How To Get A Car Towed From Your Driveway

Get A Car Towed From Your Driveway

Are random cars parking in front of your driveway? Are you tired of this behavior and thinking about how to get a car towed from your driveway? If yes, simply checkout the article below.

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How to get a car towed from your driveway

Contact the police

NB: this is the best option since you can get the towing done for free.

If there is car that is parked in your driveway or blocking your driveway then the best thing is to contact the police so that they can have the car towed from your driveway. The reason why you should call the police first and not the towing company is because the police issues out a towing request, which will protect you in the case that the car gets damaged in the process. If you tow someone’s car from your driveway without their permission and the car gets damaged, there is a chance that you could be charged for that. Therefore, in order to avoid such unfortunate events, you need to ensure that you contact the police first.

Contact the towing company

NB: in most scenarios you are the one who incurs the towing expenses, so resort to this method only if you have a bit of money saved up.

If the car is parked in your private property for example on your driveway then they might not be any need for you to contact the police first. This means you can directly contact the towing company and they will remove the car for you. However, it is important to note that in such a scenario, you might be the one incurring the charges towards the towing company. Therefore, you need to have some money on you so that you can cover the expenses.

How to get a car towed for free

If a car is parked in your driveway and you are planning on having the car towed for free, then the best option is to contact the police. The police will issue out a citation that will help to ensure that you do not carry the burden of paying the towing company. In such cases you need to also prove that the car is parked within your private property and also provide evidence that the car is trespassing your yard.

Cost of having a car towed from your property

Towing companies charge different prices based on the number of miles that they are going to travel whilst towing the vehicle. However, just to give a rough estimate, towing companies usually charge between an average of $109 and customers usually pay $75 to $125 which is roughly between $2.50 to $7 per mile.

How to report a car blocking my driveway

While the police are highly responsive when it comes to dealing with people who block other people’s driveways, there are now other hotlines which you can call to report such cases. All you have to do is to search your city’s website to see if they have specific hotline numbers that cater for such issues. There are also webpages that have been created where people can submit their requests online and someone is actually assigned to respond to their request.

How to prevent neighbors from parking in my driveway

Towing your neighbor’s car is not always a good solution if they are parking in front of your driveway. Here are simple solutions which you can use.

Talk to your neighbor

If your neighbor has a tendency of parking in front of your driveway the first option you should resort to is talking to them. This is the best method of ensuring that you put your message across to your neighbor in a clear and conscience manner. Furthermore, talking to your neighbor can help to ease off any misconceptions that you had about them.

Write little notes

If your neighbor is not the chit chat type of person then it might be best for you to write little notes and stick them on their windshield. Make sure that your note contains clear information and it is polite. The disadvantage of writing notes is that they can easily be blown away by the wind and you neighbor might not get a chance to read it.

Install security cameras

This is the best way of ensuring that neighbors do not park in front of your driveway. Although this option sounds expensive, it is actually the perfect way of getting rid of neighbors that do not have any sense of respect. Furthermore, installing security cameras will help to prevent theft from happening since buglers are scared of getting caught on camera.

Put traffic cones on your driveway

This is actually one of the easiest ways of preventing your neighbor from parking in front of your driveway. Traffic cones can be purchased online at a very reasonable price so you can always place them in your driveway so that the block cars from entering.

Post a sign

If your neighbor is always parking in your driveway, you need to consider posting a sign in your private property. The sign should send a message that you do not appreciate neighbors parking in front of your driveway. Make sure that you place the sign within the boundaries of your private property or else you risk getting fined.

Can a neighbor use your driveway?

The answer to this question depends on the relationship you have with your neighbor and also what your tittle deeds indicate. If your neighbor is just using your driveway for a few minutes then you can just ignore the situation. However, if it is becoming a regular thing then you need to confront your neighbor about it. Furthermore, you need to check what your title deeds say about the parking issue. If it says you are supposed to share the driveway with your neighbor then they have every right to park there, if not then consider talking to them about it.


Towing a car from your driveway is an easy task especially if you know the procedures to be taken. However, please note that it is best to always contact the police before taking a decision to tow a car as this protects in you in the event that the car gets damaged in the process.