where it may be prone to failure or developing problems.

What Engine Is In The Kubota ZG227?

The Kubota ZG227 uses a Kubota KGZ770-E2-M2 Gasoline Air Cooled V-Twin Engine that produces 27 horsepower.

Who makes the Kubota ZG227 engines?

The engine used in the Kubota ZG227 was manufactured by Kubota to suit the needs of the mowing machine.


In conclusion the Kubota ZG227 is wonderful mowing machine that is ergonomically designed to allow one to seat on a comfortable seat when controlling the machine and mowing the grass. The mowing machine is also very powerful and can even cut wet and long grass better than other machines. The Kubota ZG227 is however not perfect and maintenance is needed to ensure it functions as intended.