5 Common Ferris Zero Turn Mower Electrical Problems And Their Fixes

The electrical systems are very important systems in all powered lawn mowers. These systems takes responsibility for the starting up of the lawn mower by providing electrical energy through the battery. This allows the lawn mower engine to start running. Additionally, electrical system is responsible for the lighting of the lawn mower. The understanding of the electrical configuration is of critical importance in the operation of the lawn mower. It is also important to understand the configuration of the electrical system for trouble shooting purposes. This article discusses electrical problems associated with the Ferris Zero Turn Mower. All Ferris Zero Turn Mowers are provided with user manual that contains the basic electrical trouble shooting guides.

Table of Contents

1. Incorrect Battery Connections

A battery forms the heart of the electrical system of the Ferris Zero Turn Mowers. It is made up of two terminals, the positive and negative terminals. The positive terminal is labelled with a “+” and red in color and negative terminals are always labelled with a “-“and black or blue in color (Refer to manual). Current flows from the positive to the negative terminal through the electrical circuit. If these two terminals are wrongly connected, sparks may be produced damaging the connecting wires and or the electrical components. It is therefore recommended to follow wiring connections as provided in the manual to avoid shorting the electrical system and avoid damage to components and connecting wires. When connecting the battery to the system, connect the red positive electrical cable to the red battery terminal labelled “+” first and then connect the black negative electrical cable to the black/ blue battery negative terminal. When disconnecting battery from the system, always disconnect the negative electrical cable first and then the positive. Sparks must be avoided around the battery as these may result in battery explosion due to the acidic fumes from battery acid. This electrical problem is common and care should be taken to avoid system damage.

2. Faulty or Damaged Battery

The battery is a critical component of the electrical system. Failure of this unit results in failure of the whole electrical system. Ferris Mowers requires adequate battery voltage is required for their electrical system to function normally otherwise electrical problems may result from under voltages. Low battery voltage may be due to excessive discharge which requires recharging of the battery to required voltage. In case of damaged batteries, it is recommended to replace the unit for the electrical system to work. A simple check for battery is checking if there is continuity using the voltage tester. It is also recommended to use the correct battery amperage for the model for the electrical system to work and avoid problems.

3. Short Circuits

Electrical connections requires insulation so that positive and negative connections are isolated to avoid short circuit and thus cause electrical problems. Short circuit connections are mostly caused by worn out or damaged cables coming into contact with each other. This also results in sparking at the point of contact. Serious injuries or fires can be started by these sparks. It is important to follow the Ferris Zero Turn Mowers manual for recommended electrical cable connections. In a shorting position the electrical system does not work. To troubleshoot shorting cable connections, first disconnect the battery starting with the negative terminal. After that properly follow all cables inspecting them for burnt sections and contact with each other. Replace any damaged wiring and or replace where possible. If not sure it is advisable to source the services of competent personnel. Short circuit may also result if battery terminals come into contact with the mower metal parts. Always make sure that mower metal parts are isolated from the battery terminals to avoid these short circuits which may produce sparks and start fires or cause serious injuries.

4. Blown out fuses

Fuses are small electrical components whose purpose is to protect major components from damage due to electrical power surges beyond their sizes. The Ferris Zero Turn Mowers are provided with fuses for various electrical components. If these are burnt out due to high current flowing past them an open circuit is created. An open circuit does not allow current flow and hence the electrical system will not work, from ignition to lighting. This is one of the major electrical problems associated with the Ferris Zero Turn Mowers. If there is no sign of electrical power, trace all the fuses and check for signs of burnt fuses. Replace all fuses. The Ferris electrical wiring diagram is very important to trace all the fuses otherwise you might miss some of them due to their remote location within the mower system. If incorrect size fuses are used for replacement, they may continually be burnt out and therefore use recommended size fuses. Oversized fuse sizes may result in loss of circuit protection and cause electrical problems.

5. Safety Switches

Some electrical problems in the Ferris Zero Turn Mowers may result from safety switches. Safety switches are designed to provide protection and avoid operation of equipment ways that contradicts the procedure manuals. The electrical systems may be linked to these switches depending in the model. These features creates an open circuit and ensures no current flows until safety protocols are observed. The Ferris Zero Turn Mower is supplied with switch to detect operator presence on the operator seat. When switching on the machine without seating the electrical system will not work due to the switch which will remain open until operator sit on the seat. When operator sits, the switch closes and allows current to flow from positive to negative and thus making the electrical system to work. It is therefore very important to stick to supplier recommended operation procedure to ensure that these electrical systems remain functional. Low level shut off valves also results in the malfunctioning of the electrical systems. They cut off electrical power supply when required levels of oil are not adequate. It is recommended to check these levels as per supplier recommendation to address low level related electrical malfunctions.

These are some of the electrical problems with the Ferris Zero Turn Mowers but most importantly use supplier manual for attending to them.