Cub Cadet Fuel Pump Problems

Cub Cadet is a brand that was founded in 1961 dealing mainly with lawn mowers.It has produced equipment which includes fuel pumps among other useful utilities. The fuel pump is responsible for pumping fuel from the fuel tank to the engine and if this is not done properly or timeously it will result in no movement of the Cub Cadet mower. The malfunction of the fuel pump will result in unnecessary delays in cutting grass and loss of precious time. It is important to know the different tell-tale signs that your fuel pump produces in order for you to know that it is time for maintenance or repair. At times replacement could be needed. Below are some problems and solutions associated with the Cub Cadet fuel pump.

Table of Contents

1. Clogged

It is possible to tell when your Cub Cadet fuel pump is facing problems. One of these problems that it can face is that of clogging. Clogging can be caused by bad fuel gummy deposits that result from the mixture of moisture and ethanol. Because of the clogging it will become increasingly difficult for the Cub Cadet fuel pump to efficiently perform. It is more like suffocation that it will encounter. The solution to this fuel pump problem is to drain all the fuel from the tank. You will then need to take out the pump and clean it all dirt that would have collected in and around it. You will also do well do make sure that the whole fuel system is thoroughly cleaned including the fuel tank as well. After this, then refill the fuel tank with fresh gasoline preferably one from the gas station.

Sometimes the clogging might result from infiltration of the fuel system particularly the fuel tank by foreign elements or dirt. A good example is when the fuel tank gets rusty and then starts to emit rust which can block the Cub Cadet fuel pump. This will again result in inefficiency of the pump. The solution here will be same as before, namely; to drain the old fuel, clean the fuel pump and put new fuel. Take heed here that when the fuel pump is clogged it may affect overheating of the lawn mower’s engine.

2. Damaged

Your plastic or metal Cub Cadet fuel pump will start causing problems if it is damaged, has cracks or leaks. This is because when it is damaged it will not perform its task correctly. This type of pump through its design is usually vacuum in type, meaning that it builds pressure in the tank which it uses to push fuel to the carburettor. So if it is damaged this process will not be realised correctly. In order for you to know that the Cub Cadet fuel pump has a problem you will need to run a few tests just to make sure that it is the one that should be attended to and not other components. One of the common tests is to use your fuel shut-off valve. You can also crimp your fuel line. You will do well to replace a malfunctional fuel pump due to damage or cracks.

3. Overheating

Another problem that the Cub Cadet fuel pump sometimes faces is that of overheating. This happens especially because the fuel line is clogged and will have an effect on the pump. It will have to pump more than the load it usually is supposed to. Problems in the fuel line will result in not only the fuel pump overheating but can also cause the engine to have the same overheating challenge. A solution to this is to stop the tractor lawn mower and check the fuel pump in case it is not only clogged but is also operating with a dirt fuel line. If you take it out of the fuel tank and touch it and realize that it is moderately warm to hot then this could be an indication that overheating is happening with your Cub Cadet fuel pump.

4. Failure To Start The Engine

A damaged fuel pump will result in sending no fuel to the engine thus creating a problem of non-starting. This happens when the pump is unable to push enough fuel from the fuel tank to the engine because it is worn out. This means the pump loses its ability to pump through pressure. Sometimes this comes as a result of an old Cub Cadet fuel pump. To correct this anomaly replace the fuel pump with a new and functional one.

5. Loss Of Power

When a Cub Cadet fuel pump is damaged,it might not only make a loud, whining sound that can be heard from the fuel tank but might also make the lawn mower in general lose power. This will come as a result of the inability of the small tractor to power up fuel to the engine because of loose connections that might be there. Care must be taken to differentiate between the normal hum sound that the fuel pump ordinarily produces when operating to a loud unusual noise that it produces when it has loose connections or damaged. The solution to this problem will be to inspect the fuel pump for any possible repairs that can be done otherwise getting a new Cub Cadet fuel pump would suffice.

Final Words

When you identify that your Cub Cadet lawn mower is not getting the fuel it needs you will need to inspect among other things the way your fuel pump is functioning. Remember that the fuel pump must operate where there is good quality fuel otherwise bad one might block the fuel system starting with the fuel pump. You will also need to inspect other components such as all fuel lines, carburettor and air filter. If you are not too sure of what to do with your fuel pump then it is ideal to take it to a nearest Cub Cadet dealer or any other qualified personnel in this regard. Given that the fuel pump is of good quality, proper service and maintenance will need to be carried out for it to last as long as it should.