Stihl MS 211 Problems : 5 Known Issues (Explained)

There are a number of chainsaw models made by Stihl. The Stihl MS 211 is one of their chainsaw models. We are going to be looking at common Stihl MS 211 problems. We will also highlight solutions to those problems.

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What Is The Stihl MS 211?

The Stihl MS 211 is a low vibration, gas-powered compact chainsaw. It is light weight and often recommended as an entry level chainsaw. The Stihl MS 211 also has a low emission 35.2cc engine. The Stihl MS 211 is great for firewood cutting for domestic purposes. It is a good chainsaw but it does have its fair share of problems.

Stihl MS 211 Problems

The characteristic nature of the Stihl MS 211 means problems may arise sometimes. After all you will usually use the Stihl MS 211 for cutting through hard things e.g. wood. Such operations exert some stress on the chainsaw. These are just some of the things that make the occurrence of problems inevitable. Here are some common Stihl MS 211 problems:

1. Not Starting

Your Stihl MS 211 may not start sometimes. This is a common Stihl MS 211 problem. The problem is often easy to detect though. Some of the common causes of your Stihl MS 211 not starting are:

  • Air filter may be clogged.
  • Spark plug could be faulty or worn out.
  • Spark plug gapping may be insufficient.
  • Engine may be flooded.
  • Carburetor could be damaged or worn out.

Troubleshooting Not Starting Problem

When your Stihl MS 211 is not starting then do some checks. The probable causes are usually easy to spot. Once you have a clear idea of the cause you can then remedy the problem by:

  • Clean or replace air filter.
  • Fix or replace spark plug.
  • Ensure spark plug gapping is appropriate.
  • Get rid of excess fuel in the engine.
  • Fix or replace carburetor.

2. Stalling

This is a common Stihl MS 211 problem. Many Stihl MS 211 users often cite experiencing this issue. The Stihl MS 211 may just stall during operation and can even fail to start again. The common causes of this problem are:

  • Chain may be dull.
  • Air filter could be clogged.
  • Chain brake may be damaged or out of alignment.
  • Chain tension may be improper.
  • Faulty brake system.

Troubleshooting Stalling Problem

This is not a particularly alarming Stihl MS 211 problem. After conducting some checks you usually immediately note the root cause. The probable remedies to the stalling problem are:

  • Sharpen or replace the chain.
  • Clean or replace the air filter.
  • Fix or readjust the chain brake.
  • Ensure chain is not too loose or too tight.
  • Fix or get brake system serviced.

3. Not Or Improperly Cutting

This is yet another common Stihl MS 211 problem. When you are cutting you may notice two things. Either the chainsaw will not be cutting or it will be cutting improperly. This is a problem that may be caused by:

  • Faulty chain installation.
  • Chain may be worn out or damaged.
  • Chain tensioner could be faulty or worn out.

Troubleshooting Not Or Improperly Cutting Problem

When your Stihl MS 211 is not or improperly cutting it is often due to chain issues. Thus you must inspect the chain installation and other related components. When you have narrowed down the possible causes you can explore the following remedies:

  • Readjust chain to ensure it is properly in place.
  • Ensure the chain is not too loose or too tight.
  • Fix or replace chain.
  • Fix or replace chain tensioner.

4. Muffler And Cylinder Overheating

When using your Stihl MS 211 you may encounter this problem. When this occurs it becomes hard to handle your Stihl MS 211 during use. This problem is often caused by:

  • Fuel and oil mix may be disproportionate.
  • Cooling system could be malfunctioning.
  • Dirt or debris could be clogging core moving parts.
  • Air inlet valve may be dirty.

Troubleshooting Muffler And Cylinder Overheating Problem

It is important that you make the necessary checks to ascertain the root cause. Once you have an idea of what it is you can explore the following solutions:

  • Use the recommended fuel-oil ratio.
  • Fix issues with the cooling system.
  • Get rid of any dirt or debris.
  • Clean air inlet valve.

5. Power Loss

You may come across the problem of your Stihl MS 211 losing power. This may often occur when your Stihl MS 211 is under full load. Some of the possible causes of this problem are:

  • Restricted airflow in the engine.
  • Air filter may be clogged or faulty.
  • Carburetor could be damaged or worn out.
  • Fuel filter could be clogged.
  • Fuel lines may be clogged or leaking.

Troubleshooting Power Loss Problem

This is a fairly common problem but easy to diagnose. Conduct your checks to figure out the actual cause(s). Once you narrow down the probable causes you can do the following:

  • Fix or replace air filter.
  • Fix or replace carburetor.
  • Flush or replace fuel filter.
  • Flush or replace fuel lines.

How To Avoid Stihl MS 211 Problems

You are largely responsible for avoiding Stihl MS 211 problems. Conduct regular maintenance checks before and after every use. There is also routine maintenance you should do e.g. cleaning chainsaw after every use. You must replace and or top up oil or fuel where need be. Do not use your Stihl MS 211 for uses other than recommended. It is also important to store your chainsaw in a cool dry place. Before doing that always ensure it does not have any residual dirt or moisture. When you do all this you will see an avoidance of Stihl MS 211 problems.

How Long Does The Stihl MS 211 Last?

The Stihl MS 211 has a runtime of around 2000 hours – that is over 5 years of operation.

What Is The Typical ‘Mileage’ Of A Gasoline Chainsaw?

A gasoline chainsaw will run for between 30 minutes and 40 minutes on a full tank.


As much as you may encounter any of these Stihl MS 211 problems, that does not downplay the Stihl MS 211. It is still a good entry level, compact chainsaw. Now that you have knowledge of the common Stihl MS 211 problems you are set. You can avoid them and decisively address them if they occur.