Kubota M135GX Problems : Top 5 Issues And Solutions

In the long line of Kubota tractors is the Kubota M135GX. This is definitely a tractor you would love to own. It is a tractor that does the work and provides you with comfort. Great as that all is, you must not forget the Kubota M135GX can experience certain problems.

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What Is The Kubota M135GX?

The Kubota M135GX is a diesel cab tractor. It has a 135 HP 4-cylinder diesel engine. The Kubota M135GX has a fuel capacity of 50.2 gallons or 189 liters. It is both a powerful and comfortable tractor. The Kubota M135GX is uniquely endowed with a cabin and air-conditioning. Lots to love about the Kubota M135GX but it does face some problems.

Kubota M135GX Problems

Kubota M135GX problems are typical given its mechanisms and the nature of work it must do. Thus you need to acquaint yourself with the common Kubota M135GX problems. Some of such problems are as follows:

1. Engine Is Not Starting

Your Kubota M135GX may not start. This is a problem a considerable number of Kubota M135GX users face sometimes. This is an issue that can stem from:

  • Faulty or damaged starter.
  • Clogged or leaking fuel line.
  • Dirty fuel filter.
  • Worn out piston rings.
  • Fuel depleted, dirty, or incorrect.

Troubleshooting Engine Is Not Starting Problem

Typically you should not struggle when dealing with this problem. Conduct checks surrounding the fuel system and other related components. You can address the problem by:

  • Fix or replace the starter.
  • Clean, plug, or replace fuel line.
  • Clean or replace fuel filter.
  • Replace piston rings.
  • Top up or replace fuel.

2. Hard Starting

Another variation of starting problems for your Kubota M135GX is hard starting. This may occasionally occur at times. In other cases your Kubota M135GX may always hard start. This is a problem that may emanate from:

  • Blocked fuel tank vent.
  • Intake hoses may have air leakages.
  • Blockage in the exhaust pipe.
  • Fuel filter could be clogged.
  • Battery charge may be too low.
  • Fuel injection timing could be wrong.

Troubleshooting Hard Starting Problem

It is not okay to normalize your Kubota M135GX engine hard starting. It is a problem that you must address. Otherwise it can get to a point where the engine does not start at all. Probable solutions to the problem are:

  • Clean fuel tank vent.
  • Plug or replace fuel intake hoses.
  • Clean the exhaust pipe.
  • Clean or replace fuel filter.
  • Charge or replace battery.
  • Set the fuel injection timing correctly.

3. Engine Overheating

It is characteristic for the engine of your Kubota M135GX to overheat sometimes. Especially if you overlook certain things, the problem may become recurrent. Common causes of this problem are:

  • Excess or inadequate engine oil.
  • Faulty thermostat.
  • Engine overloaded.
  • Damaged fan belt.
  • Inadequate coolant.

Troubleshooting Engine Overheating Problem

For some this problem may never occur; especially those who diligently operate and handle their Kubota M135GX well. For others the problem may come once or often. If that happens consider the following remedies:

  • Bring engine oil to the correct level.
  • Fix or replace thermostat.
  • Reduce engine load and or speed.
  • Fix, refit, or replace fan belt.
  • Top up coolant.

4. Steering Anomalies

The steering wheel of your Kubota M135GX ought to turn a certain way. It should not be too loose or too tight. There should also be consistent corresponding tyre turning in either direction. If that is not happening, you have a steering problem. Possible causes of that are:

  • Airlocks in steering system.
  • Uneven front tyre pressures.
  • Leaking hydraulic connections.
  • Faulty or worn out steering pump.
  • Malfunctioning power steering mechanism.

Troubleshooting Steering Anomalies Problem

Detecting this problem is fairly easy since you actually handle steering with your hands. Once you feel something is off you must inspect the steering. You will get a good sense of the probable causes. Solutions to consider are:

  • Get rid of airlocks.
  • Evenly inflate the front tyres.
  • Plug any hydraulic connections leaks.
  • Fix or replace steering pump.
  • Fix power steering or replace faulty or worn out parts.

5. Engine Stalling

Your Kubota M135GX could experience this problem at some point. This is when the Kubota M135GX starts, runs, and then shuts down after a while. It then can start or may not start afterwards. This problem may be caused by:

  • Fuel lines may be dirty or blocked.
  • Fuel filter may be clogged or dirty.
  • Fuel may be dirty, stale, or wrong type.
  • Fuel pump may be faulty.

Troubleshooting Engine Stalling Problem

When the engine of your Kubota M135GX stalls, you must immediately check the fuel system. Then when you are sure of the root cause you can:

  • Clean or replace fuel lines.
  • Clean or replace the fuel filter.
  • Ensure fuel is clean and the right type.
  • Fix or replace fuel pump.

How To Avoid Kubota M135GX Problems

You can avoid incidences of problems for your Kubota M135GX by making regular inspections. Ideally you must do this before and after every operation. When you are done using it thoroughly clean it every time. Get the Kubota M135GX serviced as per recommended schedule. Do not abuse it by overloading it or using it for tasks it is not meant for. The user manual should be your guide and companion. Periodically top up or replace essentials e.g. oils and fluids. When you notice any parts getting worn out replace them immediately. When you combine all this you can effectively avoid Kubota M135GX problems.

What Is The Advantage Of A Kubota Tractor?

A Kubota tractor is generally easy to operate. It is also specially designed to minimize burden or stress on the operator.

How Can I Reduce Fuel Consumption In My Kubota M135GX?

You desist from idling your Kubota M135GX for extended periods. Normalize operating it at high gears and low throttle. Regular servicing and maintenance reduce fuel consumption.


The Kubota M135GX is a powerful tractor. It is exceptionally comfortable to operate. It is a good recommendation when you are looking to purchase a tractor. Regularly servicing and proper hygiene will guarantee you enjoy smooth operation all the time.