Dometic 1350 Refrigerator Problems (Solutions Included)

There is nothing more soothing and satisfying that a drink served chilled on a hot afternoon. It is a shame however that most cooling solutions are huge, bulky and expensive. They are also prone to failure most the time. The Dometic 1350 refrigerator is an exception to this norm. It is very reliable and efficient and hence the perfect solution to one ‘s refrigeration needs. The Dometic RM1350 refrigerator is versatile and compact hence an ideal choice for most outdoor adventurers that live days on end in their RVs. The Dometic 1350 refrigerator is very popular and allows one to prepare fresh meals on the go without taking a huge toll on power consumption. The Dometic 1350 refrigerator is not perfect however, and just like any other appliance it can develop problems. It is wise therefore to familiarize with the particulars of the refrigerator and any problems that may develop with it and how to effectively address them without taking too much of a financial hit.

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What Is The Dometic 1350 Refrigerator?

The Dometic 1350 refrigerator is a very popular refrigerator from the Dometic company which one of the leading manufactures when it comes to RV products. The Dometic 1350 refrigerator is one of the company’s most extensive offerings that suits the needs of most RV owners who are looking to carry food items and groceries, and keep them fresh on the journey. Its compactness, robustness and size make it an ideal fit on the RV, with the additional benefit of being very power efficient. The Dometic RM1350 refrigerator is not full proof however and may exhibit some problems such as not producing sufficient cooling. These problems will be discussed in greater detail down below.

Dometic 1350 Not Cooling

One of the most notorious problems that can plague the Dometic RM1350 refrigerator its inability to provide sufficient cooling. This problem can be extremely frustrating particularly if it surfaces on long trips in hot and remote areas. A host of underlying issues can be the cause of the problems and one of the biggest reasons for this insufficient cooling may lie with the RV itself. The Dometic 1350 refrigerator may be experiencing power supply issues. This often arises when the RV is not providing sufficient power to meet the needs of the refrigerator. It is always advisable hence to check whether the power consumption needs for the refrigerator meet the specs of one’s particular RV. Another way of safeguarding against this problem is to also ensure the Dometic 1350 refrigerator is plugged in alone and is not overloading any electrical circuity. Resetting the breaker may also help clear any unforeseen problems that may have developed. Checking the electrical connections and wiring may also bring to light any faults that may have developed with the power supply system and hence facilitating repairs or replacements. As a general rule is always wise to do a thorough inspection before embarking on an adventure in the RV or using the fridge.

Other Causes For Failure To Cool

The Dometic 1350 refrigerator may also fail to cool particularly if it in a congested area that hinders proper airflow. Too much clutter in the refrigerator can easily cripple the operation of the refrigerator, and hence it fails to cool, resulting in overheating. Decluttering the Dometic 1350 refrigerator should help alleviate this particular problem. It is always a good idea to invest in good food management practices, and ensure one is not stuffing the refrigerator unnecessarily with unwanted food items and groceries. One other major problem that may cause the refrigerator not to cool is a faulty seal on the Dometic 1350 refrigerator door. This faulty seal on the door will therefore allow cold air from the refrigerator to leak out, and the warm air from outside to leak in and hence the refrigerator will be unable to sufficiently cool its contents. One way to identify a faulty seal is that the refrigerator door will fail to close properly. The best way to fix the seal is to get it replaced with a newer and more effective seal. Repairing may also help if the seal is still repairable.

Faulty Control Boards

The control board that allows the Dometic RM1350 refrigerator to function can develop faults and hence hindering the proper function of the refrigerator. If one suspects that the problem may lie with the control board, the best way to address the issue is to use a multi meter to check whether everything is in working order and if not, one may need to consider replacing it. Checking the breaker and replacing any faulty fuses may also be all you need to do to address the problem with the Dometic 1350 refrigerator. Resetting the refrigerator may also address any unforeseen problems. It is also wise to check the 12V or 120V system that is being used by the refrigerator and ensure it is in good operational condition. Regular maintenance on the components of the refrigerator to ensure they are operating as intended is always advisable.

Cooling Liquid Leaks

One of the most serious problem that can arise with the Dometic 1350 refrigerator is when the cooling fluid in the cooling system such as ammonia starts to leak out. One way to identify this problem is that, on opening the cover to the access panel one notices a yellow, sulfuric build-up. This problem may need the assistance of trained professionals that can effectively diagnose where the leak has developed and carryout repairs or replacements. It is also a good idea to always check the thermistor and compressor to ensure they are operating properly and no faults have developed with the units. Despite leaking of the cooling fluid, it also always advisable to check that if the Dometic 1350 refrigerator works on electric and propane, that both these are in good working order and also if one is using a battery to power the refrigerator, that it is not faulty and still supplies the rated power. Replacing the battery maybe a good fit if any problems have developed with it.


In conclusion the Dometic RM1350 refrigerator is a very good refrigerator that is very reliable and serves its purpose well for a very long time if properly taken care of. Problems can arise with the components of the Dometic 1350 refrigerator such as the thermistor, the cooling fins and even the power supply system. It is therefore a good idea to always check these and ensure they are in good operating order. Also ensure that the refrigerator has sufficient ventilation and that no leaks have developed. All seals should be air tight and sealed to ensure the Dometic 1350 refrigerator operates as intended.