Furrion 12V Fridge Problems : 5 Common Issues (Explained)

The Furrion 12V fridge is a very robust and compact fridge that suits the life styles of most individuals and families. The fridge is a wonderful cooling solution that offers great reliability and versatility hence suitable even for RVs on the road. The fridge is powered by a 12v electrical system and has an efficient energy consumption of 50W/hour, making it suitable for most portable solutions such as RVs that run on battery. Thanks to the 12v system the fridge can be powered remotely using solar power and batteries, this can be a big plus particularly if one lives off grid. The fridge however can develop problems which can hinder its performance and these will be discussed down below.

Table of Contents

1. Fuse Faults

One of the biggest problems that can hamper the effective working of the Furrion 12V fridge are electrical faults such as a blown fuse. The Furrion 12V fridge uses a special glass fuse such the 15amp glass fast blow fuse. These are not commonly found anywhere and hence it can be a headache to try and find the replacement after the fuse blows. The situation is also made worse by the fact it is very difficult to gain access to the fuse connection for replacement purposes. One would need to remove the fridge the from its housing and then open the back panel in order to gain access to the wiring that holds the fuse. The fridge is heavy hence this can be problematic and difficult to do. It is therefore advisable to purchase a few fuses just in case the one installed develops faults since this happens very often. Pulling the fuse housing to the front for easy replacement is also recommended. A more permanent solution however will be to replace the fuse wiring with a better one which is less problematic.

2. Refrigerator Overheating

The Furrion 12V fridge is a very reliable cooling solution on the go, however over time the fridge may struggle to cool as effectively as it did when it was first purchased. Reasons for this overheating can often be caused by the reduction in coolant levels that circulates throughout the fridge piping extracting heat and expelling it outside. Over time the coolant solution in the tank can drop and has to be filled up after a few years. Leaks can also develop in the coolant tank, particularly if the fridge is not properly taken care of, causing problems. This can be dangerous since the gas is flammable, however since methane gas is used it gives of a pungent smell making it easily noticeable. To ensure the problem can be easily addressed it is advisable to install a monitor to alert of any leakages so as to ensure they are quickly addressed and preferably by a trained professional. The fridge also needs proper ventilation hence ensure the fridge is located where it can receive sufficient air flow to prevent overheating. Installing a fan near the fridge to aid in air circulation might also help prevent problems.

3. Compressor Problems

The compressor of the Furrion 12V fridge can get very hot hence in order to minimize any problems ensure there is sufficient cooling. The fridge should also be placed on a wooden board and not on a carpet since the heat from the compressor can cause the carpet to fade. The fridge should also be operated in temperatures within 50 degrees Fahrenheit to 126 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 52 degrees Celsius). Also ensure the fridge is not placed near heat or fire sources such as fireplaces and furnaces to prevent any problems developing with the fridge or compressor. Ensure that there is a thermal barrier such wood paneling that isolates the fridge, however the paneling shouldn’t cover any air vents. Compressor operation may also be affected if room temperature is too high, the door is frequently opened unnecessarily, the door gasket is torn or the battery voltage is not set properly hence ensure these are corrected for optimal operation of compressor.

4. Electrical Faults

It is also worth noting that the Furrion 12V fridge will not accept anything less than 10,5v or above 27V hence to prevent problems of shutting off, ensure the power source delivers a min of 10,5 V DC or more. This is because the automatic shutoff operates if battery voltage drops below 10V. Also ensure all the electrical connections have sufficient grounding to prevent any electrical problems developing with the unit. Furrion recommends Power Centre (FCVSWC42A or FCVSWC54A) and lithium battery (FB12I10C) to match with the fridge. The fridge also needs a fuse 15-amp min to prevent any electrical faults. It is also advisable to give the fridge a dedicated power source suited for the fridge since sharing power with other devices may cause transient surges and voltage drops, these in turn may cause problems with the Furrion 12V fridge. All wiring used with fridge must also be RVIA and NEC standards based on the input rating.

5. Odor In The Fridge

The Furrion 12V fridge can develop odor if left closed for long periods of time without usage. To solve this problem, ensure the door lock is operating as intended since it has the function of keeping the door open by an angle of 4 degrees during storage to prevent formation of mold and mildew. It is also recommended to change the charcoal filter once every three months when the fridge is in active use to ensure the fridge operates as intended all the time with no problems. Also ensure the fridge is properly stocked with contents in order to aid the air circulation in the fridge. Regularly cleaning the fridge will also ensure the fridge operates as intended and does not develop any problems. It is not advisable to clean the fridge using a soiled dish cloth or wet towel as these are problematic and may leave residue that can erode the paint. It is rather advisable to use a clean cloth lightly damped with kitchen appliance wax or mild liquid dish detergent. Regular maintenance is also a must to ensure the fridge operates as intended with no problems.


In conclusion the Furrion 12V fridge is a wonderful cooling solution thanks to its 12V system that can operate of solar and battery power. In order to ensure no problems with the fridge occur, it is advisable to ensure sufficient voltage reaches the fridge. The temperature dial should also be set correctly and door closed. Also ensure the door gasket is not torn and that the sealing is working properly. It is also advisable to provide sufficient grounding and ensure that there is no risk of electrical faults or any other problems.