New Holland TN65 Problems : 5 Known Issues (Solved)

Without tractors farming in the 21st century would be very difficult. Small scale, traditional farming would fail to meet production targets, and produce the vast quantities of food needed to feed the ever-increasing population on the planet. Thanks to reliable and versatile tractor offerings such as the New Holland Tn 65 however, farmers can farm large acres of land in very little time.

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What Is The New Holland TN65?

The New Holland TN65 is a robust tractor offering from the manufacturer New Holland, the tractor is powered by a 2.9 L Iveco 8035.05R three-cylinder diesel engine that is naturally aspirated and delivers 57 Hp. The tractor is offered in the 2WD and 4WD drive system to suit the needs of its customers. Despite its remarkable performance, however it does have a few problems that will be discussed in this article.

New Holland TN65 Problems

NB: The New Holland TN65 tractor is usually sold without any defects and any problems that may arise, including those listed below are usually caused by wear and tear arising on the tractor while it is in operation.

1. Poor Engine Power Output

The engine in the New Holland TN65 is very powerful and produces 57 Hp. Problems however can develop with the engine and hence reducing its power out. The reasons for low engine power output could include

  • Incorrect fuel type or grade or fuel shortage.
  • Worn fuel injector pump plunger and barrel.
  • Restricted Air Filter element.

Troubleshooting Engine Problems

If one notices that the New Holland TN65 engine is no longer delivering the necessary power needed, they can try the following methods to try and address the problem;

  • Using the correct fuel grade and type, that suits the needs of the engine. Also ensure the fuel tank is always topped off.
  • Check the injector pump plunger and barrel to see if they are worn, replace these items if they are worn out.
  • Inspect the air filter and the fuel injection pump unit and replace these if they become defective. Also ensure the cylinder bore is not worn.

2. Faulty Steering System

The steering system is a very crucial component of the tractor as it allows the tractor to be maneuvered with easy. If the steering system becomes faulty one will experience problems in trying to control the New Holland TN65 tractor. Problems with the steering system may be caused by;

  • Loose steering wheel mechanism due to lack of oil in the steering hydraulic cylinder or malfunctioning steering hydraulic cylinder.
  • Hard steering due to wrong front wheel alignment or damaged power steering.
  • Poor handling due to worn steering pump or leaking hydraulic connections.

Troubleshooting Steering Mechanism

When the steering mechanism of the New Holland TN65 develops problems, the following can be done to try and solve the problem;

  • Refilling the oil to the appropriate level and repairing or replacing the steering hydraulic cylinder if found to be defective.
  • Realigning the front wheels and replacing the power steering components when found to be defective.
  • Replacing all hydraulic connections that have leaks and repairing or replacing the steering pump.

3. Faulty Starter Motor

The starter motor is used to start the engine and without it the engine may start slowly or fail to start at all. Problems with the starter motor can be caused by;

  • Dirty and contaminated fuel pipes and fuel filter.
  • Worn piston rings.
  • Wrong valve timing and hence low compression or worn cylinder bores.

Troubleshooting Faulty Starter Motor

In order to solve problems relating to the starter motor one can try to do the following to try and address the problems;

  • Flushing and cleaning the fuel pipes and changing the fuel filter.
  • Repairing or replacing worn piston rings.
  • Setting the correct valve timing and total overhaul of worn cylinder bores.

4. Diesel Engine Overheating

The engine has an optimum temperature that it requires to operate efficiently, Hence the cooling system of the tractor is necessary to ensure the New Holland TN65 tractor engine is cooling. If the tractor is overheating, it means there is something wrong with the engine cooling system. This problem can be caused by reasons such as;

  • Lack of Coolant circulating around the engine.
  • Dirty radiator hence cannot sufficiently transfer heat away from the engine.
  • Too much load on the tractor and broken or misadjusted fan belt.

Troubleshooting Overheating Problem

When the engine starts over heating the following can be done to try and solve the problem and restore proper engine operational temperatures;

  • Refilling the coolant and maintaining the recommended coolant levels.
  • Cleaning the radiator to ensure proper heat dissipation from the New Holland TN65
  • Reducing load on the tractor or driving at lower speeds. One should also properly adjust or replace the fan belt when broken.

5. White Engine Exhaust

A health and well-maintained engine should not produce dark or white colored engine exhaust gases. If this occurs it may mean that something is wrong with the operation of the engine and hence why it is producing the gases. Causes for white exhaust fumes may be caused by;

  • Worn or damaged piston rings leading to the contamination of the fuel and air mixture with other substances.
  • Wrong injection timing leading to poor combustion in the engine.
  • Blown head gasket or cracked engine block or cylinder head hence resulting in the coolant mixing with the fuel air mixture in the combustion process.

Troubleshooting White Engine Exhaust Problem

When the engine exhaust becomes white, the following can be done to try and address the problem;

  • Replacing the worn piston rings urgently.
  • Adjusting the timing to ensure proper combustion.
  • Inspecting the entire engine including the head gasket and cylinder head to ensure it has no cracks. If are cracks found they need to closed to prevent coolant from mixing with fuel air mixture.

How To Avoid New Holland TN65 Problems?

The best way to avoid any problems developing with the New Holland TN65 tractor is to regularize with the tractor’s operator manual and only using the tractor as stated in the manual. It is highly recommended to follow the stipulated maintenance schedule of the tractor. Also avoiding to use the New Holland TN65 tractor in environments where it may be prone to fail will also help prolong the life of the tractor.

What Is The Weight Of The New Holland TN65?

The New Holland TN65 weighs 4665 to 5775 pounds depending on the fixtures attached to the tractor.

What Is The Power Output Of The New Holland TN65?

The tractor produces 57 horse power from the 3-cylinder diesel engine?


In conclusion the New Holland TN65 is a wonderful tractor that delivers plenty of power and comes with the 2WD and 4WD drive option in order to cater for the needs of different farmers and operators. The tractor however can develop problems if not used properly and maintenance is necessary to ensure it functions as intended.