Karcher FC5 Problems : 5 Known Issues (Solved)

Getting any surface clean has never been this easier thanks to Karcher FC5. Recent advances in smartRoller technology have made vacuum cleaners such as the Karcher FC5 very small and compact, while being very effective in cleaning almost any surface. The Karcher FC5 is very versatile and can clean even 20% better than a mop. Just a little effort is all that is required to remove even dried-on mud and stains. The Karcher FC5 is however not perfect and can develop problems. These will be discussed down below.

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What Is The Karcher FC5?

The Karcher FC is a hard floor vacuum cleaner from Karcher. The hard floor cleaner is very powerful and utilizes a 460W motor to wash, scrub, polish and vacuum dried mud and stains on almost any surface. The hard floor cleaner utilizes twin forward rotating fleece rollers and a very powerful suction to remove dried-on stains. The hard floor cleaner can clean a variety of surfaces such as riven tiles and waxed wood such as parquet. The hard floor cleaner also has a cordless version that utilizes a lithium-ion battery instead of mains power.

Karcher FC5 Problems

NB: The Karcher FC5 hard floor cleaner is usually sold without any problems or defects. Any problems that may develop on the hard floor cleaner, including those highlighted below are usually caused by abusing the vacuum cleaner or wear and tear arising on the vacuum cleaner while it is being used.

1. Battery Not Charging

The Karcher FC5 uses a lithium-ion battery, and over time one may notice that the battery is no longer charging and also that the Karcher FC5 cannot be switched on. This problem is usually caused by;

  • Charging cable not being connected correctly hence not charging the Karcher FC5
  • Defective battery cells or battery cell damage.
  • No power from the mains or faulty cables.

Troubleshooting Battery Failure To Charge

When the battery fails to charge one can try the following in order to solve the problem;

  • Checking whether the charging cable is properly plugged into the Karcher FC5 device and reconnecting it to get a secure connection.
  • Replacing the defective battery with a newer one that operates normally.
  • Check for electrical faults such as burnt cables and fuses from the mains power.

2. Roller Not Moistening With Water

In order to carry out a thorough cleaning operation, the rollers should be properly moistened. Failure of the rollers to be properly moistened could be caused by;

  • Filter inlay not being inserted.
  • Filter inlay being inserted the wrong way round.
  • The suction hose being blocked by deposits of dirt hence cannot operate normally.

Troubleshooting Roller Moistening Problem

In order to ensure the rollers are being moistened properly one try the following;

  • Removing the fresh water tank and then inserting the filter inlay with the rubber pin facing the upwards direction.
  • Ensuring that the filter inlay is inserted with the rubber pin facing the upwards direction.
  • Removing the suction hoses from the suction head and placing them in cold water for 10 to 20 minutes. One can also use running water to clean the suction hoses. Cleaning the suction hoses with a dull object is also recommended.

3. Karcher FC5 Not Sucking Dirt

The Karcher FC5 is very effective in sucking up dirt however if it stops sucking dirt effectively the problem could be caused by;

  • Water running out in the water reservoir or the fresh water tank not being fitted in properly.
  • Cleaning rollers not being properly fitted or missing.
  • Cleaning rollers being contaminated or worn.

Troubleshooting Karcher FC5 Suction Problem

When the Karcher FC5 stops sucking in dirt appropriately, the following can be done to address the problem;

  • Refiling the water reservoir and also ensuring the water tank is fitted in correctly to the Karcher FC5.
  • Properly fitting the rollers or turning the rollers onto the roller holder and up to the mechanical stop.
  • Cleaning the rollers when they become contaminated or replacing them when they are totally defective.

4. Rollers Not Turning

In order to sufficiently clean the floor, the rollers need to be turning hence if they stop turning the problem could be caused by;

  • Rollers being blocked by dirt or any other object.
  • Rollers not being screwed in as far as they can go on to the roller holder.
  • Rollers being dry, worn or caught up in something.

Troubleshooting Rollers Not Turning

The rollers could stop turning when they are caught up in something and to solve this problem one could try to;

  • Remove the rollers in order to check and remove any objects that have been caught up in the rollers.
  • Checking that the rollers are properly screwed in as far as they can go and tightening the screws if they are not.
  • Moistening the rollers and regularly cleaning them to remove any dirt that can get caught in them.

5. Karcher FC5 Leaking Waste Water

The Karcher FC5 is usually water tight and should not be leaking any water however if it does so, the problem could be caused by;

  • Waste water tank being overfilled.
  • Waste water tank not being properly fitted into the Karcher FC5.
  • Filter net of waste water tank separator being damaged while cleaning the Karcher FC5.

Troubleshooting The Leaking Waste Water Problem

When the Karcher FC5 starts leaking waste water one can try to fix the problem by;

  • Emptying the waste water tank so that it does not overfill.
  • Checking and ensuring that the waste water tank lid is fitted in securely.
  • Using a new waste water tank separator.

How To Avoid Karcher FC5 Problems?

The best way to avoid any problems developing with the Karcher FC5 is to regularize with the hard floor cleaner’s operator manual. It is also advisable not to use the vacuum cleaner in environments where it might be prone to being damaged such as using the hard floor cleaner to clean outside sandy surfaces.

How Long Does The Karcher FC5 Cordless Run?

The Cordless Karcher FC5 can run for approximately 20 minutes from a 25.2V battery that takes 4 hours to charge.

What Detergent Can I Use In The Karcher FC5?

In the Karcher FC5 hard floor cleaner one can use the Karcher RM536 universal FC5 floor detergent.


In conclusion the Karcher FC5 is a wonderful vacuum cleaner that is very versatile and effective enough to clean any surface, from waxed wood such as parquet to riven textured tiles. The hard floor cleaner is however not perfect and can develop problems hence regularly inspection and maintenance are essential to ensure it functions as intended.