Most Common Tajima Embroidery Machine Problems

Owning a Tajima embroidery machine is an amazing thing, this is because the machine produces one of the best embroidery designs and it can be used for commercial purposes. The article below highlights some of the common Tajima embroidery machine problems so that you can easily troubleshoot them at home.

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What Is A Tajima Embroidery Machine?

The Tajima embroidery machine is an embroidery machine that can be used for embroidering things like caps, t-shirts, golf bags and travelling bags. This machine comes with a display screen that you can use to see the type of designs you want on your fabric.

Tajima Embroidery Machine Problems

NB: Tajima embroidery machines are sold without any malfunctioning parts and the problems indicated below are usually influenced by wear and tear of the machine.

1. Machine Displays Error Codes

One of the most popular problems with the Tajima embroidery machine is that it displays error codes on its screen. This problem usually happens when there is something wrong with the machine or when it is not responding. In order to troubleshoot the problem, you will have to refer to the manual, it contains a list of error codes and what they mean.

2. Machine Not Working

Another common problem with the Tajima embroidery machine is that it might stop working all of a sudden. This usually happens when one does not thread the machine properly or when the pressure foot is not pressed properly. In order to troubleshoot the problem, it is imperative that you thread the machine correctly and ensure that the pressure foot is positioned correctly.

3. Top thread Does Not Correspond With Bobbin Thread

This is a problem experienced by many users of the Tajima embroidery machine. This happens when a person forgets to trim or cut the previous colour that they were using. Therefore, always ensure that you trim the thread before placing any new coloured bobbin thread on your machine.

4. Needle Breaks

Another Tajima embroidery machine problem is that the needle tends to break. This usually happens when the needle is blunt or worn out or you are using the wrong type of thread. In order to solve this problem, always ensure that you are using a good quality needle that is suitable for the fabric you are working with. Furthermore, you should ensure that you are also using quality thread.

5. Tension Problems

Adjusting the thread tension in a Tajima embroidery machine can be a real hustle for many users. In order to get it correct you can always try to adjust the top tension first using the tension kabobs. Test your tension first on a rough piece of fabric before deciding on sewing on the original fabric.

6. Thread Gets Tangled

Another Tajima embroidery machine problem that is worth mentioning is that, the thread usually gets tangled up on the needle. This problem occurs when you do not thread the machine properly or when your needle is blunt or worn out. In order to troubleshoot the problem, always ensure that you thread your machine the correct way and also check the needle to ensure that it is in perfect condition.

7. Bobbin Winder Problems

The Tajima embroidery machine also faces bobbin winder problems. This happens when you use the wrong type of bobbin thread. It is recommended that you use the Tajima branded bobbin in order to avoid such scenarios.

8. Needle Bar Gets Jammed

The needle bar of a Tajima embroidery machine can get jammed. This happens when there is a thread tangle on the fabric that you are sewing. If this is the case, you will have to remove the fabric and fix the tension of your machine before continuing to sew. Another reason why the needle bar may get jammed is because of lack of lubrication which is why you need to oil your machine regularly.

9. Skipped Stiches

The Tajima embroidery machine may produce skipped stitches. This happens when the tension is not adjusted correctly, therefore, always check your tension before sewing anything. If you are using a blunt needle, you may also get skipped stitches on your fabric. This is one of the reasons it is highly recommended that people should use a needle that is still in good condition when embroidering.

10. Machine Does Not Run

Another problem which users face with the Tajima embroidery machine is that it sometimes refuses to run or to switch on. This may be as a result of power issues with the machine or power outlet. Therefore, always try to test these 2 things. You should also check the fuse of your machine to see if it is still in good condition, there might be a risk that it has been blown out. Lastly, check the software, there is a chance that it is out of date or it has been corrupted. If this is the case, you may need to take your machine to a reputable repairer.

How Do I Reset My Tajima Embroidery Machine?

Resetting a Tajima embroidery machine is an easy task. In order to do it simply hold the SET button together with A. Release the 2 buttons at the same time. The next thing is to restart the machine and it will have reset everything.

Why Is My Embroidery Machine Not Stitching Properly?

Your embroidery machine is not stitching properly because the needle is blunt or worn out. Therefore, you may need to replace it. If your machine is not stitching properly after having replaced the needle, it is important that you adjust the tension or rethread your machine.

Is Tajima a good embroidery machine?

Yes, Tajima is a good embroidery machine. This is mainly because it is very durable and it is very easy to use. The Tajima embroidery can be used to embroider thicker fabrics as compared to other machines.


While the Tajima embroidery machine might seem like a problematic machine, it is actually one of the best embroidery machines on the market. This is because it is highly durable. It is worth mentioning that almost every embroidery machine available on the market will face its own problems after sometime. Therefore, it’s important to research the problems beforehand so that you can have an idea of how to troubleshoot them.