Bernette B79 Problems : 5 Common Issues (Explained)

The Bernette B79 is a combination of a sewing machine and an embroidery machine that does a lot better than most machines that claim to have this capability or combination. Because of this the Bernette B79 sewing machine can sew through most fabrics with the same quality stitching and these include denim, silk chiffon, silk velvet, stretch lace and many more. However with all of these advantages to it, the Bernette B79 does has its fair share of problems that can make sewing with it a bit (or a lot) frustrating for some users. Here they are.

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1. The Sewing Machine Is Slow To Start Up

This isn’t only when you’re using the sewing machine to sew, but when you’re starting up the Bernette B79 you’ll notice it has a very unpleasantly slow starting time. That’s to say it takes time from when you turn on the sewing machine to when you can actually start using it to sew. This is a problem because as soon as you start up a sewing machine like the Bernette B79, you want to get right to business.


  • For the Bernette B79’s motor to run as efficiently as possible it needs a warm room. Therefore you should place the sewing machine in a warm room for about one hour before you start it up.
  • You can adjust the sewing or embroidery speed setting in the Bernette B79’s setup program. Or similarly adjust the slide to change the sewing machine’s speed.
  • Most computerized sewing machines (like the Bernette B79) have large computers inside of them that require quite a lot of processing power in order to start up. Therefore you would need to be a little more patient as you know the Bernette B79 is inherently built with such a problem and some of the following ones.

2. The Sewing Machine Is Heavy

This is not a problem because it can mean the sewing machine is strong, rigid and durable, which are all true of the Bernette B79. It is a problem however because it is hard to find a suitable support table or platform for the Bernette B79 to sit on.


  • It will be hard to find adequate support but you will find it eventually, the Bernette B79 is one of a kind sewing machine and should be treated as such.

3. The Gears Of The Sewing Machine Audibly Clash Sometimes

Anyone with any sort of machine would know that this isn’t good especially for a computerized sewing machine like the Bernette B79, which doesn’t cost a lot but does cost all the same. This problem usually occurs when working on heavy jobs like embroidery (which, as mentioned before, is one of the features of the Bernette B79.)


  • That being said, keep the sewing jobs to a minimum or light level to avoid this noise and damage problem on your Bernette B79. It is not built for heavy duty usage at all.
  • When you start to hear these sounds it basically means the gears have moved out of place or the teeth of the gears are not meshing together but are instead skipping. In which case you would have to take the sewing machine to a registered Bernette B79 repair shop.

4. The Sewing Machine’s Needle Breaks

As stated above the Bernette B79 is not a heavy duty sewing machine, although you can sew through most fabrics with it, it is not absolutely all fabrics that you can sew through. Some heavier or thicker fabrics may cause this problem because the overall needle quality of the Bernette B79 is subpar. However it is not always the sewing machine at fault, sometimes it can be due to a knotted thread that has a poor build quality or you may have incorrectly inserted the needle.


  • Use the fabrics recommended in the Bernette B79’s user manual, which are not all that thick.
  • Use quality threads to avoid any knot formation or tangling around or in the sewing machine.
  • Also make sure to correctly insert the needle such that it goes all the way through to the end of the needle holder and then securely tighten the screw to ensure it stays this way.
  • If your sewing machine’s needle has even the slightest bend, be sure to replace it immediately.

5.The Sewing Machine’s Display Can Become Inactive

It should come with no shock that this is one the problems of the Bernette B79 after reading about the other problems on this list. As mentioned before the computerized sewing machine had a large computer inside of it that is always processing information as you’re sewing. So the display’s calibration may be lost because of a lack of memory. You need to recalibrate the display to have it working again because it is the main medium of connection and control between you and the Bernette B79.


  • To have the display working again, switch off your Bernette B79 and then turn it on again after a couple of minutes whilst simultaneously pushing the left and right needle buttons at the same time. Keep pressing on them, after which you can accurately calibrate the display to have it interactive again.
  • The above method is when you turn the Bernette B79 off its switch. You can however unplug the sewing machine for a few minutes so as to make it lose its entire charge and then plug it again. You will find that the display is active again, and would need to be calibrated.


The Bernette B79 can be seen as a knock-off version of some computerized Bernina sewing machines. This is because at initial glance, you would assume that the sewing machine is in fact a Bernina sewing machine. Which it definitely is not, this leaves a lot to be desired because it looks absolutely stunning but the problems the Bernette B79 has make it seem like it was made for children or a similar demographic like beginner sewists, which it also is not because some beginners have noted the Bernette B79 as being a very hard sewing machine  to use.