Toro Timecutter 75750 Problems : 5 Common Issues (Explained)

The Toro Timecutter 75750 stands out as one of the most reliable and efficient mowers on the market. This lawn mower is widely appreciated for its speed, cutting precision, and durability. However the Toro Timecutter 75750 is not immune to some technical problems. In this article we will be discussing the most common Toro Timecutter 75750 problems and how you can troubleshoot them effectively.

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What Is The Toro Timecutter 75750?

The Toro Timecutter 75750 is a zero-turn riding lawn mower designed to cut grass with precision and speed. It has a 24.5 horsepower engine, a 50-inch deck, and a dual hydrostatic transmission system that enables it to turn unlike most riding lawn mowers on the market and it also makes it easy to maneuver around obstacles as well.

Toro Timecutter 75750 Problems

1. Engine Not Starting Issue

The Toro Timecutter 75750 has a problem of the engine not starting. Which is bad since you cannot use the riding lawn mower without its main component; the engine. This can be due to various factors including;

  • A dead battery
  • A clogged fuel filter
  • A faulty spark plug

Troubleshooting Engine Not Starting Problem

  • Start by checking the battery to ensure it has enough charge to start the engine. You van do this with the use of a volt- or multimeter.
  • If the battery is okay then you need to check the fuel filter to ensure it is not clogged.
  • If the fuel filter is okay, you need to check the spark plug to make sure that it is not faulty or damaged.
  • If the spark plug is okay, the problem could be more complicated, which would mean it is best to seek professional help from a Toro mechanic/ technician.

2. Blades Not Engaging Issue

Another problem with Toro Timecutter 75750 is when the blades won’t engage, which means the blades won’t cut. This can be frustrating, especially if you have a lot of grass to cut. The most common cause of this problem is;

  • A faulty PTO switch
  • A damaged PTO clutch

Troubleshooting The Blades Not Engaging Issue

  • To fix this problem you need to start by checking the PTO switch to make sure it is not damaged.
  • If the PTO switch is okay then check the PTO clutch to ensure it is not damaged or worn out.
  • If the PTO clutch is damaged, it is best to replace it with a new one. Enquire the help of a professional Toro mechanic because this troubleshooting step may be more complicated than you would like.

3. Uneven Cutting Height Problem

A common problem faced by Toro Timecutter 75750 users is when the riding lawn mower produces an uneven cutting height. This can be due to various factors including;

  • A damaged or worn-out mower deck
  • Uneven tire pressure
  • Incorrect blade height adjustment

Troubleshooting The Uneven Cutting Height Problem

  • Start by checking the riding lawn mower’s deck to ensure it is not damaged or worn out.
  • If the mower deck is okay then the next thing to check is the tire pressure to ensure it is even on all four tires.
  • Finally check the blade height adjustment to ensure it is correct. If your blade is too high or if the adjustment is loose then it could certainly lead to an uneven cutting problem.

4. Poor Handling Or Steering Problem

Another problem that tou can expect from the Toro Timecutter 75750 riding lawn mower is poor handling or steering. This can be due to various factors like;

  • A damaged or worn-out steering gear
  • A loose or damaged steering wheel
  • A damaged or worn-out tire

Troubleshooting The Poor Handling/Steering Problem

  • You should start by checking the steering gear to ensure it is not damaged or worn out.
  • If the steering gear is okay you need to then check the steering wheel to ensure it is not loose or damaged. If the bearings or mechanics of the steering wheel are damaged then it will lead to poor handling.
  • Finally check the tires to ensure they are not damaged or worn out.

5. Excessive Vibration/ Noise Problem

Another more interesting problem that Timecutter 75750 users experience is excessive vibration or noise. This can be due to things like;

  • A damaged or worn-out blade
  • A damaged or worn-out spindle
  • A damaged or worn-out deck belt

Troubleshooting The Excessive Vibration/ Noise Problem

  • Start by checking and maling sure the blade is not damaged or worn out.
  • If the blade is okay, check the spindle to ensure it is not damaged or worn out.
  • Finally check the deck belt to ensure it is not damaged or worn out.

How To Prevent Problems With Your Toro Timecutter 75750

  • Regularly change the oil and oil filter of the Toro Timecutter 75750.
  • Clean and replace the air filter where applicable.
  • Check and adjust the tire pressure for the working conditions of the tractor.
  • Lubricate the riding lawn mower’s deck and other moving parts like the wheels and handles.
  • Inspect the blades, spindle, and belt for damage or wear and replace or repair them when necessary.
  • Check the battery and charging system and make sure they are protected from substances that may cause them to malfunction.

Is The Toro Timecutter A Commercial Mower?

The Toro Timecutter 75750 is equipped with various technologies like Pinpoint quality cuts and zero-turn mowing that turn the Toro Timecutter 75750 into a commercial lawn mower.

How Many Hours Will A Zero-Turn Last?

With the Toro Timecutter 75750 you will likely reach about 2000 hours without needing any major repairs.


The Toro Timecutter 75750 is an excellent riding lawn mower that offers exceptional performance and reliability. However, like any other man-made machine it is not immune to technical problems. But by understanding these common problems with the Toro Timecutter 75750 and knowing how to troubleshoot them, you can be sure that your riding lawn mower is always in good working condition. It is also essential to perform regular maintenance to prevent these problems and ensure that your Toro Timecutter 75750 lasts for a very long time.