How To Stink Out Your Neighbor

Stinking out a neighbor may not be an easy task. One has to bear in mind that you also stand to be affected by the smell. In the worst case scenarios you may not be able to control the stink and end up affecting others you did not intend to. The effect of natural weather like wind direction are some of the things we cannot control and work against and therefore can lead to failure of the stinking plan. Also before stinking out your neighbor, you have to make sure that you do it within the confines of the environmental protection laws.

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Is It Allowed To Stink Out Someone

Stinking out a neighbor usually involves contamination of the surrounding air. Depending on the level of smell, Air Pollution Control Act prohibits emission of air contaminants into the outdoor atmosphere particularly within the breathing zones that result in air pollution and health hazards. Odor is regarded as an air contaminant or pollutant if it is present in a manner that interferes unreasonably with the use and enjoyment of life or property. This calls for controlled emission within acceptable standards to avoid punishment from local environmental authorities. Stinking out someone if done in a reasonably excessive manner can result in legal action being taken against someone.

How To Stink Out Someone

There are many ways of stinking someone including your neighbor. Always make sure that you use methods that do not result in emission of hazardous substances against air pollution control act.

  • Always make sure the wind is not fighting against you. It will be easy to do that on a day when wind is prevailingly directed to your neighbor. This will not only simplify the process as wind will act as an agent to transfer the smell from the source to your neighbor.
  • The problem only comes when wind changes direction and also you cannot control the wind.
  • Alternatively you may need to stink out your neighbor when there is no wind such that you may need to easily blow in the direction you want towards your neighbor.
  • As mentioned above, make sure the smelling substances you use are not harmful to human health.
  • Great ideas of would be to use rotten garbage and carefully blow towards your neighbor. Sometimes you may need to place your garbage tin close to your neighbor as simple as that and let the garbage do its job.
  • On great idea would be to open sewer pipe vent and blow towards your neighbor. This should be good enough to give you the results you want.
  • It is important to always know that your neighbor can retaliate.

How To Deal With Stink From a Neighbor

It is however important to also know how to deal with bad smell from your neighbor. Use of force or insulting words should be avoided.

  • Talk to your neighbor about your odor concern from his or her actions. This should be done after identifying that your neighbor is the source of the odor.
  • If the neighbor does not address the problem, you may need to use own interventions to direct the odor away from your property.
  • You may need to make use of small blowers as a temporary measure to get rid of the smell.
  • The long term solution will be to file a complaint against your neighbor for nuisance charges which interferes with your right to use and enjoy your property.
  • Allow the investigations to be conducted by the environmental authorities and usually if the person is found on the wrong side they will be ordered to remove the source of the air contaminant which is more permanent and long lasting solution to your problem.

Except for intentional cases, accidental stink from a neighbor usually may not last for a long time and one can manage for the small time provided there are no health risks from the odor.

Alternatives To Stinking Out Your Neighbor

There other ways in which one can get to annoy his or her neighbor. It is however important to make sure that these methods are employed for a short term and within the confines of various laws.

  • Noise can be a great nuisance to your neighbor. You can annoy your neighbor by mowing your lawn very often and during odd hours when people want to sleep. You may also play your music loud enough to disturb your neighbor but make sure the noise won’t result in violation of noise pollution regulations. One therefore has to know the limits required but usually early hours even reasonable music noise can be annoying.
  • Blow papers and dirt to your neighbor’s yard. Sometimes instead of picking up your litter and leaves just let wind do its job to carry them to your neighbor’s yard to get them mad at you.

Consequences Of Stinking Out Your Neighbor

There are consequences that come along stinking out your neighbor depending on the character and personality of your neighbor. You need to expect some level of retaliation from your neighbor. This may include shouting and threatening to beat you and if it’s a repetitive issue he once raised you may get beaten.

Additionally, you may be sued and charged for violating nuisance act which prohibits unreasonable interference with one’s rights to use and enjoy his property. You may have to pay for damages incurred as a result of such stink. If it gets to that stage even the relationship between you and your neighbors may be affected negatively.


While stinking out your neighbor is very possible, it is not a recommended practice. The effects of such an act are usually difficult to control and manage. The laws of every state should be upheld always and rights of persons respected. Societies should practice solving differences in a way and manner that does not hurt the next person and communication is key for people to live and work together in peace.